Someone marry Blaire, please!!Will Someone Marry Blaire, please?

Blaire, of fame seems to have given up on her quest to get engaged by December 2004. After having gone through a staggering round of dates and with her self-imposed deadline rapidly approaching, she notes on her blog that:

Let me explain. Since I was young I’ve always felt that I would meet an amazing man, get married, and have a family. Although I felt this, there was always a rushing – a wanting to get started with that part of my life NOW. I realize that rushing feeling was fear and me not really having faith/trusting.

Now, I don’t feel that rush. I trust more. I feel more grounded. More certain. More cared for, more guided – more faith that I know its coming. Rather than my past rushed feelings – I now feel a very soothing, calming feeling. A feeling that I really don’t need to do anything – but be myself, do whatever activities I enjoy doing and that he’ll come. I know it’ll be soon and I know its my job to keep trusting and connecting with my center that knows this truth.

Sounds like she’s throwing in the towel, huh? But wait… a glimmer of hope appears as she notes that:

So I decided I’m going to go out to a single’s [sic] event tonight. Yippee. 😉 (joking!) I wasn’t feeling like it for a few weeks, but it’s Hanukkah related and I feel like doing something to celebrate the holiday. Who knows if I’ll meet someone tonight – – honestly, I’m not sure if I care…

Being the intrepid researcher that I am, and always happy to encourage Jews hooking up with Jews, I determined that the only Jewish singles party happening in New York tonight is the Chanukah party at the Manhattan Jewish Experience on West 86th street (in association with Jewish International Connection NY. Here are all the relevant details:

Chanukah Party: Mon 12/13, 8 pm. Come join hundreds of young Jewish Professinals [sic] in their 20’s and 30’s to celebrate the holiday of lights with live music and mingling, candle lighting, and refreshments. Co-sponsored with J.I.C. . 131 West 86 Street, between Amsterdam and Columbus, Manhattan, 212-787-9533, $15adv/$20door, 20s-30s, Jewish, Manhattan Jewish Experience

I’ve also included a fun photo of Blaire should you decide to go to the party and stalk meet her. Just tell her Jewlicious sent you! And remember, brush your teeth and be charming – make Blaire’s dream come true!

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  • I was going to offer Blaire some relationship coaching tips to help her find her husband, but I wasn’t sure she would listen if it wasn’t broadcasted on CNN.

    I doubt that she would go to the MJE Chanukah party though ck, when the Jewish Lawyers Guild is having their Annual Chanukah Party & Toy Drive tonight. It’s at The Synagogue for the Arts @ 49 White St in Manhattan. This would be a much more savvy choice for a husband-hunting girl — I would have recommended it to her, if she had asked.

  • But she did mention it was a singles party – the Jewish Lawyers Guild is not a singles organization – it’s more about Networking and stuff. Also I did notice she got a bit of advice here already, although it doesn’t seem so clinical. Or friendly. Or nice.

  • IMHO, married lawyers would not be inclined to go to a Chanukah party sponsored by the Jewish Lawyers Guild.

    The advice previously given to Blaire that you linked to, however, is not really advice. They are opinions of her motives, and odds on the likelihood of her succeeding. Very different than coaching, dude.

  • I know Janice! You rule and I am sure you could set her straight. Those guys at FC are retards, but they do call into question her real motives, which is interesting. If she was never sincere, no amount of coaching will help.

    I think.

  • There was also a J2J (Jewish networking party) tonight, but I’ll solve this mystery for you. Blaire and I were at MJE tonight, along with about 20,000 Jews. OK, so that might be hyperbole, but there were alot of people there.

    In case you’re wondering it was a huge meat market, and the room was wall-to-wall people. It was impossible to meet anyone. As for B herself, she’s really a very good-hearted person who really wants to meet someone special, fall head over heels in love, and move into the next stage of her life. But don’t we all…

  • I told you Janice! My research skills are second to none. Who the hell wants to hang out with a bunch of stupid lawyers anyway? OK, except maybe Doron. He’s cool. Anyhoo – Esther, we’re all seriously rooting for B (can I call her B?). Go Blaire!

  • I’ll let her know. BTW, she’s not really adhering to the December deadline anymore, as you could have guessed. She says that was always just a joke…I’m sure she’ll be grateful for the support!

  • The Muffti is suprised: Esther knows Blaire and hasn’t thrown her to the wolves of jewlicious yet? There must be something wrong with Blaire if she can’t hack it with those boys…

  • I have to agree with the Muffti. While I wish Blaire well and hope she succeeds, I do wonder why Esther has been so tolerant of her approach, aka antics. The Jewlicious bloggers could have lots to say to help her.

  • The Muffti agreeing with Janice? (Well, perhaps more shockingly, Janice agreeing with Muffti?) Clearly tikun olam has taken place when people come inline with the Muffti way of looking at things. Yeah, we’ll set her straight…

  • In my line of work, it’s called giving some “reality testing.” Some realities that Blaire needs to hear is how her behavior is perceived by others. CNN and MSNBC think her behavior is “newsworthy” and perhaps entertaining as a “human interest story.” But do men, especially the men that she wants to attract, agree? From what I read on the FC message board links, men are responding to her behaviors in ways she may not prefer — e.g., they think she’s desperate and even called her a ho.

    Yes indeed, some reality testing is in order here. Sometimes it’s applied in the form of 2by4’s for the more challenging clients. Will Esther now please “serve her up?”

  • Bum rap! Bum rap! I was only quoting what the retards at FC said. I would never call anyone that word! Give me a break, ck!

  • Oh boy. This is just like that ep of the Twilight Zone, except instea of “To Serve Man,” the cookbook is named “To Serve Blaire to Jewlicious.”

    I interviewed Blaire for my column months ago, before her website really took off. The website, as it happens, was just something random that she threw up there, and within a week it had thousands of visitors.

    Her methods aren’t for me. And she knows that. But as it happens, Jewish singles parties aren’t for her, and now I know that.

    She’s not giving up. She’s experienced disappointment and is trying to move on from there.

    I am a little confused whether, once she is served, you intend to roast her or crown her queen. And as for Janice coaching her, Blaire herself is a “love coach” (and always was even before her site hit it big).

    (I feel like this message window is the continuation of our dinner at Darna, except virtually.)

  • “Coach, coach thyself,” is not a motto to follow. To go through dating in such a high profile way would warrant a coach to guide her. If she’s coaching herself, then it would be easy to attribute her continued failure to attain her goal to that poor strategy, for sure.

    I think that the Muffti, of all men, would agree with me.

  • The Muffti, indeed, agrees with Janice (though he prefers to think of it still as Janice agreeing with the Muffti.) As for Esther, well, we don’t intend to crown her queen; but neither do we intend to roast her. We, at Jewlicious, are all about reality and a good time and, well, we probably have the resources amongst us to show Blaire both. Then again, if you think she can’t handle it, well, let some lame ass guy go marry her or something… 🙂

    The Muffti does think it’s awfully funny that while Janice shrinks from calling someone a ‘ho’, the (I think far more insulting to people with an involuntary condition) term ‘retard’ is used without reservation.

  • Muffti — I suggest that you read all of the comments in the thread so that you won’t be embarrassed when someone (like me) tells you that the term “retard” was previously coined by someone else, e.g., ck in post #4.

    To soften that “reality testing” for you dude, I will go along with your assertion that I am agreeing with you on this Blaire matter. Yes indeed.

  • The Muffti remains unashamed: just coz ck coins a term doesn’t mean it’s o.k. to use, does it?