Jewlicious is undergoing some renovation. We’ll be back full strength soon! One of the things being considered is requiring registration in order for people to comment. This will allow you to go back and edit your comments, prevent people from commenting under someone else’s alias and save us from the evil of comment spam which at over 5000 spams a day is really begining to be a pain in the ass. I am certain you’d prefer we spend more time writing comments rather than fighting spam, right? Please let us know what you think though.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Argh, what is with this page—it looks like every other blog on the planet. Stop it! yeah, sure, I’ll register to post my three comments a month or so.

  • Take your time…and register people if necessary. But if my favorite sarcastic/caustic Jewish culture website isn’t up by tomorrow…heads will roll ;o)

  • So if we register, we won’t have to wait hours for our VERY CLEAN comments with spam-block words to show up?


  • V. Ko, so who’s your favorite sarcastic/caustic Jewish culture website?

    Comments power to the people!

  • ew….grossly boring ugly layout…so its gonna be BETTER?…well i really need to CUT down internet time…i mean if you make it BETTER it might just be TOO GOOD…

  • I dunno. Have we done market research about this? How will Sven post his “hail Hitler” comment? Will Jewish Mother know how to register? I’m a little worried about this…

  • Don’t worry, TM. ck will take care of everything. At the end of the day, as long as we’re still #1 for Jewish vibrators, everything’s kosher.

    [There’s something so wrong about that sentence.]

  • Oh, Esther, we are #1 in so many categories that it boggles the mind.

  • By the way, ck, I tried to call you yesterday just to say hello and one line is no longer active, and the other line (the toll free one) had the guy at the other end tell me he didn’t have a phone number for you. No big deal, it was just a hello call, but thought you should know.

  • what exactly is comment spam? when people advertise something completely unrelated through comments? i don’t remember seeing to much of this on jewlicious comments… you are telling me that you have to sort through literally 5000 of these per day? where exactly do you find the time to filter aforementioned 5000 daily?

  • ooo kl pic…ck you ive notive you got gr8 cheak bones- is it from growing up with the safardi women pinching?

  • I don’t know about you guys, but is anyone else getting REALLY ANTSY AT THIS POINT???? Like, somehow, the NEED TO BLOG and be BLOGGED welling up inside? Something like wanting physical touch, but MUCH MORE INTENSE? I mean, I’ve gotta know: Where is Esther, what will she do today? Will Shtreimel hurt someone physically for lack of an outlet, and will Chutzpah, well, let’s just leave Chutzpah out of this for the time being…she’s REALLY WHACKED, as in Wooaaahhh Nellly!

    Cold sweat. Wondering, waiting. Waiting for the chance to be heard…again. To be listened to. Mocked, even. But to MATTER somehow in the universe….

    Or, I could just go get sushi for lunch!

  • Wouldn’t it be ironic if there was commet spam in a post about fighting comment spam?

    Eh, well. We all must fight the war against spam. Spamalicious post!

  • About the fonts,
    overall nice and clearer now, but my only reservation (so far) is that the word ‘laya’ seems so cold and formal now. Beforehand, with the italics, it was more, ah, I dunno, ‘soothing’, flowing, warm.

  • I don’t know if I can get used to this new lay out…I’d like the randomness of the other one,the free for alll

  • Mike: I’m an attention whore, what can I say? I’ll change that header soon enough, sorry to oppress you with my pugg.

    chazarmaveth: comment spam is when folks put ads to their Web sites in the comments section. These ads are for Phrmaceuticals, Gambling Web sites, Porn etc. and have nothing to do with the underlying post. You don’t see them because me and the crew are vigilant about killing them and intercepting them before they can be seen. But once intercepted they do have to be deleted and the sheer numbers involved makes this a very onerous task. Forcing folks to register will make it a tad harder for these guys to get through and will allow commenters to re-edit their comments etc. So… are we good? Can I start requiring registration or will y’all get mad at me?

  • OOOOH, CK. You naughty, little, gr8 cheekbone-havin’ SOB!!! I think somebody has a crush on you, dude. And I mean besides me… ’cause that’s been known for years. But, Jess, on the other hand might be a good shudduch. She British and Persian. Cool combo. Rock on with your Sefardi bad self.

