Last night was the annual Divers/Cité Gay Pride parade in Montréal. Participating in the parade, for the third year in a row, was a group called Feygelah representing the local Jewish LGBT community. They had an actual float this year with cool lights and streamers and all that and while it made for a great platform for dancing, the best part were the signs they were carrying (which yours truly designed) with the following slogans:

– One in Every Minyan
– I pray at Congregation Bette Midler
– Oy Vey! Je suis gai
– Kosher Queers
– Lipshtick lesbians

Those were very funny. Also funny was that they took my suggestion to wear orange t-shirts seriously. Apparently there are many Jews in the diasporah who are not aware of the relevance of the whole orange thing. I think the settlers missed a great opportunity at the Jerusdalem pride parade to make significant inroads amongst leftists; they really shoulda sent the kids with the orange ribbons there … Just sayin! In any case, good show Matthew, good job Marc and all the gang. You represented the Yiddles well.

*Sigh* One other thing…

No Mom. I’m NOT gay. Sheesh. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

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