Ladies, if Yitzhak Z. approaches you with a lurid proposition, and you find yourself compelled by the large (yet mysteriously sharp edged) bulge in his pants, think twice. Romanian police confiscated 230 rough curt diamonds Mr. Z. was carrying in velvet pouches sewn into his pants. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that diamond smuggling isn’t really all that frowned upon in Romania. The man got off with a 20 million Lei fine. Fortuantely for him, that comes to a whopping 610 bucks when converted. In fact, he wasn’t even arrested. The reason for his trip is unknown. But if he takes my advice, in the future he’ll go with the tried, tested and true banana-down-the-pants method.

Anyone interesed in this ridiculous story can go to: Haaretz to check it out.

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