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Subliminal Interview
Rolling Stone

Good show! That’s me and Subliminal and me and the shadow (in a tribute to moby’s hat) chillin’ at the after party. Israeli rappers Subliminal and the Shadow will be playing in New York City tonight – their last show in North America before heading off to the European leg of their tour. I have to say it was heartening to see all the Israeli flags and oversize magen Davids. The ironic thing was that all that love of Israel sentiment was being projected to and by an audience made up mostly of yordim and their children. Whatever – I had a good time and when we all song Hatikvah it was sweet. For a group fronted by someone that some people call a war mongering fascist, they sure did sing a lot of songs about peace. They also performed in Hebrew, English, French and Arabic – there was definitely a strong Mizrachi influence and few ashkenazim were to be seen (except for the usual gang from the Ghetto Shul and Hillel). Anyhow, click on if you want to see a couple more pics from the show.



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  • The Ghetto shul..OMG that made my day – too funny! Wow i want to go to that shul, i think this is going to amuse me for quite a while..

    And you sure got up n close to them..that subliminal picture is just slightly too close

  • Maybe a stupid question, but are they twins?

    Know this: my ulpan machberet that I got at the Arad Mall junkshop has them on the cover – didn’t know they were big enough to already be in the used bin, didja?

  • Wow CK, you look so gansta in your baby blue shirt and hat. When did you grow the beard and get rid of your glasses? And that Subliminal dude looks pretty dorky.

  • OK, boys. Back to your corners. Sure, Subliminal’s bringin’ tha bling, and has the rapper hand gestures dizz-own, but he’s clearly frontin’–I think CK looks supa-fly in his superblogger-undercover hat and urban misanthrope vest.

  • Hmmm, so I clicked on the link and heard this guy for the first time. He’s very good. Is his album that went gold in the U.S. in English or in Hebrew?

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  • Where can I find the photos from that Subliminal show at the Metropolis? I was there, and they took a pic of my BF and I and I’d sure like to see it. They announced the website at the show, but I missed it. Man, that was a great show though. Who was the girl? She was amazing, sounded even better than on the album…

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  • yo imen, DAM sucks they hate jews nd shit. if u a jew hater then fine listen to those paki dicks. but just know that subliminal rules the fukin world.

    sublimnal deee besst dawg ight?

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