Natalie PortmanSomeone’s skipping class on Mount Scopus

Natalie Portman, despite rumors that due to her intense shyness, was not going to show up at the Oscars, did indeed make it! Nice dress. She’s up for a best supporting actress Oscar for her role in Closer. Let’s wish her luck.

Cate Blanchett in Aviator is the favorite to win, but ya never know, right? I hope someone’s taking notes for her while she’s gone.

Hopefully her little kanoodeling scene at the Kotel will not earn her divine wrath. At least she looks nice – hardly any Jewelry except for a pair of tasteful diamond studs, and who can argue with that neckline? Just don’t try to wear that at the kotel Natalie.

Fellow Jewess Scarlett Johansen also looked fetching. Yes. She IS Jewish on her mother’s side.

Note: Natalie did indeed lose to Cate. Oh well. “It was an honor just to be nominated…”

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  • Uh, the standards of “boobies” seems to have been set by the folks who run this site. I believe an entire post/comments was dedicated to how Jewlicious cornered the “jewish boobies” niche and was proud to do so. And judging by what one can see on the net, Jewlicious’ decision to remain in the chestal area is very tzniut.

  • Poor Nat, and her shyness. As her thong-clad butt mooned the camera in Closer, all I could think of was her shyness. As I read the article in Entertainment Weekly, wherein she reveals that she gave a necklace to Julia Roberts that read “C_nt” and that Julia gave her one at the end of filming that read “Lil’ C_nt,” I thought to myself, “self, what a shy, classy nice Jewish girl that Natalie is…”

  • Uh, I wasn’t proud of the Google ranking. Just kinda startled at the things people type into Google that leads them here. Some of the stuff is really strange, what can I say.

  • Usually I admire Natalie Portman for her acting, her character, her support for Israel, and her animal-friendliness, but this is too much. I’m disappointed in her too, Esther. I also lost alot of respect for her.

  • my friend who hangs out with her says she’s done with her year abroad and going back to the states after she finishes the movie she’s working on

  • Ya’ll got to stop drinking the haterade! Natalie is da bomb! She is number one AND a Queen of the star wars variety.

  • I agree with Esther and Tracy. I know that our sages talk a lot about lashon hara, and rightly so. What about “klam zifr” (foul language- in Arabic- I don’t know the Hebrew equivalent)?- that is also debasing to the person who speaks it. Especially in that women are held to a higher standard in that respect (ie. they are expected not to use foul language), and they usually live up to such a standard.

  • Don’t get me wrong, guys. I support Nat’s right to smooch Kotelside, and she is a terrific actress (should have been nominated and won hands down for The Professional, when she was 14). And she was great in Closer. And of course, what kind of Star Wars megafan would I be if I didn’t support the mother of protfeminist-cinnamon-buns-as-coiffure heroine Princess Leia?

    But you boys have to let her go. She’s not gonna marry you. (Remember the Elle magazine article where she said she’s not even looking to marry a Jew?) And neither is Winona Ryder (Horowitz). If I have to embrace my non-future as Mrs. Jeremy Piven (or Mrs. Zach Braff), then you’ve gotta swallow the reality pill too, my brothas.

    Gotta go. I’ve got to get to the drycleaners and pick up my gold bikini.

  • Oh, phew. I thought this was going to be a post about me!

    (kidding, of course, but not really about the skipping class part)

    Natalie can do whatever the hell she wants after The Professional, Beautiful Girls, and Garden State.

    Nice greek goddess look she’s got going there. But as for “boobies”…. where? (disclaimer: no hatin’ here. she’s purty as ever.)

  • In the end, we must turn to David Mamet and Perry Farrell – famous Yids, alive today, who carry the torch of Torah (sorta, Perry intermarried) and celebrity.

