They caved.

Despite garnering strong support from such influential quarters as uh… us, the UEJF (Union of Jewish Students of France) buckled under the pressure and are modifying their too shocking “Jesus was a dirty Jew” campaign.

“We’re disappointed and saddened,” the group’s president, Yonathan Arfi, said. “We have to accept that something strong is needed today to fight against anti-Semitism. And we thought these advertisements were good, we thought they were strong.”

Arfi said that “reaction came from everywhere” and eclipsed the goal of the campaign, which was not to spark anger or show disrespect for Catholicism.

OK, let’s just completely ignore the total cave-in. The fact is that this campaign, before it was ever actually launched, garnered a whole mess of international attention. In that respect it succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest hopes and for that I tip my hat off to the UEJF. So now the question is, how are they going to “modify” the campaign and not offend anyone? Well, I have an idea. Below is what I put together for my French co-religionists.

An anti-Semitism campaign featuring Happy Bunny (TM) and brought to you by Jewlicious!

I am a Jew. Please love me!

Anti-Semites can kiss my ass

Hate makes me sad

Now who could ever take offense to that?

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Thanks and all but the t-shirts ought to be plenty for y’all. Secondly, these vignettes were made using Happy Bunny (TM) a cartoon character protected by copyright.

  • Am I mentally ill?
    I am a normal racist/homophobic/anti-semitic bloke, admittedly; what’s wrong with that, but nevertheless I always refrain from using bad intolerant language to describe: jews, blacks and fig-diggers etc.

  • If you hate Jews so much, why keep coming back to this site?

    Do you have nothing better to do? What a sad life you must lead.

  • That might be the reason, but I think its more likely that he’s just a sad wanker with nothing better to do.

  • I hanker for truth.
    Once again, distasteful thought provoking blistering language from people who should know better. As you appear reluctant, to answer my first question; let me try another. Who is the most evil of us three: Paul Maleski, Madeleine Albright, or Rabbi Yaacov Perrin? You have had the platform for many years. Use it!

  • Paul, listen. I have a friend by the name of ck. He loves freedom of speech and allows nutbars and haters to post on Jewlicious. I have a different viewpoint. I think Jewlicious should be the last place to give shits like you a voice or an audience. Sometimes, ck and I get into arguments – mild ones – about whether I should be “censoring” but just as I defer to him, he defers to me. I think you’re beneath contempt and I have no intention of giving you this place from which to do your dirty work. So kindly fuck off or I’ll simply start filtering and editing you out until you get the message.

    When conspiracy nuts give speeches about how the truth is being hidden, it is a given that they are not telling the truth. Fuck off, hater.

  • Middle of the road irony.
    The irony is this, if I ever met you in a bar, we would probably drink a few and be happy. Your foul mouthed aggression, however, disturbs me somewhat; I just pray that individuals like yourself, have nothing whatsoever to do with Dimona. No, I am not David Icke incognito, I can assure fellow bloggers that I am extremely boring. Perhaps, that is what makes me so dangerous. Shalom.

  • Am I mentally ill?
    I am a normal racist/homophobic/anti-semitic bloke, admittedly; what’s wrong with that….

    Would a jew free world be happier?
    Yes, say the goyim!

    So you admit you’re a racist and and anti-Semite and you would like to see a world without Jews.

    And you accuse Middle of being a foul-mouthed aggressor?

    Here’s some foul-mouthed aggression for you: why don’t you to go outside and go play hide and go fuck yourself?

  • Am I middlingly mentally ill? Perhaps, perhaps.

    Yes; I admit wholeheartedly, that I am: racist, anti-semitic and homophobic. That is the way I am, I do not dislike: non-whites, jews, and homosexuals; I just feel more comfortable with people who I feel more comfortable with– SORRY! I never wrote, that a jew free world be happier, I left the question open. I have been honest with you, perhaps you can be honest with me. And please tone down the use of vulgar: adjectives, verbs and nouns.

  • I don’t have to tone down anything, asshole. If you don’t like being spoken to in this manner, just fuck off.

    I think you need to study the English language a little bit more. Strictly speaking, “homophobic” means that you are afraid of homosexuals, but the term “homophobia” is usually taken to mean a dislike of homosexuals. “Racism” is defined as the belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. So when you say you are a racist we can reasonably assume that you believe that your race (whatever it may be; not human, I hope) is superior to others and that you therefore look down on members of races you consider to be inferior.

    Of course, the meaning of “anti-Semitic” is obvious. You hate Jews.

    Also, since you state that goyim would prefer a Jew-free world, and since you are most obviously a goy, we must conclude that you would prefer a world without Jews.

    So, since you admit that you are a racist and anti-Semitic dochefuck scumbucket who like to fuck his mother, I think we can be allowed to address you in the manner in which you deserve to be addressed. This manner is necessarily profane and intemperate, since manners do not require that we be polite to people who would prefer that we not exist.

    If you just like hanging out with people like you (which is perfectly reasonable, btw, and not necessarily an indication of racism) why do you post on this blog?

    So, anyway, like I said, go fuck yourself.

    That is, if you have a dick, I mean. I assume the jury is out on that.

