So was Mary.

Got Soap?The Union des etudiants Juifs de France (The Union of Jewish Students in France) has launched an “in your face” national campaign against racism, featuring images of Jesus and Mary with “Dirty Jew” (Sale Juif) scrawled across them. The advertisements will be placed in French newspapers for a period of 10 days, starting on Tuesday. Acknowledging the somewhat dramatic nature of the Ads, UEJF stated:

“It’s a way to wake people up and make them aware,” said Yonathan Arfi, the group’s president, in a telephone interview. “That’s what is important. Today, it is difficult to wake people up without running the risk of shocking them a bit.”

The ads are meant to run “while the Roman Catholic Church in France is holding a week-long meeting of Catholics from around Europe to discuss how to revive their faith in the continent’s major cities.”

good yontif, pontifPretty daring move there, UEJF dudes. Though why stop at Jesus? I mean given that this is going on in France, and that it is coinciding with a big Catholic powow, an ad, like the one I fashioned to the left, featuring Jewish-born Cardinal Lustiger (rumored to be a heavy contender for next pope – gut yontif pontif indeed) would be particularly appropriate as well, no?

UEJF’s campaign is waaay cooler than the ADL’s Anti-Semitism is Anti-Me poster campaign, except that ADL poster-babe Naomi Campbell is much hotter than Mary Mother of Jesus. Why doesn’t Hillel ever do cool stuff like this?

Oh yeah, I forgot. Edgar Bronfman, Chairman of Hillel, would never do anything that might possibly offend future Jews Christians.

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  • What did you expect them to do after you refused to license to them the Christ-Killer (TM) logo?

  • you fucking bitch if it was not for jesus your jew ass bitch would be in hell, but for god he is still loving you even though you are a wouth less piece of shit, i hope you rott in hell and let you soul burn

  • dam the dirty jews. i knew a jew once; and i gutted that bastard like a fish.

    bam. again

  • Wanna hear a funny joke? Ok here it goes: THE HOLOCAUST!!!! Still quiet, jeez, I thought it was pretty funny.

    Sieg heil!

  • Jesus was not a real person. But if he was from what I hear he was an arrogant piece of shit. You expect Jews to be afraid of you. Fuck Jesus.

  • Jesus was born a Jew but you people rejected him. Keep waiting for the messiah, he’s long gone. While you’re at it eat some pork and get a few tattoos – Judaism is pretty archaic after all.



    Wait for the messiah. You’ll be waiting a long time because he savedall of us. You all crucified him.

    Jesus was a Jew but he died a Christian – so did Mary

  • Jesus never really existed. The old testament was written by the Jews to elevate their place in the world. Jesus was made up by the Jews to hide their true intentions and to take the spot light off of them while they continue to try and take over the world.

  • I doubt Jesus was a Jew. He was most likely an Israelite from another tribe. (not from Judah) He mentioned that he did come for his “lost sheep”.

    Of course the Jews (Pharisees — the founders of todays Judaism)rejected him. They didn’t want someone taking over their power.

    Yeah he probably did smell (dirty) but what whould you expect from a goy?

    Besides, most “Jews” today are actually related to the Khazars! NOT Judah. The Palestinians are more likely to be from Judah!

  • Middle who/what are these people? For the sake of our reputation, I definitely hope they’re not Jewish…

  • Of course they’re not Jewish. They’re offended by the title of this post and probably its contents. This is their way of fighting back. It’s understandable if you think about it.

  • But what are they? Their ignorance makes it pretty clear they’re not Christian either. Could they be agnostic paranoid anti-Semites that were spoilt too much as kids, which has resulted in them never getting laid as no woman bothers to stick around them long enough for this to happen?

    On a different note, I made chocolate tarte with cherries. Fancy?

  • What are they? Who knows. Somewhere nasty there’s a link to this post and that’s how we get them.

    Sadly, considering the distance between us, I can only imagine your tarte and cherries. 😉

  • Fuck the dirty Jews! They hate Christ and murder his followers. Most are closet homosexuals who hate women and are angry because they are not women. Put these pigs back into camps. Christ murders, child molestors and murders and traffikers are the Jews. Jews are pigs and that includes their women who screw for money and not love. Jew pigs have taken over Chicago and American Airlines. Do not visit or fly out of AA, you could get traffiked or murdered by its Jewish devil worhipping jewish pig pilots. These people are sick. They are responsible for all the evil in the world. Their children are just as dirty and evil–they are all Christ killers. Filthy jews.

    • Gina, I’m tempted to forward your rant here to the appropriate administrative department of your church, which will undoubtedly proceed with your excommunication in due time.

