ZvikaMossad Agent Captured Eichmann

Peter Malchin, the Mossad agent who captured Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann in Argentina has died in New York at age 77. He will be buried at Kiryat Shaul cemetery at 11 am Israel time, today. Malchin’s carreer with Mossad spanned 27 years and involved many different operations including an operation against Nazi nuclear rocket scientists who assisted an Egyptian weapons development program after World War II. Although most of his missions remain state secrets, he will always be remembered for his role in the capture of Eichmann.

He said his interrogations of Eichmann were freakishly revealing, as when he confronted Eichmann about the death of Mr. Malkin’s nephew in Poland: “My sister’s boy, my favorite playmate, he was just your son’s age. Also blond and blue-eyed, just like your son. And you killed him … Mr. Malkin wrote: “Genuinely perplexed by the observation, he actually waited a moment to see if I would clarify it. ‘Yes,’ he said finally, ‘but he was Jewish, wasn’t he?’

Another thing Malchin noted about Eichmann was that the war criminal spoke fluent Hebrew:

Malchin considered killing Eichmann after the Nazi began reciting the Shema. “I wanted to murder him when he said the same prayer that millions of Jews recited before they were burned up in the crematoriums.”

Malchin leaves behind his wife Roni and three children. Rest in peace Zvika. You did good.

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