Fuck you Mr. Terrorist!

not afraid

Thanks to Rebecca for bringing werenotafraid.com to my attention. The site is a response from people around the world to the recent chicken shit bombings in London. Given today’s events in Netanya the site may also be instructive to those who care. werenotafraid.com features photos of people telling the terrorists that they are not afraid. Some are cute, some are clever, but all bring out the point that terrorism really succeeds when we allow ourselves to be terrorized.

Rebecca, who just graduated from McGill University in Montreal (Mazal Tov!) and is set to make Aliyah at the end of the month (Mazal, Mazal Tov!) may have put it best when she said:

So, am I afraid to live in Israel? Indeed, I do have many concerns about security as do the majority of Israelis. But will these concerns stop me from making aliyah, taking my walks to the Kotel, going to school, traveling the country, and hanging out in Jerusalem bars and restaurants? Definitely not.

To all the Londoners who continue to ride the city buses and subways- you make the most powerful statement of all. I am not Afraid. Now it’s time for some shnitzel…

Rock on Rebecca!

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • I recently found one of the most powerful places in Israel.

    In the Paz gas station on Kvish Geha next to Bnei Brak, there’s an awesome shwarma place called ‘Hello Teiman’.

    Yasher Koach Rebbeca, fuck you Mr terrorist. and Jews of England, snap out of the complacency already and make aliyah.

  • Rebbeca rawks and has awesome things to say about everything we talk about here but hardly ever does. When she makes Aliyah she will also be Laya’s roommate in Rehavia, which I think deserves yet another mazel tov! Oh and fuck you Mr. Terrorist.

  • aw, ya’ll at jewlicious are such sweethearts. thanks for the well wishes. and just so ya know, i heard about werenotafraid.com from the nytimes.com. and laya– is that u?

  • How many other laya’s you know who are going to be your roomate??

    And Chaim? Sorry for missing your post, that yoda thing was funny though – my loss!

    Oh and once again, fuck you Mr. Terrorist.

  • ck- i just find it really difficult to imagine laya using the word “rawks,” spelling my name wrong, and talking about herself in the third person. that’s all i’m sayin… u still in cali?

  • Canada is afraid.

    But I am not afraid. I was out drinking with some Pali’s on Saturday night. We smoked Nargilah, and we were not afraid.

  • Rebecca: You know Laya and spelling, especially when she is forced to spend 12 hours a day in an icky hospital tending to a sick tripper. The use of the term “rawks” however, leaves me perplexed.

  • ck, as you finish reading this post, and before you do anything else, EMAIL ME YOUR CONTACT INFO so I can get a hold of you. Thanks.

  • I dunno CALL ME CYNICAL IF YOU MUST….BUT it just seems so BRITTISH this whole reaction…like…the bomb goes off, and actually, it’s not that they’re NOT AFRAID…it’s more like THEY DON’T CARE!!!!! UK CAN’T BE DEFEATED CUZ THEY’RE DEFEATED ALREADY, DUH!!!! I mean, if you saw the reactions, it was like, “Come along dear, I know your arm’s hanging by a thread, but musn’t complain, now…” What is WITH THAT COUNTRY????? Am I the only one who sees it? When it happens in Israel, God Forbid (AND YEAH YEAH YEAH GOD FORBID EVERYWHERE, OKAY????) which is the best, weirdest secret weapon there is…it’s like the italian guy they beheaded, and he ripped off his mask and screamed, I’ll Show You How an Italian Dies!” – kind of took the wind out of their sails, you know?…But here, this dumb country has been so quietly desperating itself to death for so long, that it just doesn’t matter…..it’s like, go ahead, blow the fucking country up…see if we care…funny old life, in’t it????

  • Rock On Rebecca! Israel is truely lucky to be regaining your awsome light.

  • Blair is not afraid. He and his G8 buddies just placed a back order for $9 billion worth of terrorism.

  • Bec, what can i say, hospitals and violently convulsing girls do strange things to me after a few days. For your name i seem to have developed some brand of dyslexia. rawks, i dunno where that came from. It just popped into my head and I ran with it.

  • Not afraid? How about careless, ignorant, without a head, apathic and definately not afraid.
    Cosmopolitan world is too fast for terrorist attacks, too bad the media makes so much money out of it…

  • Good on you Rebecca! with the website, werenotafraid, there is, at last, a global consciousness and strength of mind evolving concerning these terrorist, religious lunatics.

  • Suicide bombers are a joke unto themselves if they allow themselves into being brainwashed that what they do is a fast track to heaven.Who are the weak willed ones here ???

  • and dont fuckin take off you fuckin asshole havent you heard of free speach evan this web site is making feel like were givin into terrorists

  • if you think i am afraid then kiss my blue vien custard chucker

  • They’re not afraid?

    Oh that’s why they executed an totally innocent man