Brandon? de Silva? What the hell kinda Jewish name is that?… AND maybe win free falafels for a year!

Every year the Canadian Pita Pit restaurant chain, in an effort to promote healthy eating, has this contest where customers have 8 weeks to lose as much weight as possible. Whoever loses the most weight gets free pita sandwiches for a year. This got Brandon de Silva, President of McMaster University’s Jewish Student Association (JSA) decided to use the contest as a way to feed hungry Israeli children. No. Not by winning it and dutifully mailing the kids his falafels every day. What he’s done is he’s gotten sponsors to donate cash for every pound he loses. He hopes to raise about $2,000 which he will then send to Meir Panim, an organization that operates soup kitchens in nine Israeli communities. Meir Panim’s stated goal is to guarantee “that every needy child in Israel will receive at least one hot, nourishing meal every day, and thus maintain his health, smile and dignity.”

And what if he does in fact win the contest? I suspect there’ll be a lot more McMaster JSA meetings held at the Pita Pit. Anyhow, if you want to help de Silva out, you can send in your pledges to Tell him Jewlicious sent ya! Do it for the children. Thanks to the Canadian Jewish News for this heartwarming story.

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  • Is that a bed of nails on your head or are you just happy to see me?

    Just kidding. Good going and good luck Brandon.

  • Hi, I am an American and wonder if they have the same thing in the US or is this just for Canada ?

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