woody and suicide gal
Woody: Mmmmm
Suicide Girl: Ewww. Who the hell is that? Henry Kissinger?

Or so I imagine that’s what happened when Woody Allen was interviewed by Suicide Girls, the Web site that features young, scantily clad, tattooed, and pierced women (hey Muffti, wasn’t ol’ what’s her face from RI a suicide girl?). The subject of the interview was of course Woody’s new movie Melinda and Melinda. Why would a world renowned dirty old man film maker submit to an interview by what is essentially a porn site? Wait, why did I even ask that? I did mention close proximity to hot, tattooed and pierced babes, right? Besides, Soon Yi is now what? At least 25 – she’s practically Yoko Ono.

Anyhow, Woody shares this nugget of wisdom – apparently Jews are not innately funny:

It’s a misconception based on the fact that there were many Jewish comedians that came out of the Catskills. But Bob Hope, Buster Keaton or WC Fields weren’t Jewish and they were great comedians. Charlie Chaplin was half Jewish, so which half? Peter Sellers was half. So there are some fabulous Jewish comedians, but there are many that are not. I don’t think it’s a particularly Jewish thing. There was that rush of borscht circuit comedians that came out of that specific milieus. I was raised in a Jewish neighborhood and household so naturally my idiom is where I grew up.

Thanks Woody! Thanks Suicide Girls?

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  • I love Annie Hall, Hanah and Her Sisters, Husbands and Wives…but Woody is FULL OF SHIT. I saw him interviewed in NYC by a psychoanalyst…every observation she made was countered with a: “Nope that ain’t really me”. I lost mucho respect for him after that interview.

  • Esther — you know a lot more about Upper West Side Jews than Woody. He used to, but then he immigrated to the Upper East Side. That’s where people move to when they want to be WASP-Y (i.e., not very Jewlicious). I bet the demographic that reads SG never even heard of Annie Hall, Manhattan, Hannah and her Sisters, or even his movies from the 60’s.

  • Lets not be presumptuous about the readership of Suicide Girls. Granted, many are there for the nudity but if you look at the interviews you’ll see that the interviewees represent an impressive selection of musicians, actors and people in the entertainment industry. And far from representing fluff, most of the interviewees have done important or innovative work. Suicide Girls is not really your typical porn site. You should read up on it, you might be surprised.

    For instance, you can buy SG picture books at Urban Outfitters. The SG ethos if you will is based on a collective model where the women share in the profits and are not simply depersonalized collections of body parts. Each SG has a blog and a forum and real discussions ensue about sundry political and societal issues. They even had a whole massive discussion about Dov Charney and American Apparel that focused on workplace ethics etc and that linked back to Jewlicious. Granted, it’s still a porn site, and some of the non-porn accoutrements may simply be viewed as window dressing, but whatever … Oh and Liz from Savanah who was/is a SG is Jewlicious!

  • Well, if nothing else, and with a hat tip to the intellectual pursuits of the naked chickas, er, women, I would have to say that SG has to be the pierced nipple center of the universe. It hurt to look.

  • Ah yes! The adolescent boy’s remark to his mother when she finds his Playboy magazines under his bed — “But Ma! I was only reading it for the articles!”

    Or was that what the husbands said?

  • Delurking for a moment, I am a UWS Jewish woman who periodically checks out SG. I think it is interesting to be aware of women’s perspectives across the spectrum. I certainly don’t have to agree with them all. We all live on the same planet. Why not try to be a little more aware? Not a judgment, just a question.

    And as life always reminds me, assuming makes an ass* out of u + me.


  • while no giant woody fan, i don’t blame him for his blanket response to the psychoanalyst’s interview shtreimel mentions. i can’t stand psychoanalysis and i probably would have jumped on her and ripped her apart like the killer bunny in monty python. though i don’t think it would be a very jewish thing to do.

    (i haven’t seen the interview though.)

  • Stacy, didn’t mean to be judgmental about the SGs; my point was that most people in my circles aren’t going there…didn’t mean to slander my fellow UWS’ers in the process.


  • NO thanks to SG

    I’m an ex-model. I’m also a NY Jew (by birth). The site’s been pretty lame to it’s ex-models, as well as some of it’s ex-members, and seems to get worse as time goes on.

    I support the boycott going on and think people should look a little more deeply into what they are supporting before they do. I’ve had my air-time on this but stumbled over this article and really wanted to share this link.

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