Kosher KillingDon’t try this at home kids

The BBC reports:

A Sikh father hired a hitman to kill his own daughter claiming it would restore family honour because she had a Jewish boyfriend, a court heard.

Luckily a veritable bloodbath was averted because the man Kalwinder Dosanjh approached to do the job turned out to be an undercover police officer. Spared from death were not just Kalwinder’s daughter, but also the Jewish boyfriend as well as another man Kalwinder mistakenly assumed to be the Jewish boyfriend’s father. Why is it that every time you try to hire a hit man, he invariably turns out to be somehow connected to the police? Makes you kind of long for the days of reliable hit man services, like Murder Inc. where one could contract a killing with the assurance that the police would not be involved. Of course had Kalwinder contacted Murder Inc., he’d probably not be so successful given that most of the thugs employed there were Jewish (who wouldn’t kill on the sabbath btw). Go figure …

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  • that would be for muslims? this guy was a sikh!

    get your religions right before you post.

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