pretty cool, eh?Israelis are going to be engaged in Military exercises on two continents. First 150 air and ground airforce personel will be involved in a six-week international combat exercise taking place in Cold Lake, Alberta. Note to Israel Airforce staff – the weather for the next 10 days in Cold Lake will be as high as 78 °F and as low as 43 °F so make sure to pack warm jammies for night time. And forget about dashing out for a quick shwarma or hummous. There aint none of that in Cold Lake. Better pack some food with you.

The exercises will take place at 4 Wings Canadian Airforce base. “4 Wing has some of the best and most sought after amenities in the world, including an almost unrestricted 1.17 million hectare air weapons range equipped with state-of-the-art threats and targets.” Fun, fun, fun! Maple Flag, the six-week international air combat exercise hosted at 4 Wings will include Air Force equipment and personel from 11 countries and NATO. What’s interesting is that Qatar and the United Arab Emirates will be sending “observers.” Maybe they can get together with the Israelis to have some fresh mint (nana) for tea and some hummous shipped in from Montreal or Toronto or something. Yup. We’ll get on that right away.

Also this week is Operation Sorbet Royal 2005, a NATO Military Exercise taking place off the coast of Italy. The operation involves 14 nations and about 2,000 forces who will spend the next three weeks hunting for four submarines resting on the ocean floor to test search and rescue procedures. Israel is set to supply a salvage ship. And hopefully some good hummous.

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