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Sean Altman and Rob Tannenbaum and the rest of the What I Like About Jew Crew were in Montreal recently and performed at the Just For Laughs Festival Bar Mitzvah Show. I went to see one of their matinée shows and the average age of the attendees was like… 85. BEing surrounded by altekachers made Sean and Rob’s Borscht Belt shtik seem even more authentic, but I squirmed every time Rob mentioned a Shvantz – I didn’t want any of the old folks to get a shock induced stroke or something.

But seriously – good times! Even the American Apparel model I went with had a good time despite not being, you know, Jewish. I know, I know, I should be more tolerant and open minded. She did after all laugh at the Jewish jokes, who am I to say that given the unimpeachable sign of accepting the mantle of Judaism, she wasn’t in fact Jewish? But I digress.

Sean and Rob were HILARIOUS! They are going to take the show on tour starting this December. Tell your local Federation or Hillel that you want to see these boys play and book them today. You can get in touch with them via their Web site WhatILikeAboutJew.com.

And yes. Rob’s hair really is THAT fabulous.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • I thought these guys were hilarious. They played a synagogue Purim spiel I was at a while ago, and their performance was a little “blue.” But only the older folks were scandalized, and the rest of us just enjoyed.

  • Thanks for saying such nice things about us, ck. Here’s the problem with the AK’s (altekachers): They hear the name “What I Like About Jew” and think it’s going to be a night of Israeli folk-dancing. So, if you pretty much hate Israeli folk dancing, you’ll probably love our show. Go the Web site, listen to the MP3’s, and offer us money to play at your school or temple. Or, email me and (if you smell legit) I’ll send you a CD, so then you can offer us money to play at your school or temple.

    P.S. Thanks for asking, yes, the hair is real. Thank you Grandpa Barney, who died at 92 with a full head of white hair.

  • We already got a song out of my online dating experience, Israel: It’s called “JDate.” And by the way, it’s not a very happy song. But we didn’t sing it in Montreal, because we didn’t think 85 year olds would grasp the idea of the Internet.

    Hey, how do I create a link to my name when I leave a comment???

  • I would LOVE to hear the JDate song, as I keep threatening to write a musical about JDate…problem: I don’t write music.

    I feel you on the 85 y.o.s not getting the whole internet dating thing. I went to see Jewtopia in its opening weeks and the seniors behind me were clueless…

  • Hi Sarah!
    how are you?
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  • ooops, i meant to send it to sara..
    btu you are welcome to gather also..
    i recommended your site!
    you are funny but i have a complaint(being a jew it comes naturally..kvetz away)
    about the circumcision piece(not meant as a pun)
    listen -i don’t know what your issue is but i do think that is giving the wrong idea-from what i have heard of those who have been on both sides..the jews have a definite advantage(being circumcised)!
    i also think these dating site could stand a kick where it hurts ..have not tried but heard a lot of complaints and they cost a lot..
    so let them have it..
    i love the piece they are telling to kill us.lets eat.
    nothing describes the jewish existential problem in a better way for me , not even woody..

    behaatzlacha (good luck)

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