Hilary of superjux.com, my favorite blog that can only be viewed in Internet Exploiter Explorer notes the prevalence of non-Jewish gay men trolling for booty on JDate:

So I log onto Jdate this morning to read an email and do a quick search. While reviewing my search results, the following sentence catches my eye: Non Jew seeking good guy.

From a rather cute guy’s profile.

First the non-Jewish women sign up for Jdate looking for a mensch, now gay men are doing the same. No wonder I can’t find myself a nice Jewish boy.

The comments from her always erudite readers are pretty funny too. For instance, Keith opines:

I hate to be exclusive, but JDate is for the Jews! It was set up because some of us WANT to date within the faith, and this is a good way of locating other Jews of the opposite sex. People from other religions playing in our pool is like someone from France coming over and trying to run for Congress because he thinks it’s fun.


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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • So, like, um, just how many blogs do you read and when do you have time to do anything else?

  • …said the guy who picked a fight with the LGFers and subsequently posted a gazillion times on one post!

  • It was fun and interesting. They are such a herd that I was the ONLY person there saying anything even remotely disruptive. You gotta figure there are a bunch of people reading this stuff daily and suddenly they see a different viewpoint…

    Sadly, they are so busy that it’s impossible for me to continue to do it.

  • FWIW, I’ve “met” some of the most supremely bizarre Jewish people on JDate, so much so that the fact that “outsiders” are pushing their way in intrigues me. Maybe gay non-Jews on JDate will up the conversational ante…and push the Jews to be more interesting, diverse and engaging? Could happen, I suppose. But not likely. Sigh. My love-hate relationship with online dating continues…

  • Just a note that superjux.com is now viewable using any browser. Thanks to CK for pointing out the initial problem!

  • Just because ONE non-jewish gay guy posted such an ad, all of a sudden: the gays are trolling jdate? that’s really offensive as a gay and jewish guy. I don’t understand why his ad is hindering you from finding a nice Jewish guy. Keep looking — there are like 10 good looking Jewish straight guys to 1 gay guy on jdate!

  • J.T.
    It’s the other way around. I really fear the odds are in your favor. There are like 10 amazing-looking queer guys on jdate to one (1) decent looking, employed, well-educated intelligent, straight guy who knows how to dance and dress well, is not afraid of commitment and doesn’t prefer little blonde shikas or 19 year olds.
    And yes, the requirements on the checklist are non-negotiable and include good teeth and an hairstyle which flatters what’s left on top or a clean shave. The women on the site are more or less accomplished and attractive. Why should they have to settle for a “clean horse who doesn’t mind the rain” to paraphrase that looney Jewish Mother.

  • jeez, chutzpah, could your standards be any higher? well dressed and good dancer? those are non-negotiables? you’re about as deep as a kiddie pool. while it’s possible there are exceptions, the straight jewish guys who are good looking, good dressers, and good dancers (if they even exist) are complete jackasses.

  • Ofri,
    My checklist in 1988 looked like this: loves Hashem, loves to daven, loves to learn, loves to sing zmirot, loves Israel and loves to do mitzvahs, is spiritual, non-materialistic, kind-hearted, loves kids and wants to marry me. The person I thought fit that description turned out to be a lazy bum and a jackass who put his relationship with G-d above his interactions with people. Now which way do you suggest I turn?
    Actually, I’d prefer if a man also had an advanced degree from an ivy, did some volunteer work in the community, loved participating in shul activities, cared about Israel and was liberal on women’s issues but conservative on economic and foreign policy issues. I’d also like him to love all types of pets, bad 70’s music, love my kids, hate skiing and tennis but love the beach. Ideally, he shouldn’t mind keeping the dishes kosher but should enjoy feeding me lobster slathered in butter, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries while naked, but I didn’t want to seem too demanding. And as I’ve stated before, if he can’t follow my body language standing up to music, why should I think he can follow it when we are horizontal?

  • i understand, chutzpah. i, too, have a dream man. but the ideal doesn’t exist. now, i hate to go all Oprah on you, but politics, musical preference, eating habits, those are not important things. not when you really find love. i do agree, however, that a love of children and animals are non negotiables. but what do i know, i’m 20.

  • You can go all Oprah on me whenever you want, she’s an unmarried genius.
    Yep, big difference between 20 and 41. I’ve already reproduced and am financially independent now. The only need a man for fun. Someone who I’m not embarrased to be seen with in public, who I can take to social events and out to dinner and who can I can laugh, think and cum with.
    Last nite I was alone with 103 fever, the chills and bronchitis. I had a bad panic attack that I would be alone with no one to take care of me when I’m older. I called my parents who live 60 miles away for comfort and they reminded me that my Ex never took care of me when I was sick, and that when I’m a Senior my kids will be there for me.
    At 20 I recommend developing your ability to support yourself. But in your forties I recommend that a woman who WANTS to be a mother marry whoever asks her with decent DNA and she can always dump him after the baby shower IF she is embarrassed to use a real sperm donor, which can be stigmatizing. Being a mother is a much more valuable and rewarding experience than being a wife. Your children are your investment in the future, your nachas and your true creative endeavor (yikes, now I sound like Jewish Mother)IF you desire them. The functions of a husband can be replaced by lovers and handymen. (If you lucky you may be able to find a lover who is handy or a handyman to “love”!)
    Whoa, not too bitter this morning am I? Actually, my Dad and brothers are the type of partners to their wives that are irreplacable, but there aren’t too many out there like them. Now off to make my own tea, give myself my own cough syrup and tuck myself in.

  • FYI, ck: I’m using Mozilla, and I had no trouble reading Hilary’s blog.

  • Oprah is a genius. Unmarried, sure, but she’s got a pretty good looking guy. Anyway, point is, what’s wrong with having an average looking guy who needs your help picking out clothes when you take him to social events if he’s an intelligent, caring man who will take care of you when you’re sick?

  • Ofri, nothin’ wrong with that..send him over!!! Middle, don’t know , maybe you should ask your wife.

  • What if a non-Jewish person is looking for a Jewish partner and wishes to convert? Isn’t JDate the right place?

    (not my case, though)