This is so stupidWhile perusing Haaretz Online today I came across this really stupid interactive flash ad. See, it’s a game right? All you have to do is place your mouse over the ad and your pointer becomes a boxing glove. Then, using skill, guile and dexterity, you click your mouse until you beat the crap out of Osama Bin Laden. Once you knock him out you are sent to a Web site where, after following certain conditions (get 17 of your friends to sign up to various stupid services) you can ge a free crappy Celeron chip laptop. I dunno, I just found it disconcerting to see the fear of post-9/11 terrorism exploited by companies like BMG, Disney and Discover. Man I wish we had a category called craplicious.

But not all is bad in today’s Haaretz. Taysir el-Heyb was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment for the wrongful death of Tom Hurndall an ISM activist who was shot in the head. Today his family is shunned in their village, but not because of Taysir. The reason is because Taysir’s sister violated all kinds of taboos and enlisted in the Border Guard. This is actually a really interesting article which blames the IDF for placing an unqualified recruit in a position of authority. Read all about it here

There’s also an interesting article that asks why it is that only one of the nine A Star is Born finalists has ever been Ashkenazi. A Star is Born is Israel’s version of stupid TV show American Idol and the article presents an interesting statement on the current state of Israeli ethnicity. Of course it could have all been summed up by simply stating that Sephardic Jews are innately… cooler, but that doesn’t fill up column space much does it. Read all about it by clicking here. And never mind the stupid Osama ads …

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  • Maybe it’s cuz Ashkenazi Jews have the actual musical talent, leaving Sephardim to be the melismatic hacks singing other people’s songs on TV?

    Er, I mean, feel the love!

  • “Melismatic hacks” as a term of derogation? Michael, check out Mahmoud Ahmed or Ali Farka Toure (warning: Muslim content).

  • I liked that you had ‘stupid’ and ‘haaretz’ in the same leadoff sentence.

  • It is definitely too early to start making money and jokes out of 9/11, like that pop-up… something like Pearl Harbor I can understand, that was over 60 years ago. But a 9/11 movie???! Too soon, way too soon. How much cash do you think that will bring in??

  • Erm, the article’s short version is that Sephardi Jews in Israel are innately poorer — not cooler.

    The Ashkenazi finalist has exactly the same trait as all the other finalists: from a peripheral town, and poor.

  • gimpy, what did you expect from the voice of ashkenazic israeli Jewry? An admission that Sephardic Jews are innately cooler? No, of course they were going to whitewash it and find some explanation that minimizes said innate coolness.

  • Poor Tom Hurndall…. What did he think. Play in traffic and a car WILL hit you. Play in a war-zone…
    On another note, I wonder, what if members of the ISM would act as human shields at Tel Aviv bus stops and restaurants. You know, let them throw themselves at suicide bombers. But wait a minute, that would not be cool or safe, ’cause suicide bombers don’t discriminate.