SarahDon’t worry!

That’s right, Sarah Jessica Parker, 40, famous for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City will be back on HBO soon. Parker’s production company, Pretty Matches Productions and HBO inked a deal to develop basically, whatever TV project Parker can come up with. Parker stated:

I’m overjoyed to be able to officially call HBO my creative home, and I’m excited to continue one of the most rewarding and inspiring collaborations I’ve had the privilege to experience.

I have no idea what Parker’s next big television project will be. Hopefully it will not involve making women look stupid while they discuss insipid things and drink weanie cocktails.

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  • Of course he has. What do you expect from someone who can’t enjoy Arik Einstein?

  • Muffti didn’t realize that sex in city had a point. He thought it was there to prove that if you make the clothing dramatic enough women will watch a television show religiously for seasons on end despite the stock, one dimensional characters, the shockingly bad writing, and, well, the weanie cocktails.

    (This isn’t really meant to be a rip on women…men will watch crap for years on end as well.)

  • Hang on there, Muffti. I have my issues with SATC, but the writing is not one of them. In fact, I’m more likely to point to the writing as the “chiddush” instead of the clothes. Since I’m not a big fashion chick, that alone would not have drawn me in no matter how many appletinis I drink. It was precisely the (nuanced, multi-dimensional) characters and the (clever, spot-on) writing that did it. Sorry if that’s not philosophical enough for you. Next time I’ll try to throw in references to Kant somewhere.

    That said, I’m not the biggest SJP fan right now. Those GAP ads must go away, now, before they destroy our society.

  • Muffti bows out gracefully. Esther is a skilled writer while Muffti is a hack. He still doesn’t much like the SATC writing but that probably just his ignorance. Nor does he find SATC very funny, but perhaps his sense of humour just sucks. He does spend all his time speaking in the third person after all. His only real evidence is that he’s hung out with a lot of girls and noticed the only thing they commonly like about SATC is, well, the fashion.

  • I watched Sex and the City religously and still do, and am not ashamed to admit it despite being a guy. I thought the writing was wonderful and the plot lines were comical. Each episode showed New York City as a sort of fantasty world where everyone lives on the Upper East Side, dresses in expensive outfits, takes glamourous horse and buggy rides through Central Park, is always able to afford the most pricey and fabulous bags and shoes, and is also able to get into the most exclusive clubs and nightspots. In addition you seemed to have friends who listened to you and supported you through whatever, the most intimate details of your life were no secret to them. The stories while although not realistic were more accurate in some situations of dating life in Manhattan. I love Sex and the City and would welcome any new Sarah Jessica project.

    But one question still irks me: how exactly is this story Jewlicious?