Below her station!You’re asking how is this possible? I mean yeah, she’s rich and all, but she’s appeared in widely distributed amateur porn, everyone in the world has seen her oral technique, she’s a ditz, she’s been caught on tape using the “n” word, has frequented the Kabbalah Center and has no discernible talent. So imagine my shock when I discovered that she has recently announced her engagement to one Paris Latsis, scion of a Greek shipping family whose worth is about $7.5 billion. Latsis’ dad is also a well-respected mayor of a Greek town and the family is otherwise very conservative and religious.

So why is Hilton’s marriage to Latsis a step down? Well, basically because the Latsis family, despite being fabulously rich and all, make their money selling guns and cozying up to Arab dictators.

… the clan’s late patriarch, John “Yanni” Latsis, aided his storied climb from deckhand to shipping tycoon by profiteering on the black market during WWII. In 1967, Yanni drew additional scrutiny when he loaned his shipping fleet to the Egyptians during the Six Day War with Israel and threw his financial support behind Greek fascist dictator Colonel George Papadopoulos. (The title of Latsis’ unauthorized bio translates to “Gangster” in English.)

Fascists? Nasser? Black Market Profiteering in WWII? Seriously, even amateur porn starlets like the ones that can be seen at have to have some standards! Don’t do it Paris Hilton! He’s not good enough for you!

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