Final day of Chanukah 🙁

StefaniYup, eight days and I have yet to hear that Adam Sandler, Chanukah song. I must be doing something right as my prayers seem to have been answered! But there has been no shortage of Jewishy music to listen to. The latest batch was brought to our attention by our buddy (and yes, client) Rabbi Yonah of Beach Hillel. Sit back and listen to Gwen Stefani’s fun but oddly disturbing rendition of If I was a Rich Man Girl, the Fiddler on the Roof classic. Also check out Suburban Homeboy singing Tradition (Same dude that did that Hey Ya! song). These are not Chanukah songs, and Stefani’s track is only peripherally Jewish, but what the hey! If Rabbi Yonah approves then who am I to be picky?

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