z\"lSee, there was this Rabbi dude, and his name was Rashi – Rav Shlomo Bar Yitzchak. He passed away 900 years ago on today’s Hebrew date. He was a great, great scholar who was born in France in 1040. His commentary on the Bible and the Talmud are so important that it is almost inconceivable in traditional circles to study either without the Rashi commentary. The thing about his commentaries is that they were noted for their terseness, clarity, and erudition. Certainly when it comes to Talmudic study, Rashi’s commentary makes things significantly more accessible.

Tip of the hat to Bloghead who led me to Yeranen Yaakov who led me to Shofar News. You can read more about Rashi here and here. Oh and wine guy, did you know that Rashi’s regular gig was as a vintner? Where did these people find the time!

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  • Rashi’s wife: What do you think of my new dress?
    Rashi: Gaudy, way too expensive and it makes your hips look fat.
    Rashi’s wife: Rashi, must you comment on EVERYTHING??

  • Might this be the appropriate place to insert a Rashi joke? Gladly…

    Rashi and his wife are going out to a nice dinner party. Rashi is waiting by the front door when his wife comes down the stairs.

    Looking up at her, Rashi says: “Dear, you look lovely in that new dress.”

    Blushing, she responds: “Oh Rashi, you’re always commenting on everything.”


    (Note: Unfortunately, Rashi’s wife died quite young, though not until after she gave birth to a few very bright daughters.)

  • nobody really knows where rachi is buried.
    Rachi is for Rabbi Chlomo ben Yits’haqi

    he was born in Troyes (a shitty city today)

  • The exact location, Shmuel, is not determined yet. Isn’t that crazy? I wish we’d know.

    And 1.5…I think DB beat you to it.

    And by the way, Deebs, I know you don’t know this so I’m going to tell you. 🙂 In Beresheit 2:22, it says “vayiven,” “(And HaShem Elokim) built” and Rashi explains that the word build is used because like a building, which is broad at the bottom and more narrow towards the top, is how a woman is so that she can carry a child. Just one of my favorite Rashis ever… 🙂

  • 900? Wow. Dude’s older than Yoda. Here’s to Rashi, who taught me that just because a pit doesn’t have water in it doesn’t mean that it’s totally empty. Watch out for those scorpions and snakes, though…

  • DB’s comment wasn’t there when I was typing mine. Harumph. So, who tells it better?

  • haha! I bet it was blocked because he said “hips.” Sorry, 1.5, but I’ll have to say Deebs does cause if I don’t he’ll pelt me with markers next time I see him. 🙂 Y’know, cause we’re in like 5th grade.

  • Fine, I’ll have to try another non-Rashi joke. Hmmm….
    In a last-ditch effort to stop global bloodshed and move the world toward a peaceful future, leaders of the world’s three major monotheistic religions meet to try hashing out some compromises. The tension is thick in the room, filled with Christian priests and ministers, Muslim imams, and numerous rabbis.

    After discussing the issues as a group and separately, the Christians finally proudly announce: “For the sake of world peace, we are willing to give up claims of Jesus’ divinity, allowing that other monotheists have a place in heaven.”

    An impressed murmur is heard from the crowd, followed by silence. Soon, the Muslim representative stands up and announces: “For the sake of peace, we will excise all hateful speech from the Koran and cease to insist on Muslim domination.”

    Again, the whole crowd seems very impressed. The rabbis are now the center of attention. They talk amongst themselves, arguing back and forth in hushed tones. They know that they must follow up with an equally dramatic offer. Clearly troubled, the argue the issue, seeking a compromise position. Finally, the rabbis are seen to smile broadly and shake hands with one another. Stepping forward to the microphone, the rabbinic representative announces, with clear pride:

    “For the sake of world peace, we Jews will be willing to give up…one of the two Yekum Purkans!”

  • Yes ck I did know that Rashi was a winemaker …. in champagne of all places 800 years before Don Perignon and Crystal.

    good shabbos everyone

  • When I saw the word “vintner,” I just knew wineguy would have to comment. Heck, I almost commented. But I left it to wineguy, who let it ferment, and then came by for a sampling.

    🙂 Shabbat shalom.

  • Apparently, my MSN doesn’t want to talk to you. Either that, or I turned it off so that Jewlicious could become a place where people comment to tell me they’re looking for me. I must get my tech people on the phone about this…

  • Another cool Rashi fact: not only is Rashi’s commentary valued by Jews, his glosses in old French are used by modern scholars of French. (Which is not to say that modern scholars of French aren’t also Jewish, having been a French major at a certain Jewish university I was hard pressed to find a French professor who wasn’t Jewish…)