Zack Medicoff of The Toronto Globe and Mail writes about Jewish Mayhem, a Web site that features “girls in erotic poses, stories about Jewish punk rock and asks questions like, ‘How many times have you had sex with a shiksa.'” Where does Joshua Andrews, founder of Jewish Mayhem, get his uh… edge? From growing up in bad ass, skeevy downtown … uh … Toronto.

Mr. Andrews’s interest in preserving Jewish culture — albeit in an unorthodox way — says he derives from his experiences living in Israel and growing up around St. Clair Avenue and Dufferin Street, and King Street and Spadina Avenue … “Living as a Jew downtown rather than the cushy suburbs made me a little tougher. . . . I was constantly reminded that I was a Jew. Sometimes I’d even wear a kippa to provoke the high-school bullies.

Straight up ghetto, homey! Way to shout out to Jewz. Represent, yo – we be big pimpin in the T.O.! Actually, it’s all about promoting Jewish pride, but in an Adult (ie XXX) and non-Orthodox (ie tattoos!) way. You have to register to see the content. Yes. I have a username and password.

Someone has got be to be kidding me … I mean the title of the article, “The Ali G of Judaism” is ridiculous. Ali G is already the Ali G of Judaism. Given that he’s, you know, Jewish and all. Speaking of Ali G, he’s engaged to Australian actress, Isla Fisher. Isla, a gorgeous red head who is starring in The Wedding Crashers (with esther apparently), is already studying about Judaism to prepare herself for a possible Jewish wedding ceremony.

Yes I’ve been learning all about Judaism. I was never brought up with any particular faith so it’s fascinating to find out what Sacha believes in. I’m constantly asking him questions about it because it’s really beautiful and complex. It’s so interesting to find out what lies beneath the Jewish afro.

This has clearly been a slow, slow news day. Forgive me.

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  • The question again is what moral actions this web sites proponents. What does their ‘Judaism’ mean.

  • Forget about the losers at Jewish Mayhem and the 5th generation shock/shlock they’re slinging. Sascha B-C marrying a non-Jew! Now that’s shocking. As much as I love him as Ali G, I’ve loved the tantalizing bits we’ve learned about him even more. He was active in Habonim. He comes from a brainy Jewish family and even had Madonna over for shabbes dinner. He could have any Jewess he wanted. (I imagine, extrapolating from my own Ali G lust.) Sigh. Maybe, I hope, Ms. Fisher will find something she can connect to in her explorations of Judaism.

  • what was it again? ALI G. : A jewish guy trying to be Asian, who thinks he’s black.

  • The site totally rocks: Its won me over!! In respect of the question, “what does their judaism mean?”, i’ll venture a guess: May be it advocates wariness lest the essence is lost and the shadow left in its stead. When people are secure in the essence, the shadow loses its sway.

  • This site is not jewish at all, nor does it have anything to do with judaism, its disgusting and goes against everything we believe.