Whistle BlowerShalom Bayis and Concubinage

There’s an article from the Washington Post, reproduced at JewishWhistleBlower about the resurrection of Jewish concubinage. It discussed a necessarily shady organization called Shalom Bayis whose aim was to promote kosher, permissible extra-marital sex for Orthodox men through the biblically established institution of concubinage. Far from being prostitutes, concubines would be Orthodox career women who are “unmarried, monogamous, and observes Jewish laws of female purity — which means abstaining from intercourse during menstruation and monthly dips in a ritual bath.” The article was a bit shocking, to say the least. And of course, the fun was limited to the men – no similar facility was offered to women (although apparently they have other acceptable options).

Too bad it was total bullshit. Concubinage was banned over 1000 years ago, along with polygamy and this organization, Shalom Bayis is some kind of elaborate media stunt aimed at discrediting Orthodox Judaism. As reported in an article published in Moment magazine and reproduced at Frum.org, the concubine story was reproduced everywhere from the New York Times, to the BBC, to the JTA to Marie Claire… despite the total lack of corroboration. The “Yossi” in the Washington Post story also managed to convince mainstream news publications the year before that Orthodox men were marrying off their pre-teen girls for leverage in divorce cases. That turned out to be crap too. Anyhow… thanks for wasting an hour of my life Jewish Whistle Blower dude. I totally hate you, but for some odd reason, I can’t stop reading your blog.

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