AssholesI swear I would have blogged about this earlier but I thought it was an elaborate joke. Yesterday Russian prosecutors dropped an inquiry into whether or not a Russian translation of an ancient Jewish text incites national and religious hatred. The text in question, the Shulchan Aruch was written in the mid 1500s by Sephardic Rabbi Joseph Caro and is considered Judaism’s standard legal code. The prosecutors dropped the inquiry after determining that the text does not in fact encourage Jews to kill non-Jews. They probably also felt that the international furor accompanying their investigation may have made them look like assholes. Which it did.

The inquiry began when 19 deputies in the Russian Duma signed a letter in January calling for a ban on Jewish organizations. The letter complained that Jewish groups were distributing an abridged version of the Shulhan Arukh, and alleged that the text prejudices readers against non-Jews.

Nikolai Kondratenko, a Communist Party member and Duma deputy who signed the letter compared the Shulchan Aruch to pornography and equated it with Mein Kampf. In dropping the inquiry, the prosecutors also stated that the lawmakers and others who signed the letter of complaint could not be held criminally responsible for using phrases such as “Jewish fascism,” and “Jewish aggressiveness as a form of Satanism.” Because that also does not incite national and religious hatred.

Mamash assholes.

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  • yes, it’s good that shit rains to your necks, that’s what peolple stupid enough to call them selves “jews” in religious means deserve.

  • 1. “int man”: let us know when you learn to construct a proper English sentence so that we can respond to your drivel.

    2. According to Haaretz, the stopping this investigation is going to come at a cost to Israel. One wonders what Putin has in mind.

  • The rest of the Jews need to leave that hell hole of a place, and leave those hateful, fetal alcohol syndrome, people alone to wallow in their misery

  • I always wonder why the gentiles go out of their way to reconfirm our worst suspicions of them. It’s like they’re methadone-addicted rats who can’t stop pushing the button even as the drugs slowly kill them. I guess they just can’t help themselves.

    Anyway, the average life-expectancy of the Russian male is now around 41.5 years or something, lower even than that of the average Bangladeshi (I guess too much vodka and cigarettes, coupled with a 4th-world “health care” system is more dangerous than tropical typhoons and tsunamis), and all of their women are fleeing the country for a better life in the brothels of the West. We won’t have to worry about what they think for that much longer.

  • I think that some of Shulchan Aruch requests can be interpreted as rassist. I feel sad when I read these requests, but I don’t hate jews for it! Among Jews there are bad & good people. Unfortunately, there are bad people “on the other side” too. Please don’t enter in this game; don’t blame christians, in general.

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  • What do you mean by “worst suspicions”? What do we have to be so suspicious about? Are gentiles pilfering the wealth of Israel? Do we have gentile oligarchs working behind closed door to manipulate and exploit us? Are the goyim channeling funds into the holy land to in an attempt to subvert the internal affairs of our sovereign nation? Go ahead and call me a self-hating jew, at least I’m not a hypocrite. Like it or not Russians also have a right not to be subjected to hate.

  • u no what if you think jews are peace full then think again and go to google video type in holcoust and youll see i hate isreal and bush isn’t doing anything etir the reterd

  • holcoust? etir? reterd? what are you? 11 years old? You anti-Semites make it just to darn easy… I’m not even having fun here. No challenge.

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  • Russians are scum. Look at my name and you’ll know why. They are drunks and lazy idiots who don’t know how to make money. That’s why I left that Nazi fleabag of a country.

  • Jewish bolshevics were the ones who planned, funded and instigated communism in Russia. It always makes me laugh now to see the hatred displayed by Jews of the Russia they were responsible for creating.
    Now I ask myself where has this hatred come from? It’s not hard to find. Most of the Billionaires (Oligarchs) are Jewish. The men who ripped Russia off big time are yids (nothing new there) and the Russians finally had enough and decided to stop them. That is why Yids hate Russia now. The bolshevics controlled Soviet Russia and had privelidges under that system (which they created) and then when capitalism came along, they were the first to make billions out of Russia (our own Abrahmovic is a Russian billionaire who owns Chelsea football club) then Putin and others decided they had made enough and it was time for Russians to make some money from their own country instead of bunch of yiddish mafioso.
    Jews can be treacherous bitches and everyone knows it. Stop whingeing about Russia and fuck off to Israel. You got your own country now – live there, you parasites.

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