  • She defended Israel in a letter to the editor of a newspaper at Harvard, after there were biased articles written on the subject. She may not always live up to her media-given image as the beautiful nice, pure, work-aholic academic, sweet Jewish girl from Long Island. She may in fact decide to marry a gentile, thats certainly her right not to limit the pool of men she may choose to be with. However, she is proud of her heritage and dedicated to her family and close friends. I don’t think her behavior is any different from a lot of young women, in comparison you might say shes a breath of fresh air. So she has a sense of wicked sense of humor. big whoop!

  • When I was single there were two types of people I’d avoid dating:
    Actors (female)

    If I did, I my dates with accountants were B-O-R-I-N-G and actors were fun but vacuous. Think of it, these are people who, for the most part, choose to act like other people for the rest of their lives. Directors I get…Screenplay writers as well, but actors??? Not sure why we’d care if they’d light shabbos candles or not.

    And to all those who are currently acting, or would like to, yes I know there are exceptions ot every rule, and I do awknowledge that there are some stable, bright actors out there. I’m talking about the great majority of ’em though.

  • I dunno, of the two Jewish best supporting actress nominees, I think Sophie Okonedo is the cuter…

  • Sophie Okonedo?!! EEW!
    The hotness of Natalie and her boobies prevails!

  • I don’t know people, I still think there’s nothing sexier than natural Jewish woman, caked in muck, in their shopping mall purcahsed bikinis, hanging out at the Dead Sea. Is this so wrong?

  • Sophie Okonedo is Jewish? Sources, please. Until I see them, I’m assuming this is a joke. If it’s real, very cool.

    Portman is “proud of her heritage” but has no qualms about marrying out? Can someone explain to me how these two things are compatible? She’s pretty enough, but she really needs to eat something, and a lot of it, fast.

    I heard that Scarlett Johnassen is a MOT through her mother. Cool, if true, but I need sources, people.

  • Oh, OK. Not so bad.

    Also, I have heard that Halle Berry’s mother is Jewish. Anbody know for sure?

  • this is what my dad says about when i get married… he says that i can date whomever i want to, but when i get married i have to convert him. lol

  • Steve:

    Thanks. Very good to know. I can always use more stuff to win bar bets.

    The Johanssen link didn’t work, though.

  • Wierd, the link works for me.

    Anyway, Johansson is not completely certain. I only found the one link and the Jewhoo guys don’t seem to know about her.

    I only spent a few minutes looking though.

  • I’m perfectly willing to believe it, ck. I just don’t think “this dude ck on this blog called Jewlicious said so” will cut it when I make my next bet to see who pays for the next pitcher, you know?

  • Honestly, there aren’t many things Muffti finds more pathetic than sitting around saying ‘Famous person X has a jewish father? Holy shit! That’s soooo awesome. I had noooooooo idea!’

    For what it’s worth, though, ck really does know stuff like this. He bored Muffti nearly to death telling him every time someone we some jewish lineage came on TV back in the old days.

  • Really? As I recall all you ever watched was The Simpsons, like 6 times a day …

  • More importantly, Ephraim, you should tell your friends at the bar that ck at a site called Jewlicious told ya. Maybe we can generate more traffic that way. 🙂

  • OK, ck, thanks.

    No, Mufti, I don’t sit around worrying about who has a Jewish father (a Jewish mother on the other hand, is important). I sit around making bets and getting gentiles and uninformed Jews to buy me free beer.

    Now I just need to confirm the rumor that Halle Berry’s mother is Jewish and I will never have to buy another beer as long as I live.

  • Muffti is amused and appologizes to Ephraim. That is the best reason ever to be ck-like in your knowledge of jewdom. And Shtremiel, your post about who you like to date was really funny! Muffti’s never dated an accountant; he’s not ever sure where you would go to meet one. But after your post, you can be sure he’ll not bother trying.

  • That’s right Esther, Jeremy and Zach are MINE! I’m their ticket to Canadian citizenship while Bush is still in office. In my mind, anyhow.

