Is it because Luciana Berger, 23 resigned her position as the anti-racism co-ordinator at the National Union of Students? Is it because she did so in protest at the union leadership “turning a blind eye” to anti-Semitism? Is it because she’s been spat on at meetings dealing with the Israel/Palestine issue? Is it because she’s had to witness films being played on campus that justified Arab terrorism against Israeli civilians, or that she had to hear of speakers state that burning down a synagogue is a rational act? All while the National Union of Students stood idly by?

No. Luciana Berger got all the press she got because she’s a Jewlicious hottie and is close friends and/or allegedly dating Euan Blair, Prime Minister Tony Blair’s son.

Yes, yes. Anti-Semitism disguised as anti-Israel rhetoric and activity is a bad, bad thing. No doubt. But do you think that Semitic temptress is snogging the PM’s son? The British really are total twits sometimes. Like, for real. Not just on Monty Python.

Luciana’s reasons for her resignation, in her own words, are a sobering must read for any current student activist or anyone concerned with Jewish campus activism. Coming soon to a school near you?

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • You know, I said to myself the same thing before I even read your second paragraph.

    Jewlicious hottie, indeed.

    And I bet she’d never wear that shirt about which Rabbi Yonah admonished you.

  • My response is obvious.

    Pay attention to the hints this time. Leave the galut, make aliyah. Fix Israel instead of trying to waste time with goyim in their ballpark.

  • Luciana and I are tired of being judged by our hotness and by the fact that we hang with royalty, and respectfully request that you focus on our other, um, middos.

  • The British really are total twits sometimes. Like, for real. Not just on Monty Python.

    funniest thing I’ve read all day

    As for your post. Its quite sad when people are forced to resign from public positions because they either can’t or don’t want to deal with the heat anymore. The issues are contentious, passion are high and proponents of one position are going to get an earful from the other. It just goes to show that if you are going to take a position like this you’d bettr have a thick skin.

  • Racism is what it is. Everyone is guilty of it and if you say you aren’t, you’re lying. The thing is, how can one race of people lay claim to a term that somehow makes their plight more important than any other on the planet? Hate crimes that happen in North America are generally labelled – “hate crimes.” Yet, when it’s a crime of hate against a Jewish person – It’s “anti-semitic.”

    I hate to say it but it seems like the powers that be have created an amazing marketing plan and the term “anti-semitism” is nothing more than a catch phrase. It immediately makes everyone stand up and take notice. No matter what the offence was against a Jewish person, the term on it’s own automatically conjures up images of the holocaust. And maybe I’m way off base by saying that but it’s like the boy who cries wolf one too many times… it’s becoming played out.

    Every day, they estimate thousands of people die for religious and/or nationalistic views.

    Since 1991 – over 1 million Iraqis have died as a result of the gulf war. Anyone who believes this war wasn’t about controlling Iraqs oil wealth needs to dig deeper. Iraqi men, women and children laid down their lives and continue to do so because they believe their way of life is being threatened.

    Rwanda 1994 – 800,00 Tutsis were killed at the hands of another tribe, the hutus. This mass genocide took place in an unbelievable 100 days. If it wasn’t for a successful movie, how many people would know anything about it? How many of you still know nothing about it?

    These are just two examples, there are many more.

    I know I’m not stating anything new and at the end of the day, most Jewish groups would consider me anti-semitic for my views. The reality is, I’m just tired of them playing this card on the world stage and that they are the only known cultural group who can band together, state their cultural pride, promote segregation within their ranks and label anyone that doesn’t agree with their beliefs and actions as racist.

    We are a multi-cultural society and there’s a part of me that would love to see a few hundred years into the future when we’re all mixed and labels can be finally disposed of. Maybe that’s naive of me but what a utopia that would that be.

  • You know, you’re right. The world would be such a better place if those pesky Jews just shut up and disappeared.

    Incidentally, Jews are not a race, Jews come in all colors, so it makes sense not to call Jew-hatred, an international and cross-cultural phenomenon, racism.

    Seriously, though, aren’t we a terrible people? It seems like all we ever do it put kinks in people’s utopianism. If it wasn’t for us, if it wasn’t for us…

  • I suppose this isn’t the place to get spiritual and say that all the world’s problems are becuase of us, but that’s the truth. Just depends on who it’s coming from.

    The Jews are supposed to do tikkun olam and be a light unto nations. But when us Jews just become ‘regular’, than God is not too happy and therefore the world has problems.

    Let the flames begin.

