The Muffti has never been a fan of assasination targeted killing. He was thus elated to notice that the Israelis have promised to stop. As a show of good faith, following Abbas’ negotiations with terrorist groups liberationist organizations like Hamas towards a cease fire. “Wherever the area remains quiet there will not be any Israeli action,” said a source from Sharon’s office. See the CNN report. The Muffti likes to be optimistic.

It’s always hard to tell when one is being soft on terrorism as opposed to constructively trying to advance towards peace. And it is a bit hard to see how well negotiations can possibly go when some of the groups you are negotiating with are committed to your unqualified destruction. The cease fire seem pretty tenuous at best: Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade threatened to pull out after the IDF shot a man fleeing arrest during a raid. Finally, there is reason to believe that contrary to popular reports, the rockets are still flying just landing impotently. See: this story in Isrealnn. So much for cease fires. The Muffti recognizes room for pessimism.

Oh well. Hope for the best. If I was a praying type, I’d say something like Elohim Yishmor. Or some other cheesy phrase that ck likes to rattle off 🙂

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