    Natalie might not be looking to marry a Jew but it doesn’t mean it won’t happen.
    The guy that I’ve just gotten involved with is Jewish but it wasn’t intentional. We met through non-Jewish friends in a non-Jewish context and the only reason Judaism has played a part is that it’s something else that we have common and gives us more to talk about. The fact that I’m dating Jewish again is just weird (even though I’m proud of my heritage- yes, it’s possible Ephraim).

    Re. Nat’s boobs: Does she HAVE boobs in that dress? I mean, I know she has them but the dress makes her look flat chested. She’d be one of my girl crushes except that she looks too “little sister”.

  • “Portman is “proud of her heritage” but has no qualms about marrying out? Can someone explain to me how these two things are compatible? She’s pretty enough, but she really needs to eat something, and a lot of it, fast.

    Comment by Ephraim — 2/28/2005 @ 8:25 pm”

    —My mother married a Protestant man but made sure it was understood her children were to be raised Jewish, sending us to religious instruction and attending synagogue. Even though she “married out” she is proud of heritage and observant. You can be both proud of your heritage and celebrate it but also embrace others outside the faith.

    Love doesn’t always coincide with religious laws, and you shouldn’t deny yourself being with someone because of religious differences, nor should you have to try to change them. Natalie Portman obviously has ties to her people and the land she was born in. She pointed out in that letter to the Harvard paper that Jews and Muslims are ancestral cousins not born enemies. She has the right attitude.

  • Streimal–About dating an actor? Funny that you think they’re shallow. While I haven’t dated any, I’d think actors would have to be intuitive and interested in what other people have to say. I mean, it’s not like they make up their characters’ characteristics…they have to have picked them up from somewhere.
    And I really don’t like Natalie’s dress at all. For someone with a beautiful body, it’s a disgrace to make it look that bad. But at least she wore jewelry for her age. Unlike this Jewish actress whose jewelry was waaaaaaaay too much for her age.

  • “Funny that you think they’re shallow”
    OH CMON!!!!! Look, by day I’m a shrink, and I’ll be the first to admit that many of the stereotypes of shrinks are rooted in some form of reality. I also did biz school for 4 years. Same thing there. Within a very short time you can pick out the Marketing majors, Finance majors and Accounting Majors.

    I also play guitar and have been in a few bands. Lead singers, drummers, bass players and guitarists definitely have different personalities. For instance, drummers are often crazy. Not like a lead singer crazy (that’s put on for the media). No, I mean like a really, really crazy.

    Let’s take male webdesigners tho. In general, I find there physical features to have one or both of the following traits:

    Loss of hair (or losing it)

    And yes there’s exceptions to every rule.

  • To Gary H….

    You say: “Love doesn’t always coincide with religious laws, and you shouldn’t deny yourself being with someone because of religious differences.”

    Why shouldn’t you deny yourself in such a case? I deny myself many foods and restaurants, even though my gastronomical desires definitely don’t coincide with kashrut laws. A man or woman should deny himself or herself anyone but his or her (man, gender-neutral language is a pain) spouse, even if his or her desires are aroused by another. The whole point of religion could be (don’t jump on me here…I said “could be”) going beyond one’s personal desires for something much larger. Why shouldn’t love be included?

    Don’t think that I’m not a romantic. It’s just that Americans are raised in a cultural “cult of love,” in which Love is the universally agreed-upon highest authority. Judaism doesn’t hold that way, for good or for bad. Sometimes, even Love should take a back seat to more important principles. In the case of the Catholic priesthood, that higher principle is focusing on ministering to one’s flock. For a pedophile, that higher principle is basic morality and law. For Jews, that higher principle is the difficult, but important role we are to play in the world. It ain’t easy. But that’s the way it is.

    So, there’s nothing wrong with questioning Ms. Portman’s logic. She may be “proud of her heritage.” But, if she really sees a value to the whole Jewish endeavor, she would understand the necessity of finding someone who shares that viewpoint.