  • I think it would be hypocritical of anyone, of any race to say that they haven’t exhibited racism of some kind but, under the guidelines that you’ve stated in this post, being anti-Jew doesn’t sound like a race issue at all. It sounds like you have issues with the religion, as well as a few others. You said it yourself, “Jews are not a race.”

    Personally, I take exception to a lot of religions – I particularly dislike Jewish doctrine that states all Jewish people are the chosen race, the only one’s worthy to sit at the right hand side of g-d. I have a strong belief in g-d, and I also believe that g-d loves all his children. The only relgion that I know of that has any semblance of tolerance for mankind is Budhism. It’s funny how religions based on the Tora, the scrolls and the bible all feel that a religion that preaches a higher state of being, peace and love is doomed to some kind of eternal damnation. Meanwhile, there are a handful of cultures whose religion is based on Judaic, Muslim or Christian belief and they’ve been killing millions upon millions over the past two thousand years to prove they’re right.

    I notice that you Michael,have done little to address anything that I said in my earlier writings with the exception of a trite, sarcastic bit of nonsense. Maybe you can put some sentences together, other than the stuff you’ve cut and paste from various online publications and address some of the issues I have. All you’ve done so far is used sarcasm to try to spin me as some kind of simpleton who should be ridiculed rather than engaged. Then you finish it off by once again playing the victim..”if it wasn’t for us, if it wasn’t for us…” Who’s really pointing the finger and administering blame? Seriously.

  • Jenna, I think that lots of faiths have a “we’re right and you’re less right” doctrine, not just Judaism. In fact, other groups are much more adamant about it than we are. And it might interest you to know that there are Jews who are equally uncomfortable with the “chosen people” moniker precisely because it does set up an impossible-to-prove and difficult-to-live-with hierarchy. (As Tevye once implored God, “Would it hurt You to choose someone else once in a while?”) But my understanding of Judaism doesn’t adhere to the concept of “if you’re not of my faith, then you will have no access to God or Heaven.” I believe that’s another religion.

    Not to overpopulate an important discussion with references to Broadway shows, but Avenue Q correctly points out that we’re all a little bit racist, even if we love other people who are different than we are. It’s the little differences between us that create a rich human mosaic, and we need to be more appreciative of those. However, I don’t think eliminating the labels is necessarily the answer. We can advocate for a society that prizes the contributions of individuals with different strengths and different backgrounds without demanding that everyone give up their tribal identities.

    But I do agree with you on one thing. It’s sad that the “Big Three” of Western religions, all of which are built on love, tradition and respect for life, have been used over the centuries to justify persecution.

  • Actually, Judaism says “the righteous of all nations have a share in the world to come.”

    Who said I needed to cut and paste from online publications to spin you as some kind of simpleton who should be ridiculed rather than engaged? You’re do a pretty good job yourself.

    So if you take exception to religions, go hang around radical Muslim message boards and try to engage them. Not only are they the ones actually going around killing people in the name of faith, they pretty much agree with you about the Jews. Maybe you’ll make some friends!

    Seriously, though, if you knew anything about Jewish history, you would learn why we are wary. Most of the time, when enough people start talking like you we start getting killed in fairly short order. You sound like a whole litany of anti-Semitic tracts. Why can’t the Jews be like everyone else? What makes them so special? They always play the victim, but really, they’re in control! And they say they’re the chosen people! That conflicts with my own sense of self-importance!

    As history has proven thousands of times before, all the way back to the Greeks and the Romans, when enough people start following that line of questioning, it’s not long until they reach the inevitable conclusion of “Let’s kill Jews.”

    Honestly, there aren’t enough of us to really bother worrying about. I promise, there are bigger threats to your utopianism. As for us, we’ll just continue surviving like we have for the last 4000 years despite your ilk.

  • maybe I’ve been reading too much Maimonides lately but Jenna’s description of Budhism and Maimonides (and later R. Hirsch’s) views on the goal of Jews, re: Torah study and Mitzvot, sound similar.

  • FWIW this Jew doesn’t know anything about this “chosen to sit on the right hand side of God” stuff that Jenna is advocating. I always thought that in the Jewish context “chosen”, to the extent it meant anything, meant chosen for a particular job, not chosen as in superior.

  • Do you know what else in interesting? In the eyes of the “multiculturalists,” basically anything is okay, permissible and even laudable as long as it is done by people who are a) not Americans/Europeans and (most importantly) b) not Jews.

    For example, she characterizes the largely foreign extremist Muslims currently blowing up policemen and schoolchildren in Iraq as “Iraqi men, women and children who lay down their lives and continue to do so because they believe their way of life is being threatened.”

