Ernst Zundel
Ernst Zundel. Don’t let the door smack your ass on the way out.

Canada to be Zundelrein

Holocaust denier, President of the International Hitler fan club, hate monger and convicted liar Ernst Zundel has finally given up all his legal avenues of appeal and is set to be deported by the Canadian government back to his native Germany. Federal Court of Canada Justice Pierre Blais declared Zundel a danger to Canadian security on friday and hours later Zundel received his deportation order from the Canada Border Services Agency. Barring any last minute shenanigans, Canada will finally be rid of Zundel on Tuesday.

Upon his arrival in Germany where he is wanted on an outstanding warrant for holocaust denial. Zundel will most probably be arrested immediately upon his arrival. He was fined and convicted for a similar offense a few years back and this time around he is likely to receive a substantial jail term.

Read the full story here and here.

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  • No lampshades made from Jews, no soap made from Jews,
    Auschwitz lowered number of dead from 4 million to 1.5 million.
    You are not afraid of the lies , you’re afraid of the TRUTH!

  • Wow, a real anti-Semite on this here site. You guys are big time.

  • Dude. I was at one of Zundel’s trials in Toronto, where he paraded a whole slew of “expert” witnesses. One of them took the assembled Jurors, judge and spectators on a tour of Auschwitz. he made it sound like a Club Med. He even pointed out one building that he claimed served as a bordello used by the residents of Auschwitz. Even Club Med doesn’t have on-site bordellos. I am glad to see Zundel go and I have no fear of the truth.

  • ^^

    Actually, ck, there WAS a bordello, as strange as that might be. PBS recently had a 3 part documentary on Auschwitz. The bordello was set up by the Nazis as a way to reward prisoners. The women in it were other prisoners.

  • You guys seriously never heard of Joy Division? Where do you think the 80s punk band got its name?

    Geez, I guess that dates me.

  • I can’t help but be amazed every time I see a denier like that…It just plain astounds me.

    What worries me is that in our generation the survivers will all pass away and I foresee a huge rise in denial and alot more supposed “Jewish/Zionist plots” to be “exposed” all over again.

  • Anne: The term Joy Division was based on House of Dolls, a book written by Yehiel De-Nur under the nom de plume Ka-Tzetnik 135633. Born Yehiel Finer in Poland in 1917, he spent 2 years in Auschwitz and 135633 was his tattooed concentration camp number. The Joy Division described in his book was a group of Jewish female concentration camp inmates who were used to service troops on the way to the front. These women were fed better than other inmates but if any of them displeased a soldier, that soldier could have them shot. They were enslaved till they died and were sometimes subject to medical experiments.

    However it should be noted that sex with Jews was illegal in the Third Reich. Also, there is no description or record of organized sexual slavery as a service for German solders in any of the historical literature or documentation relating to the Third Reich. It is unlikely that the Joy Division ever existed. It’s really time to put that one to rest once and for all.

    The Manchester band however did exist until the 1980 suicide of its lead singer Ian Curtis. It then reformed as New Order. Yehiel De-Nur, author of The House of Dolls, passed away in 2001 of a heart attack. Ernst Zundel is still in Canada at the Metro West Detention centre… but hopefully not for long. Yay!

  • “Love…Love will tear us apart tonight”

    And thank God for Joy Division. Without ’em we’d have no Jane’s Addiction or My Bloody Valentine.

  • The thought of how Zundel will be treated in a German prison gives me much Joy.

  • Zundel is a strange, pathetic old man. Some of the people around him are scary though. His lawyer, Doug Christie is one of them. He’s a serious big time “macher” among the neo-nazis. They have this group of very educated, politically connected people who sit in the shadows and pull strings. Very dangerous people. I wish the RCMP took them more seriously. Anyhow, I’m glad to see the back of Zundel. He’s been a blight on the landscape for too long.

  • 1989; “Auschwitz Deaths Reduced to a Million,” Daily Telegraph (London), July
    17, 1990; “Poland Reduces Auschwitz Death Toll Estimate to 1 Million,” The
    Washington Times, July 17, 1990.
    Go ahead, look it up.

  • I have just browsed this article and have thrown a few looks over the content of this page. The language employed by both, the forum comentators and the authors of this web page, including the author of the article, and the mockery of Ernst Zundel as expressed by the text accompanying his picture have left me with the impression that you, Jews, are a people showing so little regard for others. Thankfully, here, in my country, Romania, not all people have not fallen for your real attitudes desguised under the premise that you are God’s chosen people and as such, that you are to be respected because you are always doing God’s will. If you were to do so, it would have been recognizable. Sadly, that is not the case. If you have anything to say, say it.

    Thank you

  • Absolutely disgusting. You openly state your satisfaction for having Zundel tortured in Germany with a clear display of hatred towards him. Well, this tells me that what I used to believe about Jews as being God’s chosen people was false. I think you belong to God’s opposite. May God have mercy on you!

  • Uh … despite my extreme revulsion for Mr. Zundel, I have never called for his torture. A quick perusal of the Amnesty International Web site makes no mention of toture in German jails. Mr. Zundel has been found guilty of crimes and like anyone else who commits crimes, he will have to face Justice. It’s that simple.

    You may want to note that Jews are just like everyone else – we are not a homogenous lot or a racially distinct group. If I did say something offensive about Ernst (and I don’t really think I did), it is in my capacity as an individual. Jews rarely, if ever, speak with one voice and I am no representative of the Jewish world. But thanks for visiting Jewlicious and sharing your concerns with us!

  • I committed suicide in 1945 and therefore have no comment to make. Love the internet, though…

  • I was going to put a Joy Division bumper sticker on my car. But from reading on this website what those two words refer to, I won’t put it on my car. I don’t want anyone to mistake me for being an anti-Semite. Thanks.

  • Thought I should correct my English. I meant to say, “I don’t want anybody to mistake me for an anti-Semite.”

  • The internet is causing your Holcaust House of Cards to fall. Nobody believes you Jews & your lies anymore.

  • Those who gloat over Zundel’s incarceration and deportation sound like concentration camp guards.

    To them I would say this: you may relish this old mans suffering, as Hollywood keeps telling us, the German concentration camp guards once enjoyed the misery of the Jewish concentration camp inmates.

    But remember this: what goes around comes around and Iran is on the brink of developing nuclear weapons and has the means to deliver them, via the Shaheen III, to Israel. So don’t gloat or laugh at this old man’s persecution – you may just invite the sort of fiery retribution that Hitler once dreamed of. Its called Karma and it may be about to be visited on Israel.

    And then you are going to see plenty of melted Jewish fat.

    As they say: Enjoy!

  • I guess that great builder of Auschwitz was one of the allied conspirtors…Rudolph Hoss admits what Auschwitz was. Not to mention the murderous thugs they brought from German prisons to be block seniors. Also, I might add, documented by the Germans themselves.

  • I am of German descent on my father’s side and I have to say that I hope they hunt down every single one of the monsters who participated willingly (I realize some did not) in this horrific assault on humanity (The Holocaust – How can anyone deny it happened?) and bring them to justice. If they can be treated in the same manner that they themselves treated their victims, then so be it.