  • I thought Emmy Rossum’s outfit was very nice, the jewelry in particlar. Elegant and understated. But, yes, perhaps a little matronly for some. However, whoever thinks that is “too much jewlery” obviously didn’t see the chandeliers-by-way-of-earrings that Beyonce was wearing.

    In the interests of full disclosure, I am the product of a mixed marriage and my wife is a giyoret, so I am not opposed to the idea of race-mixing. Keeps the “chai” in the “Am Israel”, you know what I’m saying? I should also point out that I am Orthodox, so my views on how mixed mariages should work out should be fairly obvious: convert first, marry later.

    While it is possible to maintain some kind of Jewish identity while being intermarried, it is not possible to be properly observant, at least in an Orthodox sense. For those who are not Orthodox and do not subscribe to the Orthodox views on marriage and conversion, of course, this will be neither here nor there. However, I speak from personal experience when I say that it is extremely difficult to maintain a real connection to the Jewish people, Torah and mitzvot when you are intermarried or are a product of an intermarriage. I love my parents dearly, but Torah was not exactly high on their list of priorities. My mother’s sister also married out, and of a total of eight cousins, only two of us have any real connecton to Yiddishkeit to speak of. I know any number of converts each one of whom is worth ten Jews like the ones in my family, so to the extent that intermarriage leads to proper conversion, Torah and mitzvot, I am all for it. But, of course, if the gentile converts properly before marrying, it is not really intermarriage, is it?

    In any case, I am opposed to the type of lazy religious syncretism that all too often prevails in mixed marriages, since the children usually wind up getting a religious mishegoss that often is comprised of the worst of both worlds. Speaking from personal experience, it just confuses the kids. Judaism is not really compatible with any other religion, Christianity in particular.

    Of course, the Pintele Yid is unpredictable. No one knows when, where, or who it will strike. However, marying another Jew is the best way to even the odds.

  • i always thought i was more of a llama shaver but i think you might be onto something shtreimel.

  • Ephraim: “I thought Emmy Rossum’s outfit was very nice, the jewelry in particlar. Elegant and understated. But, yes, perhaps a little matronly for some. However, whoever thinks that is “too much jewlery” obviously didn’t see the chandeliers-by-way-of-earrings that Beyonce was wearing.”

    Hold up!

    Beyonce is in her twenties and has the body of a woman.
    Emmy Rossum is about 17 or so with a waif of a body. Rubies surrounded by diamonds–way too much! No one should wear that until they’re at least in their 30’s, and even then not really. Her dress was nice, but that jewelry, I mean, the internet doesn’t even do it justice. I watched about five minutes of the red carpet and saw her and my first reaction was shock that she was let out of her house wearing that stuff.
    Jewelry requires taste and restraint.

  • Beyonce may be woman enough to wear somejewelry, (and she is a woman, definitely) but, c’mon.

    Of course, I’m not a woman, so I don’t know from jewelry. I thouhgt Emmy looked nice and I thought Beyonce looked tacky.

    But I’ve always been partial to rubies and diamonds, no mater whow wears them.

  • Let’s take male webdesigners tho. In general, I find there physical features to have one or both of the following traits:

    Loss of hair (or losing it)

    That’s me to a T. I weigh 360 pounds, I’m 5 foot 4 and I have been balding since I was 15. Man shtreimel. You have such amazing insite!

  • Hey CK,

    You might be one of the “exceptions”. But most of my friends who manipulate pixels for a living…look like my description. Why? A few not so very psychodynamic reasons:

    1) Weight: Because they sit on their asses way too much and don’t get enough exercise
    2) Hair: We all know that those who can’t compete with their looks find other careers where their talents can shine without being judged by their looks. Computers have alwasy appealed to this type of individual. Think: PROGRAMMER.

    Hey, I love web design and digital audio design as much as the next geek. So this ain’t a slam. Just an observation.

