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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • If nothing else, Jewschool demonstrates the importance of fences around the Torah, specifically in the sexual realm.

  • I’ve actually spent way too much time contemplating the grammatical structure of this shirt:

    Did they mean to spoof the “I Love New York” design concept, by replacing the N with a J and the Yor with a Coc? Or are they trying to be all raunchy and alternative by using “Jew” as an adjective instead of “Jewish”?

    Oh yeah, I just remembered. I don’t care. I can’t believe that first comment didn’t get a single ;), 🙂 or LOL from anyone. Geez. Tough crowd. Back to the comedy drawing board.

  • I laughed at your first comment, Esther. In fact, I even laughed at your second. It was just silent laughter. As for the word Jew instead of Jewish, they probably meant nothing by it, but a quick search for Jewish topics on Google will show you that for some reason the antisemitic crowd prefers to use Jew instead of Jewish.

  • 🙂 (for Esther’s first comment) and 🙂 (for Esther’s second comment)

    Just…just I hadn’t checked this until now.

  • [Sheepish grin] Good to know you like me, even if I had to force it out of you.

    Well, there’s the truth about how needy I am of everyone’s approval. Don’t hold it against me.

  • LOL, dear. i was on the way to an incensed rant about how disgusted i was, and you put me right. thank you esther, and chag sameach to all.

  • Are uncircumcised goyim really that rare in the first place? I mean, surely gentiles didn’t need the Torah to figure out that “cheese discharge” and “penis” are not concepts that should ever occur together.

  • It is difficult to find any redeeming value to this post. Though I love you ck, and think you are the best.

  • Considering how many topics Jewschool steals from Jewlicious – they are finally getting around to the Passover Viagara story – is it necessary for the Jewlicious ones to stoop to this? Especially for a story of this, uh, caliber?


  • has anyone thought to, like, write to this “comedienne” and be all, “what the *hell* do you find funny about this, girlfriend?” …or is the best response no response? my first impulse was to send her a nasty note, but that’s probably what she wants to receive… right?

  • It is interesting how this can be taken from a strange (to say the least) t-shirt designed to amuse or offend (probably depending on the company one keeps) post/comments to a discussion on how to deal with people who want attention, even if it is negative, but still get the point across. As TM noted, the use of Jew as an adjective instead of Jewish does seem to be a big thing (sheesh, that I said that in this post amuses me) in racist/dumb circles.