Chabad of Metairie (a large New Orleans suburb now mostly underwater) rabbi Yossi Nemes is trapped in his house. Rather than leaving, Rabbi Nemes decided he and his family would help to shelter people who for whatever reason remained in New Orleans and did not go to the Superdome. Now 13 people are on the second floor of the house, unable to go downstairs or leave because of rising floodwaters, and are running out of water. Rabbi Nemes contacted his parents earlier today to say that everyone was still safe, but time is not on anyone’s side in New Orleans. So please, everyone here, say a prayer for the safety of Rabbi Nemes, his family, and everyone still trapped in the New Orleans area.

Meanwhile, the 11,000 Jews of New Orleans are all homeless and scattered across the country. Please do what you can to help them, materially, spiritually, whatever. New Orleans’ Jewish community is almost three hundred years old – don’t let this be the end of it. You can read updates about the state of the exiled New Orleans Jewish community and about the situation of Rabbi Nemes on Chabad New Orleans rabbi Yochanan Rivkin’s blog here.

Remember: we are all responsible for each other.

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