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Reb Chaim of YerushalayimI saw Ezra downtown and he told me about a party he was having, so I went. You may recall Ezra was the dude that led kabbalat Shabat for the Jewlicious birthright Israel trip, hosted about 12 trip participants and closed up with havdalah. Outside Ezra’s apartment I ran into Reb Chaim, another Jewish Quarter resident who hosted 29 of our trippers.

Reb Chaim told me of a shabbat program he was going to have this coming shabbat. See, he had just heard of a woman who despite her best efforts, remained single. She went to her Rabbi all frustrated and asked him why this was the case. He asked her if her father had made a kiddush for her when she was born. It turned out he hadn’t and so the next shabbat, the woman sponsored a kiddush for herself and shortly thereafter she was engaged. The theory here is that when a boy is born, there is a bris and people come over to the parents and wish mazel tov after mazel tov. If a similar kiddush isn’t done for a girl’s birth, she will miss out on all those mazel tovs… So what Reb Chaim is doing this Shabbat in the Old City is that he is having a massive kiddush, complete with all manner of beverages, alcoholic and otherwise, and the assembled will be wishing loud and hearty Mazel Tovs for all the Jewish Women in the world who may not have gotten a kiddush or enough Mazel Tovs.

I know. It sounds kinda hokey. But come on, the sentiment is sweet. So if you’re in Jerusalem this Shabbat, go chill with Reb Chaim – details are on his Web site www.rebchaim.com. If you’re not in Jerusalem say a special Lechayim in honor of all our Women. We’d be nothing without them and dats da troof.

Oh and Ezra’s party was rockin’ – thanks for the cold beer, it was gorgeous after a long walk on a hot night.

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