Alfred Frye, 81, is the last surviving soldier to have helped in the capture of Nazi leader Hermann Goering. On May 7, 1945, the private was assigned to drive Army Lt. Jerome Shapiro to a snowy road in Austria, 80 miles behind enemy lines in order to capture Goering. Goering, a signatory of the final solution, was head of the air force and after Hitler’s death, the leader of Nazi Germany. He had wanted to be captured by Americans rather than advancing Soviet troops. When Frye delivered Shapiro to Goering, the Nazi quietly surrendered his weapon to the American Jew. Shapiro passed away in 1968 but Frye will be in Los Angeles today to help open a series of Holocaust Remembrance Day commemorations, beginning with the official opening of “Liberation! Revealing the Unspeakable,” a new exhibit honoring the Allies of World War II at the Museum of Tolerance in West Los Angeles. A one-day feature will include Goering’s gold-plated gun and the American service pistol used to capture him.

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  • Just an historical correction here. By the time he surrendered, Goering was an official nobody in the Third Reich. Hitler had replaced him as head of the (mostly nonexistent) Luftwaffe because he had the temerity to suggest that he should take over the leadership of the Reich. He was replaced by General Robert Ritter von Greim. In the evening of April 30, 1945, Hitler wrote his political testament, in which he designated Grand Admiral Karl Donetz, of the Kriegsmarine, as his successor. He then ate his gun and became a human torch. It was Donetz, who had been the architect of the German U-Boat strategy early in the war, who negotiated the unconditional surrender of German military forces to the Allies. Donitz took over on May 1, signalling his accession by a broadcast to the German people.

    Goering was many things — a vastly overweight, swaggering, cruel, effeminate, makeup-wearing degenerate — but he wasn’t generally viewed as a coward. He was one of Germany’s greatest aces during World War I, back when it took brass balls to fly those rattletrap planes and shoot down the other guy before you fell out of the sky yourself. Unlike most of the assholes and suckups surrounding Hitler, Goering earned his Iron Cross the hard way.

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