Sleiman ElmerhebiLet me have him

Sleiman Elmerhebi, 19, pleaded guilty to arson in the firebombing of the United Talmud Torah Elementary School library firebombing. Elmerhebi stated that the arson “was an emotional response … I was reacting to acts of violence in the Middle East that I saw on television.” When the school was firebombed last April, a note left at the scene claimed the attack was in retaliation for Israel’s killing of Hamas leader, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.

Yesterday, Crown prosecutor Anne Aube recommended Elmerhebi serve 2 years in prison. B’nai Brith regional director
Bill Surkis is advocating a stiffer sentence, said “I would certainly hope and expect that there would be something in that sentence that would act as a deterrent to anyone else who would consider that they could do this sort of thing.” The maximum sentence for arson is 14 years. Final sentencing is set for January.

He may have a point. Elmerhebi’s already been in detention 7 months which means that a 2 year sentence will see him back on the streets in less than a year. But then again, what exactly is going to be served by incarcerating a little pisher like him? I have a better idea. Let me have him. I promise you, Monsieur le juge, 6 months as an unpaid intern around here and we’ll turn that boy right around. Make him into a mensch. Seriously …

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