  • Bang to rights: Guilty on all three counts.
    But, I would never ever say anything bad about someone’s mum. I never have and I never will. Just been to the lavatory; good for me, bad for you; it is still there, in between the tweezers.

  • Ahhh, I see. You wouldn’t say anything bad about someone’s mom, but you dislike millions of people for no reason.

    Makes perfect sense to me.

  • I’m sure Maleski’s mom would be horrified to learn what he thinks of millions of people. I’m sure that if she learned what he believes she’d call him right over and tell him he’s lower than a dog’s turd.

    “I hate all ___________ but I don’t use cuss words.”

  • Since when is stating that you want to fuck your mother a statement denigrating your mother?

    I meant to imply that you were a moral degenerate. Calling you a motherfucker is a stament about you, not your mother.

    If I called your mother a whore, I suppose you would have a beef. But since I just called you a perv, I don’t think you have to get all huppfy over the (imagined) slight to your mother’s honor.

    Re: the tweezer reference. I assume this means you have a dick but that it is really, really small?

    I feel sorry for all of the sheep you must be fucking in lieu of your mother. They should at least enjoy being buggered.

  • Since “Motherfucker” is my ultimate all-time favorite vulgar word, I must point out that when you call someone a Motherfucker or “Mofo” you can mean that the person desires to fuck their own mother OR someone elses mother, as in the mother of their own children.

  • Squeeze me, baby
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    I got to put this mule
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    An I wouldn’t tell a-you no lie

    Squeeze me tight, darlin’
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    You know I been lovin’ you
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    Now, there sits a man
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    Squeeze me tight, darlin’
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    You know I been lovin’ you
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    Lovin’ mother fer you
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    Lovin’ mother fer you
    Don’t you know?
    I’m a lovin’ muther for you
    An I wouldn’t tell a-you no lie

    ‘Let her ride a while’

    –Roosevelt Sykes, ‘Dirty Mother For You’

  • Yael, The Middle, Eprhaim: The American date plum.
    I love all Israeli children as much I love all Iraqi children. As Moses, would no doubt say, well I hope he does, “Paul Maleski you are an infuriating so and so but your heart is in the right place.” Some of you, will answer before God, for many of the wicked comments, you have made, concerning motherhood. Immaturity/naivete is no excuse. Believe me!

  • Echoing Yael:

    OK, so we’re going to be punished for swearing at you, but G-d is cool with your racism, is that it?

    And you’re a liar, too. “I love all Israeli children”? You’ve already admitted that you’re an anti-Semite, so you cannot, by definition, love Israeli children.

    Why don’t you do us all a favor and shut up and go back to buggering sheep with your micro-dick?

  • Coprolagnia aside, Little Richard romance is not dead.
    Sometimes mutton dressed as lamb can even pull the wool over your eyes. Yes, I am anti-semitic but I love Israeli jewish children all the same; it is what baleful, pugnacious individuals, such as yourself, I can only presume; do to their unadulterated minds, I find abhorrent. Think about it.

  • Why should I?

    You come on an obviously Jewishly website and blithely admit that you hate Jews and would like to see a world without Jews. That is, us. You know, my friends and family.

    So I call you on it and now you’re mewling about how I’m being mean and protesting that you love Israeli Jewish children (of course, before we poison their minds with all of that Jewish garbage and turn them from “unadulterated” kids into, you know, Jews) and only hate mean, nasty Jews like me?

    Oh, boo-hoo hoo! Mommy, make the bad man stop!

    Look, you’re a racsit. You’ve admitted it. So you would take these “unadulterated” children and turn them into what? Racist homophobes like you? Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    If you don’t like being spoken to in the manner in which a micro-dicked sheep fucking anti-Semitic gutter racist deserves to be spoken too, fuck off. Don’t continually come back on here and complain about how you’re being treated. Go on a BNP website and complain about the Jews. I think you would find the company more congenial, and a little closer to your IQ level.


  • Ephraim: Please take your finger off the button.
    Take it from me, lay off the Talmud; myriad Beelzebub overtones of bestiality, coprolagnia etc. ‘When one finds that evil appetites are taking hold of his senses, let him repair to some place where he is unknown; there let him dress himself in black and indulge the impulses of his heart.’ Mo’ed Katan 17a. Why should only intelligent people rule the earth? I have a low IQ but I would never start a war. I just pray the likes of you, have nothing whatsoever, to do with Dimona! Shalom.

  • Ephraim, this is a bit off topic (not that there is a topic) but are you British? Hope you don’t mind me asking!

  • Nope. I’m an American. And, no, I don’t mind you asking.

    But I think Mr. Sheep Buggerer is a Brit (although I’m sure he has not had one).

  • Yeah, I think he’s British too.

    A list of BNP members was leaked not so long ago. I wonder if Paul is on that list!

  • BNP–Yael no!
    What: A listless sloth like moi. And it is the Welsh: ramming, passionate, hands-on love for sheep, that the RSPCA normally concern themselves with. I still don’t know how Dublin born Wellington and his boots come into bestial consummation. But you can normally find old Irish wellies discarded on Welsh cliff tops; so strong rumour has it, deviant devotees of the black art, say that sheep push harder, when they are facing the eye watering Irish sea. Only ewe can tell!

  • Hey Paul,no jews and kate fuck off and go backing to sucking hitler’s dick