  • Fuzz,

    Why would you want my opinion on arranged marriages? It hardly seems relevant to the question at hand. Nonetheless, I seem to like to hear the sound of my own fingers type, so…

    Arranged marriages (noting that I’ve never had a marriage arranged for myself nor arranged one for anyone else) don’t seem so bad if both parties agree to having a marriage arranged and agree to the arrangement. In other words: “Sure, you can arrange a marriage for me, but I have to like her and she has to like me.” Its not something I would submit to (what with being married and not in any sort of community that would think to arrange one), but it definitely has its benefits. What benefits? Well, consider that most Americans marry for love (which is fine), and at least half of those marriages end in divorce (which bites). I would argue that we Americans have horribly misplaced expectations of what we will get out of a marriage. People wait around into their mid and late thirties for Mr. or Ms. Perfect. Our utterly romantic ideal says that there is one person out there who is our soul mate, and we must find him or her to be happy. The value is personal happiness in a relationship. In arranged marriages, the value is the marriage itself. The goal is (or should be) to grow to love the person as a true part of yourself, strengthening the marriage over time. It expects a certain level of learning and compromise and growth of love, not eternal wedded bliss. The bliss grows after the wedding instead of heading downhill as soon as vows are exchanged.

    Sound less romantic? Maybe. But think of it this way. Its not that everyone has one person out there with whom they are meant to be forever. You would never know when or if you got the right one. Instead, believe that the moment you get married, you and your spouse BECOME the one person who was always out there for each other. That you made the commitment of marriage is what makes you soulmates. And, as confirmed soulmates, you should stick together through thick and thin. That fact is easier to understand from the perspective of arranged marriage. If people, arranged or not, understood it, there would probably be less divorce.

  • No dude. You’re totally right! For instance, you can see the rest of the people that work at our office pushing pixels at this web site (upitty shiksa top left) . Also here’s some more fat, bald, anti social folks that work at my office: She is SOOO fat!. And so bald. Definitely anti-social. And laya worked at our office too. You know what she’s like. Feh.

  • Speaking of “feh”, one of my fantasies is a threesome with Joan & Melissa Rivers…

  • Watch out Nat–

    Emily Rossum will upstage you in every way…

    It would seem that 2004, the year of her 18th birthday, will be remembered as pivotal for Emmy Rossum due to her appearance in two very different films, The Day After Tomorrow (2004) and The Phantom of the Opera (2004). Emmy’s performance in the latter film gained her a Golden Globe nomination, and should assure that she will be a memorable presence in many films to come.

    Being born and raised in New York City provided Emmy with the perfect place to start her professional career. After passing an audition at the Metropolitan Opera when she was 7 years old, she performed in over 20 operas in six different languages at Lincoln Center, alongside figures such as Plácido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti. She was directed by Franco Zeffirelli in “Carmen.” She left the opera when entering her teenage years, as she had grown too tall to perform as a child. Emmy also appeared in a Carnegie Hall presentation of “The Damnation of Faust.”

    In a change of venue, Emmy created the role of Abigail Williams in the daytime soap opera “As the World Turns” (1956) in 1999 and branched out in performances in the made-for-television movies Genius (1999) (TV) and The Audrey Hepburn Story (2000) (TV) in which she played the title character as a young teenager. Other television work included “Snoops” (1999) , “Law & Order” (1990) and “The Practice” (1997).