    When someone murders innocent people, as long as they’re “multicultural,” it’s okay. They’re not murderous extremists, they’re fighting for their way of life against the tide of Zionis–er, American imperialism.

    Meanwhile, 14 million Jews who would pretty much just like to be left alone are somehow the target all the ire of people like this Jenna Mason. They pretend that all they care about is making the world a better place, yet they attack the Jews, a tiny ethno/religious group, for being “too different” while they encourage every other culture to express itself any way it wants to, all for fear of not treading on the hallowed fabric of “multiculturalism.”

    And then they have a meltdown when someone calls them an anti-Semite. You know, at least the people on Stormfront don’t pretend.

  • Is anybody else finding it humorous that a troll like this lands in here and demands attention?

  • Ah Nick, I was taking you seriously until you said “Jewish bitch.”

    I couldn’t help noticing, though, your deep concern about Euan and his relationship with the young Luciana. Perhaps there is something you wish to admit to yourself and your ultra-nationalist friends? I’m certain they will be very accepting.

    Oh, by the by, it is spelled “privilege”. If they do not teach you this in your sorry public school system, you may wish to use a spell checking program when you write. Otherwise, you come off as some boorish Euan-loving loser who is quite jealous of some woman he has never met.

    Just saying.

  • The jew looks like a hook-nosed witch! If that’s what your hot women look like, no wonder 50% of you are marrying non-Jews in America. You need to interbrede with whites to improve your gene pool!

  • A million Iraqis dead? I suspect that figure won’t stand up. Did you worry about the million and a half people who died as a result of the Iran-Iraq war? A war started by Saddam Hussein? No–I usually have to inform people in laborious detail about this war which lasted nearly a decade and which deformed both countries. And as for ‘all about oil’; yes, this has been Saddam Hussein’s own policy since he invaded the oil producing region of Iran. Why else did he try to take over the oil producing regions in Iran and invade Kuwait?

  • It must be hard to be an advocate for Israel at the same time as leading the NUS anti-racism campaign. Israel looks like a racially based constuction to me, yet, I do not have a problem with that.

    I am from the far-right in Britain. We may be many things but we are not hypocrites.

    The far-right scene is still as anti-capitalist and anti-communist as ever, but the anti-Semitism is rapidly dwindling because Jewish people have begun to support us. Even the ‘evil’, ‘hateful’, ‘fascist’ BNP has a Jewish candidate and MANY Jewish party members.

    The mistake of the NUS has been to isolate and demonise people who have what they consider to be extreme views rather than allowing the issues to be brought forward for discussion. This extends towards pro-life groups, nationalists and Islamists.

    These issues can be dealt with more effectively by encouraging logical rational discussion, because racial hatred and racial violence are often irrational responses based upon sheer ignorance.

    Luciana is entitled to her political views, (which I consider to be extreme) but we of the British ‘far-right’ feel terribly betrayed by British Jews who support Israel yet display no such loyalty to Great Britain.

    I hope that this will change, and would like to see, in future, some co-operation between the ‘far-right’ in Israel and Britain.

  • “Israel looks like a racially based construction to me.”
    It’s good of you to qualify that James, because percepetion can a little tricky at time. But, as Michael said “Incidentally, Jews are not a race, Jews come in all colors, so it makes sense not to call Jew- hatred, an international and cross-cultural phenomenon, racism.”
    If you have proof to the contrary, please do share!

    It’s lovely to hear that the British far right is not hypocritical. I am now absolutely convinved of its fortitude.
    “the anti-semitism is rapidly dwindling because jewish people have begun to support us”
    Awwww! Just warms the heart.

    “But we of the British far-right feel terribly betrayed by British Jews who support Israel but show no such loyalty to Great Britain.”

    Have you attended any Cricket match between Pakistan and England in GB lately? How does what you see make you feel?

  • Hello Joy.

    Jewish people may not collectively form a homogenous race, but Israel certainly is a racially-based construction with sensible immigration policies and race laws discouraging intermarriage between different Jewish groups.

  • Um, speaking as an Israeli, no it’s not. I don’t know where you got your ideas, but they’re certainly not from that awkward contrivance “reality.”

    Now, I’m proud that all you skinheads have grown up and learned to spell and have taken up the ever-so-admirable hobby of establishing fascism as the order of the day in a country that barely survived the last wave of global fascism, and I’m sure that all those West Indians are grateful that you’ve stopped beating them in the streets for sus – but, attempts at political legitimacy aside, you remain a bunch of fucking wankers.

