After the wine tasting ...Some days it’s hard to be ck …

This past Sunday, ck, laya, esther and annabel lee went to the Herzog Wine Cellars in lovely Oxnard, California – a 45 minute drive from Los Angeles. We went as guests of the Wine guys – Gavriel and Jonathan. They were spectacular hosts! We went on a quick tour of the plant, sampled an impossible amount of really good wine (my fave – the Reisling) and then had a tremendous wine-saturated lunch at the spectacular on-site kosher restaurant. This was an exceptionally yummy experience – anyone living in or visiting LA should really check it out. The wine was great and meal was simply unparalleled. After sobering up we went on a great drive along the Pacific Coast Highway and then drove through Topanga Canyon before making our way back to the Pico/Robertson neighbourhood (aka The Upper West Side of LA). I could go on and on, but instead allow me to simply share photos of our day of gastronomic fun …. For those of you wishing to experience the delights of the Herzog Winery, call 805.983.1560 for reservations or visit their Web site for more info. They are open for lunch and their gorgeous dining room can be rented out for private dinners.

Road Trip!

Fuelling up before the road trip – with coffee of course. Here’s Laya, Esther and Annabel Lee …

Wine wine wine

Wine Guy: And here’s where we ferment the wine blah blah blah …
Everyone Else: (So uh… when do we get to drink already?)
*in all seriousness, the tour was brief, but it was very informative and we got to go into secret areas of the plant not usually accessible to outsiders. I’d tell you more but then I’d have to kill you …


And now the drunken excess wine tasting begins in earnest. Here we see Laya and Esther tasting a lovely Oak-fermented white Herzog Wine. Love those cinamony undertones!

Wine tasting gang

Gavriel, annabel lee, Esther, Jonathan and Laya tasting the special reserve Herzog wine (aka the Bad Ass wine). We definitely got the VIP treatment!

Oh Yum!

After the wine tasting, we went to the restaurant and had some amazing food and even more wine. Pictured above is the chile seared lamb and the grilled salmon. This was seriously some of the best kosher food I have ever eaten. Heck, this competes well with anything out there! Except for Brakha’s cooking of course. Nothing competes with that. But the restaurant was lovely, the staff was friendly and attentive, the kitchen staff looked totally professional and the total experience was completely sublime.


So Chill

After lunch we sobered up decompressed, got some coffee and then headed off for a walk on Zuma beach and a sunset drive through scenic Topanga Canyon. Thanks again to Gavriel and Jonathan and the staff at the Herzog Wine cellars for a fabulous day! Thanks also to Rabbi Bookstein for hooking us up with the wine guys and thanks to Esther for letting me crash her VIP wine tour. Apologies to Muffti – you totally missed out! Maybe you and the middle can go on your own some day … As for Michael, the Herzog Wine Cellars tour is two years away for you as you have to be 21 to take the tour. Heh.

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