Boys Gone Wild!

Well not exactly… 6 Israeli Naval Commandos on a field trip to mount Hermon posed naked in the snow as part of a unit tradition. The photograph was meant for internal use, however a nearby photographer for Israeli newspaper Yediot Achronot also snapped a pic and the newspaper published it the next day. The elite soldiers had their faces blurred out and they posed modestly with their hands covering their uh… relevant bits. However, the unit commander was infuriated and suspended the soldiers from active duty pending review.

The reaction to the soldier’s suspension has been quite sympathetic. Said the father of one of the soldiers:

“I am shocked by the lack of proportions… We are talking about the best of the youth. They did not choose an easy or comfortable service. In the last few years they have buried a number of their friends.”

Lack of proportions? Not so shocking – their uh… proportions were covered up… Anyhow, when did the IDF get so prudish all of a sudden? I’d love to put up a pic for the sake of balance, but I can’t find one. Sorry ladies – word has it these boys are totally hot!

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  • I read that they were dismissed from the IDF for this.

    If they were, somebody up there needs to have their heads examined. These guys have perhaps the toughest service in all of the IDF. To do this to them a couple of months before their service is up, and over some prank, is beyond belief.

  • Man, and I thought Americans were the only prudes. Who woulda thunk? Why is it that when a bunch of hot boys get naked, they get discharged? I think all the women in Israel should be thankful for this picture of these hot naked men. I know I would be…

  • Why is it that when a bunch of hot boys get naked, they get discharged?

    Sorry, but I am really cracking up to that one.

  • I had to bite my tongue really hard on that one myself. I was all “shutup ck, shutup. don’t respond with anything stupid….”