Sleiman ElmerhebiTaking into account time already spent in custody, this means that Elmerhebi was effectively sentenced to 2 years, meaning he’s going to be doing hard time in a Federal penitentiary. Assuming he behaves, he might be back on the street in less than a year. On one hand, he’s just a stupid kid. On the other hand… what a dick! You may recall Elmerhebi is the dolt who firebombed the United Talmud Torah Elementary School library. The usual suspects are not pleased with the sentence:

But Steven Slimovitch, legal counsel for B’nai Brith, suggested the sentence should have been tougher given that the crime was motivated by hatred. “That would have said hate-motivated crimes necessarily will be far more severely punished.”

Mr. Slimovitch noted arson carries a maximum 14-year sentence. “To say that we are incredibly disappointed with the sentence is not true. I would have to say that we would have thought it would have been more severe.” Mr. Slimovitch said the Jewish community had been traumatized by the incident, which he said raised grim memories of Nazi tyranny for Holocaust survivors and was a “removal of innocence” for younger Jews.

Bill Surkis, Quebec regional director for B’Nai Brith Quebec, agreed the sentence should have been more severe.

“The message, in my mind, was not strong enough and that [message] is we can accept zero intolerance,” he said. He acknowledged the sentence was tougher than others in the past. “Does it have the impact of being the kind of thing that will block further terrorist action? I don’t know. I would certainly hope so.”

But remember dudes, he’s a first time offender. Next time he commits a terrorist act, I’m sure they’ll really throw the book at him. You betcha. Meanwhile, have fun in jail Sleiman. Don’t pick up dropped soap if you knowadamean ….

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  • Well at least they caught, tried and convicted him, I suppose. but 40 months seems too short to me. He may not have been a hardened criminal, but he was 18 and knew exactly what he was doing.

    By the way, any word on whether the good folks at Concordia are planning on Elmerhni their official mascot?

  • I don’t know, he has a strong jaw and a clear eye, I’d say he’ll fetch quite a dowry at the federal prison.

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  • What the hell, since when is Jewlicious about the looks of terrorists-in-training?

    People, there are photos of attractive women all over this site. Please focus!

  • re: “Samer Elatrash’s cuddliness”.

    Hmm, is he? Some apparently think so. But look at CK’s picture; you’re very ugly.

  • “you’re going to make me cry.”

    You should. You look like a pedophile, very creepy, and very, very, ugly. thats why you spend so much time on the net, and I suspect that there are some chatboards taht you engage in where you dont put up yoour picture, since people would know that you’re about 15 years older than the next oldest chatter.

  • critic: I am heartened to see that Concordia continues to maintain its high admission standards (ck has a BA in Poli Sci (Hons) w/ great distinction from Concordia). While I don’t take umbrage with your sense of esthetics, a chacun son gout after all, I do have to take you to task on your assumptions. Well, actually, I don’t.

    You’re an idiot. That’s pretty obvious. A weak ass little coward, not worth the time of day. See ya, thanks for visiting!

  • ck (is that an abbreviation for “Child King”?), you do protest too much.

    There is no rule that says that we can only talk about your, uhmm, preferences only after you have been arrested.

    But tell me, when was the last time someone, aside from your mother, told you “ck, you are cute.”

    I have nothing against ugly people. But ck sure looks like someone who I wouldnt hire to babysit my daughter.

  • I don’t get it critic. Are you saying that pedophiles can be identified by mere virtue of their looks? You figure you can protect your daughter from danger by merely keeping her away from ugly people? Uh huh. I see. Is that what they teach you at Concordia in Criminal Pathology 101?

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