  • Sensible immigration Policies? Isn’t that what the European Union is trying to institute! Heard the news lately? Isn’t that what the French prime minister is proposing? You’ll qualify it, of course, but am sure that someone more knowledgeable than i am about Israel politics can explain Israel’s policies. As for the issue of intermarriage, for now, i have only your word for it.

  • Joy – the word of National Front British National Party fascist twits when it comes to Israel, or anything for that matter, isn’t worth paying much attention to. Israel has no policies against marriage between different Jewish subethnic groups, which is attested to by the high rate of marriage between these groups. Notice I don’t say intermarriage, because there’s no such thing as inter-Jewish intermarriage. Unless you’re a Neo-Nazi Proud British Nationalist.

  • No, my dear Joy, the EU is not going to institute sensible immigration controls. The EU is a playground for business interests for whom the free movement of labour and capital is paramount. They will not stop until we are all micro-chipped and living inside tiny concrete cubes and being fed with nose tubes…

    The reason ‘right-wing’ (and also, by the way, ‘Jewlicious’) Sarkozy is bringing this issue up in France is to draw support away from the VERY popular ‘far-right’ Front National led by Jean Marie Le Pen.

    Far-right parties are anti-capitalist and anti-communist and so they are not the favourites of the financial interests. Consequentially, they will never gain the support of the media nor the business/banking elite; support will only come from the people.

    As for race laws:

    *sigh* Celebrate the diversity…

    As a patriot I would never criticise Jewish national feeling or your religious race laws, so why do people like Luciana Berger cause such a fuss in my country?

    Why deliberately try to encourage and engineer a multi-cultural society where there is likely to be more racism, race-hatred and racial violence? Are there not enough problems in the world?

    Political parties like the BNP are responding to the fact that the liberal elite in Britain are ignoring the marginalisation of the indigenous population of Britain and the police are pandering to political correctness.

    The press are complicit in ignoring race crimes against white people. In fact, nearly every week there is an article in the Jewish Chronicle about British Jews being attacked by Muslim immigrants who think that Jews control the whole world…

    Melanie Phillips, ( who writes for both the Daily Mail and the Jewish Chronicle has just written a book, ‘Londonistan’ about the threat that Islamification poses:

    ‘In this ground-breaking book, Melanie Phillips pieces together the story of how Londonistan developed as a result of the collapse of British self-confidence and national identity and its resulting paralysis by multiculturalism and appeasement.’

    You can find out more about these issues from the British nationalist perspective by going to the British National Party’s website

    Surely these Israeli ‘far-right’ movements are/were the ideological equivalent of the BNP in Israel:

    Why is there not more electoral support for these ‘far-right’ movements, when Israel has lost what would be the equivalent for the UK of about 40,000 people due to suicide bomb attacks?

    The London bombings were a wake-up call for Britain, and there will be more attacks or riots this summer. This and the incompetence of the liberal elite in Britain will forment the rise of nationalism in Britain, until the far-right becomes firmly established as it has in France, Italy, Austria, Norway and Belgium.

    There is much anti-Semitism on the far-left of British and European politics, yet, not without irony, the misguided Lucianas of this world continue to bleat about ‘racism’, a communist construct.

    As for neo-Nazi skinheads… need I mention the JDL?

    These sorts of violent lunatics have generally been encouraged by the security services in the UK to discredit nationalism. ‘Far-right’ groups like ‘Combat 18’ were found to have been set up by MI5. There were even state infiltrators inside the BNP in the late 80’s encouraging street violence.

    From what I understand, the ‘far-right’ in Israel suffers similar attacks. Yet the Israeli government drags Jewish settlers, including women who would not so much as even shake a man’s hand, and children, out of the homes they have made. I have seen pictures of Jewish youths being beaten by the Israeli police and Army. Why is there no popular resistance to this brutality?


  • Uh, James, the rest of your diatribe aside, you have misunderstood the article you posted from TheJewishWeek. Breathe deep and look up the words “race” and “racism.” Then re-read the article and you may understand that this has nothing to do with “discouraging intermarriage between Jewish groups.” Why don’t you stick to cultures about which you know something because it becomes difficult to accept anything else you say when one of your key points is so far off the mark.

  • If Halachic laws are not race laws or at least have a racial component, then what are they?

    Perhaps you can assist me in this matter?

    Thank you,

    James. ( former pupil at a very smart conservative Jewish school in England… 😉 )