Uh Oh. Mormons. Run!This aint no foolin’ around

This is the JIB Awards. No. Not that thing on sailboats. JIB stands for Jewish Israeli Bloggers and Dave from the Israellycool blog has gone to much hard work and effort to set it up. Dave is A Very Serious Guy, thus I would urge you all to go and nominate your fave blogs. Now’s the part where I’m supposed to say something self-effacing and humble about how we’re not worthy and stuff. Luckily I don’t have to do that because we don’t qualify for the JIB Awards. That’s right. We don’t qualify. Why is that? Because we’re all really Mormons. Extremely bored Mormons. Jews are so much more interesting and colorful than Mormons and writing this blog sure helps those cold, lonely Utah nights pass faster. Hope you’re not too pissed at us. Shalom y’all!

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Too late! Some poor soul already nominated you (for two categories, no less), and I am powerless to stop them.

    Hmm..serious guy…doesn’t your cheek start to hurt after a while, I mean with your tongue being firmly pressed against it all the time? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I had to re-read your post after TMs last question CK, because on my first quick read, I thought you had said you were unqualified because you were all morons.

    For some reason I just let it go by without even doing a double take. I feel awful now.

  • There’s another contest going on at the Best of Blogs awards, which honors smaller, non-political blogs. (http://www.blogmechanics.com/bob/)

    There’s a few Jews on the list, though I don’t know how many Mormons, sorry to say.

    NextBook is up for Best Literary Blog, for example. And, ahem, your favorite whacky copy editor is currently in last place under Best Mommy Blog (www.inlandempress.com).

    Though I suppose it’s an honor to have beaten out more than 200 other nominees to make the Top 10. Whatever.

    There’s also no less than two guys named Levy under Best Daddy Blogs — one of whom happens to be my husband, at http://www.Dadtalk.net.

    Not that I’m whoring for votes or anything. Okay, yes, I am.


  • You mean, because we’re both in last place? ๐Ÿ˜›

    Kidding! Thanks for the kind words. I intend to vote for your blog on the JIB awards as many times as I can get away with it.

  • You’re both in last place and when I checked it was with precisely the same percentage of the vote.

    Daahlink, you need to find more friends.

  • […] It’s that time of the year again… yes, it is indeed time for the 2005 Jewish Israeli Blog Awards. Last year I was kind of a dick about the whole enterprise. I announced that we didn’t qualify because we weren’t Jewish – we were Mormons with Jew-envy. Apparently lots of folks saw through my stupid ruse and we ended up getting 6 nominations and winning a whole mess o’ JIBs (Best Overall Blog: 3rd place, Best New Blog 2004: 1st Place, Best Group Blog: 2nd Place, Best Designed Blog: 2nd Place, Best Israel Advocacy Blog: 2nd Place, Best Jewish Culture Blog: 3rd Place). Afterwards I kinda felt bad. See, Dave from Israellycool is a totally awesome guy – chill, hard working, super nice and a totally great blogger and podcaster in his own right. I resolved to be far more supportive next time around, and that time would be now. […]

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