It’s a Spitifada!

but spitting!Jewlicious has reported on spitting in Jerusalem before: perhaps you will recall the case of the Yeshiva student who spat on an Amernian clergy man. A similar incident happened today when Amitai Shasar, 20, spat at a procession of Greek Orthodox priests. He was taken into custody and released on 2500 NIS bail.

Why did he launch a loogie? According to police spokeman Shmuel Ben Ruby

…because he saw the cross that participants in the ceremony were carrying.

We can only hope that this is not a real trend. And Muffti can only hope that li’l Amitai gets what’s coming to him.

See Jpost. Sorry CK.

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  • These so-called priests are some of the worst anti-Semites in the land. They should consider themselves lucky (and they do!) I’d like to see them hold such processions in a Jerusalem controlled by Islamobots. is what they could expect.

  • Please, grandmuffti, help me out with this link and tell me what I’m doing wrong!

  • lubavitchers spit on the floor of their synagogues during the Aleinu when they say that idol worshipers (including greek orthodox priests) “bow down to vanity and emptiness and pray to a god which helps not”

    and li’l – thinks- he’s- atheist- Muftti can only hope he doesn’t get what’s coming to him

  • Dude, I went to a Lubavitch synagogue for a long time and I never saw anybody spit on the floor, during Aleinu or any other time.

    Also, I’m pretty sure Nusach ha-Ari still omits the “pray to a god that helps not” line, like many Ashkenazi siddurim.

  • Hey michael the only reason its not there is because of censors. I suppose you support the censorship…

  • And yes Muffti we disagree here too – as Im sure you know.

  • I thought it was worthwhile to point out that the man is, you know, not right, as he referred to an act that doesn’t take place in company with a line that doesn’t exist. Where did you get from that that I support censorship? I mean, generally knee-jerk reactionaries aren’t worth paying much attention to in the first place, but could you at least do us a favor and try to be smarter?

  • Sorry Michael, but I am a product of Gan Yisroel sleep away camps and other Lubavitch experiences. In Alenu they do spit after they say “sh’hem mishtachavim l’hevel etc.”
    On another note, my employees like them very much ’cause they “finish” quite quickly.

  • Like I said, three cheers for Yeshiva Boy — he got cojones. If the Islamobots ran the place this is what they’d find up their sorry asses.

  • Sorry Bechira…Muffti just saw this and wasn’t sure what the URL you wanted inserted was (was i the one you just put in in #11?) (Muffti saw that in other commnets you seem to have gotten the hang of things.)

    Schmo, Muffti isn’t sure what we disagree with: Muffti went to hebrew school long enough to know that Aleinu had lines that were removed which declare that all other gods don’t provide salvation.

    As for The_Man, thanks for the, uh, kind words…

  • Whoever thinks it’s ok that that guy spit is scaring me (i.e. Bechira). You would make a good 17th-century Polish Christian. If we don’t treat Christians in Israel well, how can we be pissed off that our ancestors weren’t treated well in Christian lands? Please rethink your reaction.

  • mad chalupa, you’re really not so mad after all. We do treat them well, that’s my point. So why their incessant anti-Israel positions? If they are going to be so nasty to their hosts, I think its quite appropriate that they mildly affronted with an incident such as this – far short of the murder, rape and robbery with which you are wrongly equating it with. Spit, my friend, after all, is nothing to be afraid of. And you betray a sweet innocence by comparing it with Christiandom’s centuries-long persecution of the Jews.

  • That is scary.
    No respect for religions or other people is dangerous.

  • Spitting on the ground during Alenu is, as far as I know, a universal Chasidish minhag, but I think that Chabad spits for real whereas most just do a little of the ptui, ptui. I daven by a Chabad shliach sometimes and they definitely spit, even though, as michael points out, they do omit the second half of the line.

    I don’t really know about whether it’s wrong or right to spit at xians in Israel, but comparing it to wholesale slaughter, rape, forced conversion, and destruction and theft of property is pretty silly.

    For what it’s worth, I think spitting in public in general, especially at any btzelem Elokim, is conduct not befitting of a yeshiva bochur. But I don’t live in Israel, so I dunno.