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Oy. Is this the Zionist dream envisioned by Ben Gurion? The Jerusalem Post reports that Israel’s newest growth industry is in the high class escort trade. We’re not talking those unfortunate women by the old tachanah merkazit in Tel-Aviv. No. We’re talking $3,000 a week high class call girls who service mostly non-Israeli men in Israel on business like the ones on this site. The Escort industry is prevalent in numerous countries, including Denmark, and has been thriving in Israel as well as of late.

And while Israel is verily torn asunder by religiously based political turmoil, one thing most men from all religious spectrums agree on is, well, booty. Apparently the client base includes everyone from the most secular to hard core haredim. The Jerusalem post cites a 20% increase in advertisements for these services, and the opening of 12 offices specializing in escorts, all in the past year.

For whatever it’s worth, most of the women involved are foreign themselves. Consequently, women like Shirly here who are native Israelis, command a premium price. How sweet. Maybe they take some inspiration from Outcalls Adster which is why they command a premium price.

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