Such Piety
Why didn’t we think of this when they were filming Passion of The Christ?

Protester Sister Mary Michael, who claimed to belong to Our Lady’s Community of Peace and Mercy in Lincoln. kneels outside Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln, England, Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2005. She is protesting against the filming inside the cathedral of three scenes of a film from the controversial book “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown.

Probably because the ADL’s Abe Foxman chaffes easily, and the only way he could be on his knees for more than five minutes is if a rich and influential donor was in front of him. But whatever, I can’t help but smirk just a little bit at the Catholic discomfort caused by the the filming of the Da Vinci Code. Just so we’re clear, the book that the movie is going to be based on is fiction.

Or is it?

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  • Looks like Sister has taken her cue from Cindy Sheehan.

    Sorry to disappoint, ck, but no one cares about the movie or the book. Which, by the way, was the lesson we all learned with Mel Gibson, once the predicted pogroms failed to materialize.

    It’s all about the hype, the money, and the Abe Foxmans and the poor sisters of the world who don’t get it– and obligingly play their foolish parts in the tawdry media circus.

  • I don’t exactly see how the movie defames Catholics. It attacks their beliefs and the historical claim of Jesus (which, as a student of History I think the book is absolute rubbish and has little to no historical facts to work off of…but that’s beside the point). Why would they be offended at something that isn’t true?
    On the same note, and not to start a debate but just share an opinion, a friend of mine finally talked me into see the Passion. I have to say, it really doesn’t defame us as much as ADL and everyone else claimed it did. In fact, there are a few scenes where it shows Jews attempting to defend Jesus. Then again, that is my opinion after having seen it.

  • I totally second what Joel says – I think the reaction on the Passion was completely blown out of proportion. On the other hand, I do believe The Da Vinci code is an attack on christianity – it’s like telling the story of Judaism from the perspective of the golden calf. People do have the right to write and film the story though, but the church also has the right not to be associated with it, by not allowing filming in its churches.

    But yes – the public overreaction (be it against the Passion or Da Vinci) serves no good other than publicizing the film for free.

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