    Emmy made her theatrical feature debut in the indie Songcatcher (2000) which won the Special Jury Award for Outstanding Ensemble Performance at the Sundance Film Festival in January, 2000. Rossum received an Independent Spirit Award nomination in the category of Best Debut Performance for her performance as an Appalachian orphan. She played an aspiring songwriter (the title character) in the romantic comedy Nola (2003). Cast as the ill-fated daughter of a small-business owner in Clint Eastwood’s Mystic River (2003) she projected an aura of innocence that made her tragic death memorable and heartbreaking. This was her first major studio film. After 6 months of filming her role as the fresh-faced but highly intelligent heroine of The Day After Tomorrow in Montreal, the 16 year old returned to New York and screen-tested for the role of Christine in The Phantom of the Opera in full costume and make-up and was finally selected for the part by Andrew Lloyd Webber after singing for him at his home. Although surprised to be chosen ahead of many better-known and older actresses considered for the part, the combination of her vulnerable, fragile beauty and fine, classically-trained singing voice ultimately proved that she was perfectly cast. In preparation for the role she took ballet classes for two months and started polishing her singing. Emmy has commented that in her approach to acting she draws heavily upon her own experiences, so she visited locations in Paris and conjured up what she a terms “past memories” to draw upon in making her performance emotionally realistic. She stood on the roof of the Opera Garnier where Christine sings “All I Ask of You” and went underneath the opera house where there is actually a gloomy, dark lake. She studied Degas’ paintings of ballerinas in the Musee d’Orsay to learn how to stand like one.

    Emmy attended the private Spence School in Manhattan through the 7th grade, and then finished high school using tutors and the Internet (through Stanford University). She is now enrolled at Columbia University and has already completed a course in art history, being inspired by her study of Degas in Paris.


    IMDb mini-biography by
    Brian Greenhalgh

    Attended the Spence School in Manhattan, an elite private girls school that was also attended by Gwyneth Paltrow.

    Has appeared in 20 different operas singing in five languages.

    Had never seen the stage version of The Phantom of the Opera prior to filming it.

    First appeared on stage at age seven when she was chosen to join the New York Metropolitan’s opera.

    Is a trained opera singer.

    At seven years old, Emmy Rossum made $5 a night at the Metropolitan Opera singing with the children’s choir. According to her, “There were horses onstage that were getting $150.”

    For her audition for the Metropolitan Opera, she was asked to sing Happy Birthday. She was only seven years old.

    Shares the same date of birth as Yao Ming, Linda Gray and Edgar L. Davis.

    Her father is a banker and her mother is a corporate photographer.

    Took cooking classes at the Le Cordon Bleu in London.

    In preparation for her role in Phantom of the Opera, she attended a seance at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britian where a medium talked to her about her late grandmother.

    Won Best Young Actress in 2004 Critic’s Choice Awards

    She obtained her high school diploma online via a Stanford University program.

  • Wow, I’m a phantom-ophile (before the current bandwagon–sheesh, now I sound like an underground groupie), but that was a ton of info! I also thought Emmy looked classy and Beyonce looked classless–in most of the ensembles. In relation to a comment someone made about trying to increase traffic—-I’m doing my part: I got nominated to put my bio in Who’s Who of American People (you know, the big ol’ books that no one buys and no one reads). In the part that asks for hobbies, one of the things I put was: scanning blogs on If they accept my bio, I hope they keep that in there, mostly because I think it is hysterical to shove among the pages of pedantic preening (my own included)!

  • Ok CK…ok, enough already. I get it. But if you take every webdesigner in Montreal, line ’em up against a wall, they will prove my point 80-90% of the time. The othe 10% will be represented by that hottie you’ve got working for you. WOW.

  • Hey CK,
    Are you friendly with any of the PlankDesign (they do all the Michael Moore stuff) folks in Montreal? My friend runs the joint.

  • Okay, will somebody please explain how this post got 63 hits, while my Palestinians in London and Sad Story posts got almost bupkus?

  • T_M! You consider my comments bupkus! I’m terribly insulted.

    As for how this got 60+ hits…some of us are apparently in serious need for some social lives. 🙂

  • shtreimel: Of course I’ve read about the Plank Design guys. Given that they do Michael Moore’s stuff, that might explain your notions about Web designers ….

  • Yeah, yeah…actually my buddy contacted Moore before he was the masturbatory poster child for the Left. CK, you’re in Montreal, no?

    “in serious need for some social lives. ”
    With blogs, you get all the benefits of a realtionship without the cleanup.

  • Scratch that question, I just your 514 code on Shmatas. Which shul do you do your shuckling at?

