Holy Cow

300 posts worth of Jewliciousness, nearly 75,000 words. Here’s some more whacked info:

Random stats since July 23, 2004
No. of visitors : 429,291
No. of unique IP addresses: 149, 562
Total page views: 1,216,893
Average page views per day: 11,593
Bandwidth: Holy crap! Don’t even ask….
Busiest day ever: Monday October 4th 2004 with 13,854 visitors
Most popular page – click here (figures)
Most requested image: click here, followed closely by this classic.
Countries: 133, as well as 75 visitors from the Palestinian Territory.
Top Middle Eastern countries (visitors): Israel (24,026), Egypt (374), Saudi Arabia (361), United Arab Emirates (332), Kuwait (127), Lebanon (81), Jordan (69), Oman (64), Morocco (60), Qatar (47), Bahrain (22), Algeria-Tunisia-Yemen (17 each), Syria (15), Iraq (7), Libya (3)

Most commonly used search terms used to find Jewlicious via search engines:
1. jewlicious
2. dov charney (President of American Apparel t-shirts)
3. marilou braswell
4. ilana wexler
5. sheri dew
6. throw the jews down the well

Oddest search terms used to find Jewlicious via serach engines:
1. pictures of chickens that lived in the middle ages
2. ashton kutcher circumcised
3. frum jew porn
4. hornyteens.com
5. chest hair french canadians
6. escort service and london and fees and judo

Ooof. Big fun. Stats programs rule!

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Maybe this is a good opportunity to say that I think you may have given up on that whole comment registering idea prematurely.

  • Yup. Looks like what I will have to do is make it so that ALL posts that contain even one link will have to be approved before they appear. That’ll suck a bit but otherwise I think it ought to be fine. We’ll see…

  • Yes, those figures may look good, but suggest you look more into them.

    For example, Google can eat up page impressions and also as you are feeding lots of other sites, it will also have an impavct of those page views.

    But either way, well done!

  • Wow, those stats are surprising and impressive.

    Can you hone down to the post level and tell us how the whacky/wacky controversy is impacting Jewlicious’s popularity? 🙂

  • The most important thing we must do, to keep jewlicious going and strong, is increase the amounts of ‘frum jew porn’. It’s an angle that is totally underexplored. Not to mention the chick(en)s that lived int eh middle ages.

  • You know, my site gets a fair amount of hits from people looking for “frum porn,” “kosher porn” and “israeli porn.” All I can think of is…”Awwww…dude…she’s lifting up her modest and formless skirt to totally show above her knees…SIN OF ONAN SIN OF ONAN FORGIVE ME!”

  • Hey CK, why are there so many lurkers relative to posters? Can you offer them t-shirts to post? DO I GET A T-SHIRT TO POST?!

  • I dunno. Maybe they’re not so enthralled with endless discussions about the whacky / wacky debate?

  • I am totally impressed and insanely jealous. (I wanna be famous too. ;))

    And I would like to add: you deserve this – big time. This site is a fabulous collaborative effort… And since you’re such a site traffic stud you probably know that I visit *at least* once a day.

    Oh and CK, darling, you made a typo with Libya…

    (P.S. I say – wacky)

  • CK, this happens o so rarely, but you are wrong. It is precisely discussions such as this one that bring traffic over. People are dying to know how we’ll resolve this: wacky or whacky. It matters, and the masses are coming over in droves to find out! 😀

  • Lisa,
    The “lybia” thing was an inside joke i had with my friend Lydia who works at UNESCO in Paris, but you busted me on that, so i changed it for fear that y’all would think I was illiterate. Well, english is actually my third language – I spoke Hebrew and French before ever mouthing a word of English.
    TM: Whatever – I’d rather discuss things with a bit more substance. I don’t think there’s a shortage of important issues worthy of our attention.

  • Hey CK, you erudite polyglot: sorry I ruined the fun by busting you on Libya. It’s my inner Jewish-mother editor thing. Wacky, huh? :))