Uh... what?From BeachHillel.com:

In a show of solidarity with the Jewish residents of Gaza, fifty members of Israel’s Motorcycle Posse descended on Gaza. While they were there:

Three mortar shells were fired and landed in Kfar Darom during their visit, and a terror cell planning to fire a rocket at Kfar Darom was liquidated, to boot. The motorized visitors didn’t flinch, and instead expressed their admiration at the brave stand of the residents who face such threats all the time.

The posse traveled untouched by terrorists, who fear a Hell’s Angels retribution.

Uh… the original story in Arutz Sheva was decidedly more boring … the bad ass motorcycle dudes visited a cow farm and some flower and vegetable hot houses in the Gush. Vrooom! Born to be wild! Woohoo!

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