Chateau Jewlicious

A lovely Pinot Noir, capitalizing on inspired by the popularity of Oscar nominated film Sideways – the perfect wine to add class to your next Shabbat meal. Coming to you directly from the lush Chateau Jewlicious Estate in the uh… Pinot Noir growing region of France, Baron de CK’s Special Reserve has been carefully stored aged in uh… fancy shmancy oak caskets to achieve the perfect Pinot Noir yumminess that pretentious savvy wine weenies connaisseurs demand!

Thank you TM and Wine Guy for the inspiration.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • I would imagine that you should thank the lady, the muse, the Laya, for her role in inspiring this. Maybe there’s a way to up the alcohol content, to encourage Jew-on-Jew hookup action, even in inappropriate places like on March of the Living.

    CK, you’re very creative. And kind of demented, given. But I like that.

    Put me down for a case. And make sure to bring enough of the vino to Jewlicious @ the Beach II.

  • Thats actually a pretty cool label and the cheeses of nazareth would go so nicely with the pinot noir

  • hidden message? no comprend√ɬ©. I was just picking you know, rich classy colors.

  • ck that’s an excellent idea! A picture of a female on a bottle of pinot. Pinot is generally considered a more floral and feminine wine.

  • Don’t you worry, TM. The ’07 Pinot’s going to trounce all its competitors like Laya’s feet do to the grapes for every bottle of Baron de CK’s quality malt liquors fine wines.

    With proceeds from this new product bound to set oenophilic records, Laya will be able to dress in the finest tznius couture made entirely of red strings from kever rachel and blessed by Madonna and Donatella Versace to give them the necessary Fashion Avenue street cred.

  • 400 dollars a bottle for the ’06 vintage. Drink now but is worthy of keeping in the cellar for at least another two decades.Tasting notes to follow….

  • sorry middle, I’ll be sure to wear my sequins on any future nature hikes/grape picking expiditions I go on, just in case we decide to make a wine label from a snapshot a year later. Good thinking.

  • Indeed Laya, somebody around here needs to do the strategic planning and your lack of foresight last year would rule you out from the running for this plum job.

  • as far as stategic planning goes, I pretty much leave that to ck. I’m just a pretty face around here anyway.

  • Laya, that you are. But don’t sell yourself short, I hear you also make a terrific guest for couscous meals.

  • It can be arranged, Phillip. There is that little matter of the circumcision to take care of first, however.

  • As of right now (May 14, 2005), the forty-eighth organization listed on the “Free Muslims Against Terrorism” website as an official endorser of the “March Against Terror” is “The Uzbekistani Kcid Skcus Hsawan Foundation for Peace”.

    Did you notice what “Kcid Skcus Hsawan” spells backwards?

    Wow… great endorsers!

  • Shavuah tov.

    Will the wine be mevushal, you know, like heated up beforehand?

  • What kind of sick bastards would ruin wine by heating it…oh yeah. We do.

  • Y’all ater too funny! Please send us a case in Long Beach. We are running a little dry here, and the Jewlicious@TB wine guys (Jonathan and Gavriel) came for Shabbos and they only brought 2 bottles for 30 finals-cramming students. It was almost a riot…let’s make it two cases of Chateau Jewlicious . BTW I like the tee Laya.

  • [Scolding] “Bad wine guys, bad!!”

    Two cases is a starter order, Rachel. Why don’t you think about it, and contact our order fulfillment house with your final order sometime next week…

    Right…Jonathan and Gavriel…I knew they had actual names!

  • Uh, actually we brought those bottles for ourselves. we’re selfish.