  • To Sam Goldstein above, go fuck your mother and father. I worked for you Jews in Chicago and know all about your closet homoness and your incestuous relationships with your parents and family members. You are moraless stinking pigs who smell dirty underwear and wish they were women. Go to Hell you Jew bastard and take your filthy women with you. Yellow pus bag.

  • Jesus is a good jew. Dirty jews are the ones that killed him and their decendants.

  • Nothing surprises me when it comes to those filthy, lowly kikes. Kikes are behind everything unholy, impure, or perverted. Ever wonder why the kike-owned media moguls have launched a smear campaign on the Catholic church? It’s to hide the fact that their rabbis commit the most pedophilia related acts out of any so-called man of the cloth. Jews outnumber ALL religious orders in pedophilia-related acts 1000-fold. Hence their need to smear the Catholic church and the Pope. Filthy godless kikes! Rot in hell!

  • God Himself wrote: “Kikes are behind everything unholy, impure, or perverted.”

    You mean like Jesus and Christianity too???

  • “You mean like Jesus and Christianity too???”

    Shut up, you fucking kike!

    • Hey, where’s that other cheek?

      And did you miss the part in the gospels where Jesus is quoted as saying, “Condemned be those that differ from the law [i.e. the Torah] by one iot”?

  • Can you imagine a poster of me – and scrawled on it was “Moron” – perhaps that should be the answer to my failed attempt by me to find a job or get a girlfriend!

  • This is not a campaign against racism – it is my desperate plea for attention! Down with racist dirty ME!

  • First, anyone that doubts the historicity of Jesus Christ is not well educated. Second, any Christian that hates period is not following the teachings of Christ. Third, I am a Christian with Jewish blood in his veins. There are many ethnic Jews that are followers of Christ. To me the dirty Jew thing with Christ seems to be pointing to solidarity with Jesus. That is, Jesus was and is Jewish. I understand why some would be upset. But Christ cannot be taken out of Israel or the Jewish descent or faith. Further, the Romans nailed Jesus to the cross. So, all people Jew and Gentile killed the Lord!!! Last, my suggestion is for people to read about Jesus. Simon Greenleaf was a Jew that ended up believing in Jesus. Others like Lee Strobel have written books like a case for Christ. These people in Strobel` s case an atheist. Anyway just wanted to speak for a moment on this issue. May Yah bless all….

  • PS calling people ethnic slurs is ignorant. Your are called to be light if you are a Christian. By their fruits ye shall know them- the words of Jesus Christ….Be careful for Jesus said, every word would be judged by God. Call me whatever….But I serve Jesus and I am Jewish descent. So, call me those names, but please know your words will be judged by the Almighty!!!! PS in Jesus Christ there is neither Jew nor Gentile but one in Messiah…..

  • Wow, a two year old thread filled with appalling racism in an article about a campaign against appalling racism. Ironic.

    Also: “Jesus died a Christian”… so he died worshiping himself? OK. Makes perfect sense.

  • if the most of us, teach our children “racial pride without racial prejidice. eventually, we’d all be better off.

  • As Henry Ford said, jews are the World’s foremost problem. One need not look any further that the evil filth that the jew’s media and hollywood have foisted upon our once, God-fearing country.

  • Let’s not also forget that there were 13 tribes of Israel. The Palestinians are the indigenous Semites of the Holy Land, not the evil ashkenazi jews who were placed there after WWII.

    For these jews in France, to say that about Jesus only to cover their evil, racist, vile, ungodly words by stating that it is only to prove a point, shows the evil trickery of the evil ashkenazi jews. EVIL!

  • Too bad they stole my motto! And I don’t mean anyone political–It’s just hilariously funny!

  • …My other one was “Jesus is a jerk!” (Part of my “I-want-to-get-killed bumper sticker program.

  • …and I honestly have nothing against any race of people! Just laughing at the idioacy at all of it:) I have Muslim, Christian, and Jewish friends, and I am sick of the lack of pluralism I have always seen in my country. I was raised Christian, my mother was Jewish, and my father Episcopalian, and we always had peoplr of different religions in our house at Christmas/Chanukkah time! Wow! What has become of this country?????!!!!!!!

    You racists and fundamentalists are full of shit and deserve to explode. Fuck you! (That felt good.)

  • I am actually happy we have jew scum like Yonathan Arfi who not only show the true face of Israel and World Zionism, but also by his words and group’s actions makes many of us wish that Hitler would have gassed 12 million of these evil people instead of the alleged figure of Six.

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  • What is very bad today Jesus made so many women that are very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, and very greedy now unlike the women of years ago that had a lot of class and were much nicer and easier to meet which today most of them now are very Pathetic.

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