They caved.

Despite garnering strong support from such influential quarters as uh… us, the UEJF (Union of Jewish Students of France) buckled under the pressure and are modifying their too shocking “Jesus was a dirty Jew” campaign.

“We’re disappointed and saddened,” the group’s president, Yonathan Arfi, said. “We have to accept that something strong is needed today to fight against anti-Semitism. And we thought these advertisements were good, we thought they were strong.”

Arfi said that “reaction came from everywhere” and eclipsed the goal of the campaign, which was not to spark anger or show disrespect for Catholicism.

OK, let’s just completely ignore the total cave-in. The fact is that this campaign, before it was ever actually launched, garnered a whole mess of international attention. In that respect it succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest hopes and for that I tip my hat off to the UEJF. So now the question is, how are they going to “modify” the campaign and not offend anyone? Well, I have an idea. Below is what I put together for my French co-religionists.

An anti-Semitism campaign featuring Happy Bunny (TM) and brought to you by Jewlicious!

I am a Jew. Please love me!

Anti-Semites can kiss my ass

Hate makes me sad

Now who could ever take offense to that?

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