Last night was the annual Divers/Cité Gay Pride parade in Montréal. Participating in the parade, for the third year in a row, was a group called Feygelah representing the local Jewish LGBT community. They had an actual float this year with cool lights and streamers and all that and while it made for a great platform for dancing, the best part were the signs they were carrying (which yours truly designed) with the following slogans:

– One in Every Minyan
– I pray at Congregation Bette Midler
– Oy Vey! Je suis gai
– Kosher Queers
– Lipshtick lesbians

Those were very funny. Also funny was that they took my suggestion to wear orange t-shirts seriously. Apparently there are many Jews in the diasporah who are not aware of the relevance of the whole orange thing. I think the settlers missed a great opportunity at the Jerusdalem pride parade to make significant inroads amongst leftists; they really shoulda sent the kids with the orange ribbons there … Just sayin! In any case, good show Matthew, good job Marc and all the gang. You represented the Yiddles well.

*Sigh* One other thing…

No Mom. I’m NOT gay. Sheesh. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

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  • Oy vey! je suis gai! heheh cute..but dont freak your mom out like that ck!!..love the creative/funny boards.

  • so that’s where you were last night? and I told mom you were at kolel…don’t worry, we love you just the way you are. nice float!

  • So I wanted to post something about this too … but my site is down because some lunatic has hacked in to beachhillel.com and made it a spam machine. Alas, and I thought that we would be immune. Someone with an email oy@hotmail.com … Is this the scoundrel that hacked Jewlicious? Can I call the Mossad? The CIA? The ADL? I think I will call my congressperson, but I can’t recall their name. And to think that they choose 17th of Tammuz to complete the deed….

  • No You CAN’T DAVEN AT AMUKA for your ‘gay beshert!” Not allowed. But yes, for all other Jewish singles there’s “The List” And it’s slowly growing growing http://www.jpetition.com Sorry for the plug – but I have a group of Jewish mafiosos DEMANDING I ACT OR Else…and TM – don’t lecture me on my joke above. It was funny, dude. Have a sense of humor – or go drink with Shtreimel~!!

  • Rabbi Yo, I think a heinous act like the one you described certainly requires some kind of action. And as for the 17th of Tammuz…that can’t be an accident. I vote for calling the Mossad.

  • The annual New York gay pride parade has, of course, tons of Jews marching in it. The last time I watched it, there were several young people there from one of the local gay/gay-friendly shul’s, one of whom, a woman, wore a T-shirt that said “Rabbi in Training” on the back of it.

  • This would have been a good spot for Jdate to buy some advertising space. The feygelahs are over-running the site lately. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • It’s not like they need your help.

    Even your rabbi has left the building? Really? I thought this was an orthodox, or at least ortho flavored, bunch of folks.

    People do not walk backward or sideways. They walk in the direction their eyes are directed.

    But thanks for the piece about population projections.

    Oh, and how DARE you mention meth in a positive tone?

    This is the sad time of the year, all right.

  • Just a plug… because if we’re plugging things, lets make them appropriate:

    the Queer-Jewish community in Toronto’s website is http://www.KulanuToronto.ca and is a devision of Hillel (for better or for worse).

    FYI – current slogan is “Serving Kosher Fruit since 2001”

  • […] I’ve always had an interest in Dov Charney, the enigmatic CEO of American Apparel. He’s from Montreal, he manufactures cool clothes in a sweatshop free environment (as I type this I am wearing the model 2007 Fine Jersey Long Sleeve T-Shirt in Asphalt) and his comings and goings have provided us with rich blog fodder. We knew he was chill when he helped us make Rami Watid’s day and provided free t-shirts to these happy paraders. However, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for Charney and American Apparel in blogland. […]

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