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Oy. Is this the Zionist dream envisioned by Ben Gurion? The Jerusalem Post reports that Israel’s newest growth industry is in the high class escort trade. We’re not talking those unfortunate women by the old tachanah merkazit in Tel-Aviv. No. We’re talking $3,000 a week high class call girls who service mostly non-Israeli men in Israel on business like the ones on this site. The Escort industry is prevalent in numerous countries, including Denmark, and has been thriving in Israel as well as of late.

And while Israel is verily torn asunder by religiously based political turmoil, one thing most men from all religious spectrums agree on is, well, booty. Apparently the client base includes everyone from the most secular to hard core haredim. The Jerusalem post cites a 20% increase in advertisements for these services, and the opening of 12 offices specializing in escorts, all in the past year.

For whatever it’s worth, most of the women involved are foreign themselves. Consequently, women like Shirly here who are native Israelis, command a premium price. How sweet. Maybe they take some inspiration from Outcalls Adster which is why they command a premium price.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Michael: well – if you can read that… I can read the phone number, but not the link. Mind you, how hard is it to type Israeli Escorts on Google? I mean if you cared that much and were the type of guy thatwould pay for sex. We all know only losers do that. And I mean that sincerely.

  • Wait…CK…you mean when people say “escort services,” they’re merely using a euphemism for “slightly higher-priced hookers”? I am shocked!

    Interestingly, while I agree that only losers pay for sex, some of our people’s distinguished forefathers have had some quality time with hookers. Like Yehudah. Of course, said hooker turned out to be his daughter, but, hey, whatever.

  • Ah the wonderful world of high priced ‘companionship.’ The modern age has provided many ‘wonderful’ things.

  • A friend of mine worked in NY as a call girl once. (for college money, she said). She told me that 90% of her clientelle were Chassidim/Ultra Orthodox men.

    I’m not sure what that means for our people, but I thought it was odd.

  • Grace, I’ve heard similar stories. I don’t know whether they are true or a myth but the excuse I heard was that the wives may not be “available” for two weeks at a time.

  • I was also injured in a bombing a number of years ago, and I know what you mean by people acting differently. There were a number of people from my past who popped out of the woodwork as soon as I was injured. Some of them were perfectly nice people with whom I had simply fallen out of touch, former clients and the like. Others were people with whom I had not been particularly close or even friendly and who had made no attempt to contact me when I made aliyah. Of course, once I was a Sad Victim of Terror instead of, well, me, they called me right up. I managed to avoid them, and they went away. Like, I didn’t suffer enough with the bombing–I have to suffer more from the company of people I never liked in the first place?

    Actually, what was really funny (well, okay, twisted) was the reaction of some people in the community. A lot of people pitched in to help me out, which was lovely. And a lot of people invited me for Shabbat. Also lovely. Until I got there, and I was introduced as “This is X. X was injured in the bombing at Y”. And from that point on, I was not a person, I was X, The Victim of Terror. As soon as I had healed enough that it was not immeidately obvious that something had happened, I got into the habit of telling such people (when I was invited over, of course) “please don’t mention that I was injured”. MAN! Did those invites dry up fast.

    I still have people today (and did I mention that it has been years since this all happened) who say they would be HONORED to have me for Shabbat b/c I was injured. Their eyes generally have a glazed, awestruck expression when they say this. I avoid these people. These people are unlikely to be any fun. If you talk to your former roommate the dick, tell him to avoid them too.

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  • Can we all just admit that we love sex.. and that no matter how much they tell you it’s bad… that’s what makes it so good. For one..it’s how we all got here.

  • I do not understand the problem. You have a girl that really needs $100 and you have a guy that really needs a blow-job. Sounds like a perfect business arrangement to me. What is the problem?

  • I looked though the escort lists in Israel, all it is, is a bunch of white women ( Russians u can get anywhere, and save the money) Im Jewish and I want real Jewish girls in Israel, mainly the mizrham/ sephardic jewesses (Black curley Hair, brown/green eyes, dark brown skin) Such as the Berber, Kurds, Turk/Azeris, even ethiopians would be nice, which are very difficult to find in the USA (95% ashkenazi) It just dosen’t make any sense to go to Israel, hire Russian/Thai girls when you can go to the Ukraine/Thailand, or just stay home!!!!

  • The escort business in Israel, both incalls and outcalls, is booming as far as I see. There are many Israeli escort services, mostly concentrated in the Tel-Aviv area, with escorts for every man. Busty blondes, firey redheads, sexy brunettes, Israeli born Sabra escorts, beautiful Russians, and even a few discreet companions from the far east. In short, Israeli escorts are varied and there is something for everyone. In my blog I write about the adult entertainment industry in Israel which includes also escort agencies. Enjoy!

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  • There are a lot of escort websites in Israel, but only few of them are reliable, you never can be sure if the girl you see at the picture is actually the one you get. It’s usually fake pictures but the girl looks like the one on it.

  • Shirly,… what have a got.. One Israeli women willing to suck/fuck, while 100's Arab women appear willing to do it at a lower price?

  • Actually “losers” dont pay for sex, at least not the ones that I visit with. Those that can afford me can hardly be called losers. Yes I am one of those VIP escorts….Living here in Israel, studying for my future profession and taking advantage of a killer body while I can.

    as far a “booming” goes, the competition can be fierce, especially with the professionals from E.Europe