  • Well you can call me at that number. Besides, if we add too many more comments to this Natalie Portman story, T_M is gonna cry. But just so that this is a legitimate comment, let me add that Natalie Portman, in a recent interview with Access Hollywood, acknowledged that her controversial Kotel kiss was a mistake:

    I really don’t want to offend anyone’s beliefs or impose anything on anyone and it was mistaken to do it … As soon as it offended people, we moved … We had a very hectic work schedule, so we weren’t thinking. We shouldn’t have done it.

  • I spent four years living in the Plateau. And while I love those Chassidim, they sure have a way with words. A non-Jewish couple I know were kissing on Fairmount and????, a Chassidic lady leaned out the window and yelled: “WHORE!!!”.

  • fineline – i was asking about arranged marriage not as an attack in any way, but more like thinkingout loud. i found it interesting that you pointed out that the american faith in love working out really hasn’t worked out. considering that my grandparents didn’t marry out of love at first sight (or some other variant) and have yet managed to still stay together compared to the current life expectancy of current romantic marriages, i think there is something there. however as you point out, people ave to agree to it, and if you’re in love w/ someone else other than designated fiance(e) then this agreement is might not always be easy to come about.

  • Well I read the post. It was exhaustive, well written and fun to read. I don’t know what more I could have added. But you know, comments mean nothing really. It’s not like each comment is a vote or something. Look at the comments generated by out Muffti Always Disapproved of This Policy. Do you realize that he misspelt disapproved in the title and I had to fix that? Let’s not even talk about the cogency of the opinions presented … I have no idea why Natalie Portman is generating so much traffic ….

  • Speaking of movies (were we?), best tear-jerker Jewish sleeper movie is…
    Unstrung Heroes. Bring kleenex.

  • “I’m tired of the shenanigans of that crew at Jewschool”

    As am I. But I learned things from your posts.

  • fuzz: That was the first photo available on minutes after she appeared on the red carpet. That was the only consideration.

  • Dina, your comments made my day…especially since you were among the very very very few to comment. I meant bupkus relative to a post about Natalie Portman’s hidden breasts.

  • CK, It’s friggin 12:30 AM over there. I’ll call tomorrow. Do you know Simon Bensimon at Hillel? He’s an old buddy of mine. And I’ve got some funny stories about Dan Hundert, the ghetto shul rav….I was his USY (yes, that’s right, USY) advisor.

  • I am up and will be up for a long long time. I’ve known Simon forever and even spoke to him today. Leibish (Dan) is a very cool guy and awesome Rabbi. USY? Sheesh.

  • Ask Simon about the time we (he’ll tell you my name when you relay the story) went to midnight mass with Ruthie S., and as soon as the priest asked people to kneel, Simon whispers: “Ok, lets make a run for it before they figure out who we are”.

    Yeah, Dan’s an awesome guy. And his buddy Manny – currently in Jerusalem I think – is also pretty cool. But there was a time, and not so long ago, when they were proud of their commie ways. Wow, talk about a morphing.

  • This thread is out of control. You’ve covered everything from Oscars to intermarriage, and thrown in some USY advisors and imdb bios for good measure.

    One thing is certain: Next time I’m lucky enough to be in Jerusalem with a significant other, the Kotel’s first on my list of places to canoodle with my honey. Believe me, God would want me to.

  • ck, only pedants sit around worrying about spelling and then whine about having to fix it. And if you can’t recognize quality opinions, Muffti can’t help ya. Here’s the Muffti’s contribution to making this lame ass post about some crappy awards show number 1 🙂

  • Yay Natalie. Way to reprezent. Let’s hope dating non-Jews, and specifically non-Jewish Frenchmen is a thing of the past.

