Jewcy-Licious Indeed

Imitation? Flattery?
As you all know, Jewsweek just got more Jewcy. We say Shalom to the inimitable Benyamin Cohen who has landed a full time gig at Atlanta Jewish Life, and instead say Shalom to Reuven Koret of Koret Communications in Tel Aviv, makers of Israel Insider and well, There’s a section in the new site (displayed above) called Lifestyle where they ask “What is Jewcy-licious?” The answer is “It’s that “must-have” judaica!” which includes a bunch of books you can buy and links to some cool sites like uh… Barmitzvah Disco and uh… Heeb Magazine and Half Jew and The Yada Blog. They also solicit your recommendations. I have a recommendation. Hey [email protected], I know what’s Jewcy-Licious. How about this site called Jewlicious? You should check it out some time. Anyways, good luck with your new site, I’ll be sure to visit often.

crap?In other flattering news, Who’s Your Rabbi has a new line of t-shirts, modelled along the iPod Ads, it’s called iJew and shows a Rabbi wearing an iPod. Now where have I seen that before?

Oi!Oh Yeah! I saw that here. Wow. What a remarkable resemblance! And we did that in August 2004. Of course, we never turned it into a t-shirt but, uh… we do have that copyright notice at the bottom of every page. Whatever. Shabbat Shalom y’all.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Um, good luck to them and, uh, I guess imitation is a form of flattery. Right?

  • Perhaps I am alone in this, I know one has to make money, but I kind of hate this marketplace commercialism.

  • never ever saw that one at all, but come on, my iJew Rabbi, you MUST admit is waaaay better executed than all the rest. Look at the shadow, the detail, I mean seriously! Anyhow, I am pretty sure there would not have been any “Jewcy-Liciousness” had you been at the helm, but they do link back to Jewlicious a few times in their blog section which is always appreciated.

  • being “cool” and being “jewish” is so, like, 2004.
    that’s what i like about jewlicious… its writers don’t care about making judaism “cool”… right? right, guys?
    uh, hey… where’d everyone go?

  • Deathpig, didn’t you hear? Now we’re all about in-fighting and trying to prevent intermarriage.

  • do you ever feel bad about bombing the crap out of Lebanon?