So as you may or may not know, beloved Jewlicious blogger Esther of MyUrbanKvetch fame is in LA on a much deserved vacation. Laya and ck are also in LA for work and stuff and while we weren’t supposed to still be here… well, here we are. So Esther suggested we join her and some of her elite blogger friends at some swanky bar on Sunset Blvd. So we did! Pictured above is Laya, Esther and uh… let’s just call her Annabel Lee from that Annabel Lee blog. Several other bloggers were in attendance and frankly, I was a little jealous that Esther, who presided over the entire affair, had like… other blog friends. I was all “Sure, they’ll show up to a bar and drink with you, but no one can blog you like we blog you babe. You know it’s true!”

Afterwards, Laya was jonesing for this Mexican horchata drink so we went to Burrito King, got one and met a snake … only in LA?


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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Just me and my Annabel Lee………mmmmmmm.

    Thanks. I’ll fantasize on my own time now.

    Very Jewlicious.

  • Hello Ephraim!
    I believe TM is a member of the Spell Hello Correctly Association (SHCA). He’s just promoting his agenda … Shabat Shalom!

  • WHY????? OH WHY???? WAS JSIRPICCO LEFT OFF THIS A-LIST/????? I would have “flown in” from wherever I am!!!!

    LA? Hollywood? I’m so there! But of course, I would show up, and no one would know who I am, because I MUST REMAIN HIDDEN>….

    Wait – did Laya get married to CK????
    More importantly, did Esther check out the shidduch scene in LA?


    I’m just trying to be a good host to our far-flung visitors. I do wish they would comment sometimes – particularly the Bangladeshi and Chinese guests.

  • Middle,

    We keep to ourselves because we don’t want to become the laughing stock of you English As a fIRST lANGUAGE Jews. You guys always trying to outsmart one another with all those cleverly put together and witty lines, attacking one another if one of you scores under par and dare to put to words together thst weren’t supposed to be together at ALL…pfffff, tiresome! And, scary for us, us Humble Not English AS First Language Jews. We tremble with fear, you know.

    Or at least, I do.

    So, there you go. So, Middle, saying HELLO PERU won;t help you at all. Unless you want to scare the poor bugger away, ofcourse. Then you probably are on the right course. 😉

  • Actually, what Indiana Jones said was “I hate snakes.” (Alternately, “I hate snakes, Jacques, I hate them!” or “Snakes…why’d it have to be snakes…”) Indy never used the F-word…

    So, yes, in addition to being a grammar Nazi, I am also a movie quote Nazi.

  • Of the 3 girls on pic 1.
    one is not wearing any jewellry, one is wearing a tiny amt. and one is wearing alot. What does this signify?

  • I don’t see 3 girls at all… what I see are three talented and intelligent WOMEN. What does this signify? It signifies that you are a … oh never mind, just try to behave please, ok Jobber?

  • In the snake picture, I see a smaller snake and a bigger snake, not to mention a smaller poster and a bigger poster. What does this signify?

  • If someone has something to say about me, I’d prefer he just come out and say it. Because his trying to be clever is clearly not working.

  • What’s not working? Who cares. Very nice jewellry you have Esther. I am glad to see Jewliocious women clanking their jewels, it is so hot.

  • Sheesh, CK, they are WOMYN, not women. If you’re gonna PC it up, do it right, beeyatch.

  • Janice: You lived in LA and never heard of Horchata? Chaval! It’s a yummy Mexican drink made with almonds, rice, cinnamon, sugar and lime. They sell it everywhere in LA. You can make some at home with this recipe. Tried calling you when I was in NYC but Esther told me you were in the country with the kinderlach. Fun!

  • Jobber: Thanks for that interesting link. I am a Canadian and while we do our fair share of ribbing the Americans, the Europeans are clearly out of control and completely retarded – even taking into account a country run by George Bush Jr.

  • jsirp, can’t a girl have a bad hair day and wrap a scarf around her head without accusations of marriage? geez, gimme some credit.

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