Hilary of superjux.com, my favorite blog that can only be viewed in Internet Exploiter Explorer notes the prevalence of non-Jewish gay men trolling for booty on JDate:

So I log onto Jdate this morning to read an email and do a quick search. While reviewing my search results, the following sentence catches my eye: Non Jew seeking good guy.

From a rather cute guy’s profile.

First the non-Jewish women sign up for Jdate looking for a mensch, now gay men are doing the same. No wonder I can’t find myself a nice Jewish boy.

The comments from her always erudite readers are pretty funny too. For instance, Keith opines:

I hate to be exclusive, but JDate is for the Jews! It was set up because some of us WANT to date within the faith, and this is a good way of locating other Jews of the opposite sex. People from other religions playing in our pool is like someone from France coming over and trying to run for Congress because he thinks it’s fun.


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