  • If people can edit their comments, then responses to said comments become unintelligible, no? Or is that the case already, so it won’t make a difference?

  • ck, I think it depends upon the registration process. Moby’s comments system seems to work pretty well and might make it simpler than somebody actually having to register.

  • By the way, there needs to be a system where we see the number of comments, because it does simplify knowing when somebody added. Also, it would be great if instead of tracking only the last 5 comments, you could track the last ten. Also, I have no opposition to seeing your pic all day long, but some variety with attractive members of the opposite sex provide a nice, um, balance.

  • What TM said about the comments–I just don’t want to have to retype my name, email address, and website every time I want to leave a comment.

    As to photos, you are the founder (or one of the founders) and since you live in another country, I otherwise don’t get to see you that often, so I like seeing you up there (you big galoot). But the request for variety is fair…maybe you have some nice pictures of Jewish chicks who don’t have shadows looming over their faces.

  • I think you should stop ignoring my emails and let me know what the deal is with my t-shirt yo! Other than that, registration sounds great!

  • I would no longer comment if forced to register. Not that I generate such a flood of commentary as it is.

  • Okay, I have been unable to enter the site for the last several hours. I finally made it through the links at Jewschool. Please finish this renovation soon, dude.

  • Me? What?! No crush! No not at all…just observing really…internet crush? Can that even exist? (-riigghht that explains jdate..)

    Thanx 4 the shidduch but internet marriage might have its complications..

  • good luck with the new look.
    if you are still using WordPress it does have some new excellent spam filters.
    otherwise, you could move to MT.

  • Okay, how do I clear my cache so I won’t get the wrong webpage anymore when I try to go to Jewlicious in Explorer?

    Also, ck, what is the best way to reach you now?

  • There must be “most recent” posts on this site. JSIRPICCO HAS A FOLLOWING, DAMN IT! What’s the point of my NEAR PROPHETIC VISIONS if people can’t see them, immediately, without the hassle of “clicking through” other people’s boooorrrinng posts and pathetic lives?

    Fix this immediately! Jsirpicco waits.

  • B”H

    Shabat Shalom Kulom….

    Are things still working here?

  • B”H

    I changed my name from Teferet shebeNets… because the old name didn’t come up. Something is working now because I don’t have to change it to Hod Shebe Netsach

  • methinks ck is unfamiliar with jewschool’s original site design, cuz he seems to be jackin it right about now

  • Ah, this brings back all those lovely memories of the summer I learned css. And how to pre-edit it using GoLive. Ahhh, memories…

  • Good, Mobius, maybe you can convince him to go to something else. This is not the home I know and love.

  • TM, appearance is a shell, and home is not external. Read the posts, close your eyes and hear our voices. Are you home? Or is the heart, how you say, all dried up like tzimukim?

    That said, a list of “last ten comments” would be stellar.

  • Moby: Jackin? No offense Moby but I don’t have any recollection of your original design, except I think it was aligned left or something. I can assure you that I don’t have like… a cachedd version of your original site which I kept all this time for jacking purposes …. besides, I’m not done yet!

  • Hahahaha, poor CK, look at all the flack he’s getting. Good luck on the renovations.

  • One must continue to renew each kesher, be it with a loved one, with G-d, and with a blog. I will happily register. Gut Shabbos.

  • B”H

    I read still as Netsach shebe Netshach, no need for Malchut shebe Netshach, yet.

  • B”H

    Shavua Tov.
    By the way, is that BTW in blog-post-internet chat loshon?
    I only was able to see these posts after I attemted, on blind hope, to enter coment. Then once I posted, I didn’t even see the further additions that flowed afterwards for the whole day, untill, after Shabat, I tried again to comment, more blind faith, and then the continuing coment started to reveal themselves. Is this part of some temporary construction here?

  • Oh, and I meant the recent comments section. 10 recent comments is far better than 5 at our current speed. I think.

  • Or maybe, TM, people should just learn to comment when they have something important to say…kidding, of course! As if…

  • B”H

    This social intercourse is getting to much. Its beyond heavy petting, I mean fretting…

    Besides, I can’t see what else has been posted on this issue unless I contribute by adding some comment,whether I have something to say or not!