So was Mary.

Got Soap?The Union des etudiants Juifs de France (The Union of Jewish Students in France) has launched an “in your face” national campaign against racism, featuring images of Jesus and Mary with “Dirty Jew” (Sale Juif) scrawled across them. The advertisements will be placed in French newspapers for a period of 10 days, starting on Tuesday. Acknowledging the somewhat dramatic nature of the Ads, UEJF stated:

“It’s a way to wake people up and make them aware,” said Yonathan Arfi, the group’s president, in a telephone interview. “That’s what is important. Today, it is difficult to wake people up without running the risk of shocking them a bit.”

The ads are meant to run “while the Roman Catholic Church in France is holding a week-long meeting of Catholics from around Europe to discuss how to revive their faith in the continent’s major cities.”

good yontif, pontifPretty daring move there, UEJF dudes. Though why stop at Jesus? I mean given that this is going on in France, and that it is coinciding with a big Catholic powow, an ad, like the one I fashioned to the left, featuring Jewish-born Cardinal Lustiger (rumored to be a heavy contender for next pope – gut yontif pontif indeed) would be particularly appropriate as well, no?

UEJF’s campaign is waaay cooler than the ADL’s Anti-Semitism is Anti-Me poster campaign, except that ADL poster-babe Naomi Campbell is much hotter than Mary Mother of Jesus. Why doesn’t Hillel ever do cool stuff like this?

Oh yeah, I forgot. Edgar Bronfman, Chairman of Hillel, would never do anything that might possibly offend future Jews Christians.

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