do they makeBlottered, the new true-crime blog, alerted us to this interesting JDate related story in the NY Daily News.

Lynn, a 60 year old widow who lost her husband to leukemia, met Jonny on JDate. They had their first date at a fancy french restaurant. Jonny claimed to be an investment banker and told Lynn about a great investment opportunity in a company that was about to cure, you guessed it, leukemia. Within a month Lynn gave Jonny three checks totalling $100,000. Except Jonny was really Alan Sarner, a married scam artist from Brooklyn out to fleece lonely old women with more money than sense.

“He truly preyed on my emotions and took advantage of them,” the 60-year-old victim, identified only as “Lynn,” said yesterday in a telephone interview with reporters. “He was utterly charming.” … “I don’t like false or dishonest people,” he allegedly E-mailed Lynn. “I have attached a grundgy [sic] picture of myself, taken after two weeks at sea.”

Sarner, who is the father of a very embarassed NYPD assistant commissioner, is being held on $50,000 bail. There is no word on whether JDate has cancelled his profile yet.

Is it any wonder why we are like, the only Jewish site on the Internet that has never had a JDate ad? Oh well. What can I say? They keep provididing me with material. Still waiting to hear about their new IPO – $75 million bucks, huh? That’s gonna be fun. Again.

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