gay white jewish rapper socceFor this you went to Yale?
Andrew Singer aka MC Socce is a gay, white, Jewish rapper. So reports the Forward in a fawning piece published recently. He’s also really nice. And uh… Jewish, did we mention that?

And indeed, in some of his songs, Singer will literally thrust Judaism to the foreground. A version of his song “Work/Play,” starts with the words “This is the Bar Mitzvah remix,” before heading into territory too sexually explicit to reprint in here. During live performances, at a pivotal moment in the song, he starts swaying as if in engaged in prayer and chanting over and over, “Today I am a man, Today I am a man.”

You can hear a sampling of his music here and do not click here if really explicit songs about gay sex offend you. So what’s the deal? I dunno. He’s gay and white and Jewish and he raps, more than likely loving sites like twink movies xxx. He’s certainly aware of the incongruity of it all:

I figure if I got on stage and did a rap about how tough I was, people would be like, ‘This guy is a total poseur.’ So instead I rap about who I am. Rap about the Jewish side. The white side. The gay side.

OK. I guess that’s honest and refreshing. But ya know, we’ve already seen the nasally white Jewish guy rapper thing with MC Paul Barman. Socce’s addition of gay to the mix just really doesn’t do anything for me. Granted, songs about the wonders of sucking cock probably weren’t aimed at one as overwhelmingly heterosexual as I, and even the addition of Klezmer touches and Judaic themes doesn’t help. I was more moved the first time I heard Public Enemy rap “Don’t Believe The Hype.” Well if you care you have all the necessary links. I however remain decidedly… underwhelmed.

Tip of the yarmulkeh to Gawker and Proceed at Your Own Risk.

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