  • Natasha Lyonne is the “anti-Natalie”! Can I get some ‘props’ for this wild-child? She’s a risk-taker and can truly act…but for cheap titillation, we see her frequent boobie-liciousness in “The Slums of Beverly Hills”. Aside from which, the film should be required viewing for its gritty depiction of lower-middle-class schnooks in the 1980’s period. And what a cast–Jews playing Jews, no less.

    More about Natasha who revels in her Jewlicious-ness:

    Dated & lived with actor Edward Furlong. [1998-2000]

    Dated Adam Goldberg. [2001]

    Attended Yeshiva high school in Manhattan, where she acted in a school production of “The Magic Garden.”

    Arrested by Miami Beach police on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol, careless driving and leaving the scene of an accident. Her rented Dodge ran off the road into a traffic sign. She was arrested about 1:45am and released after posting a bond during the day. Her statement to the arresting officer was, “I’m a movie star. Can I talk to my entertainment lawyer?” [28 August 2001]

    Was lesser known in the 1980s as ‘Little Opal’ on “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” (1986).

    Father, Aaron Braunstein, is a former boxing promoter and racing car driver.

    She and her family briefly lived in Israel (where she filmed A Man Called Sarge (1990)). After her parents divorced, she moved back to New York with her mother and brother while her father remained in Israel.

    Rufus Wainwright’s song “Natasha” is written about her.

    Films include:

    Max and Grace (2005) …. Grace
    Robots (2005) (voice) …. Loretta Geargrinder
    Blade: Trinity (2004) …. Sommerfield
    Madhouse (2004) …. Alice
    America Brown (2004) …. Vera
    Die, Mommie, Die (2003) …. Edith Sussman
    Party Monster (2003) …. Brooke
    Night at the Golden Eagle (2002) …. Amber
    ZigZag (2002) …. Jenna
    Comic Book Villains (2002) (V) …. Judy
    Kate & Leopold (2001) …. Darci
    The Grey Zone (2001) …. Rosa
    American Pie 2 (2001) …. Jessica
    Scary Movie 2 (2001) …. Megan Voorhees
    Fast Sofa (2001) …. Tamara Jenson
    Plan B (2001/I) …. Kaye
    If These Walls Could Talk 2 (2000) (TV) …. Jeanne
    The Auteur Theory (1999) …. Rosemary Olson – Finalist
    But I’m a Cheerleader (1999) …. Megan Bloomfield
    Freeway II: Confessions of a Trickbaby (1999) …. White Girl/Crystal Van Meuther
    Detroit Rock City (1999) …. Christine
    American Pie (1999) …. Jessica
    Modern Vampires (1998) …. Rachel
    Slums of Beverly Hills (1998) …. Vivian Abromowitz
    Krippendorf’s Tribe (1998) …. Shelly Krippendorf
    Everyone Says I Love You (1996) …. D.J. Berlin
    Dennis the Menace (1993) …. Polly
    A Man Called Sarge (1990) (as Natasha Leon) …. Arab Girl
    “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” (1986) TV Series …. Opal (1986-1987)
    Heartburn (1986) (uncredited) …. Rachel’s Niece

  • Natasha Lyonne is the anti-Natalie! Can we get some ‘props’ for this superior actress…she’s daring and beautiful…plays it straight, plays it campy, plays it with reckless abandon. Remember her breakthrough performance as Vivian Abromowitz in “The Slums of Beverly Hills.’ This movie stands out as an ironic indictment of the Jewlicious-ness obsession with monetary success, and the disdain which is held for the poor struggling schlubs who can’t seem to make it without a rich relative nearby to bail them out with a handout! Rent this one, if you haven’t already.

  • Slums of Beverly Hills was excellent. Definitely rent it – even if you have already seen it. As for poor struggling schlubs I know a thing or two about that … 1st hand.

  • She is also apparantly sucking on a crack pipe these days in Alphabet City…Or so I read on Gawker!

  • I’m Israeli and i travel in similair circles as natalie. she parties with a lot of american kids and from the stories i heard she is not shy. she basically molested a guy freind of mine (not that he didn’t enjoy it)