Michael who?

Palestinian negotiator Nabil Shaath recently told the BBC that in a 2003 meeting, George Bush claimed that God told him to invade Iraq:

President Bush said to all of us: ‘I’m driven with a mission from God. God would tell me, George, go and fight those terrorists in Afghanistan. And I did, and then God would tell me, George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq… And I did

Bush also reportedly added

And now, again, I feel God’s words coming to me, Go get the Palestinians their state and get the Israelis their security, and get peace in the Middle East. And by God I’m gonna do it.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, who was also at that meeting, also claimed that Bush stated “I have a moral and religious obligation. So I will get you a Palestinian state.” Of course, White House spokesman Scott McClellan vehemently denies that George Bush made any such comments. And of course, I have no reason to disbelieve the White House. I mean it is a matter of public record that Bush did state that he would “devote the next 4 years to the creation of a Palestinian State” and that such a state would be a contiguous territory. But whatever, what the hell do I know, I’m just a dumb Canuck …

In other news, Bush’s popularity has hit an all time low according to this recently commissioned CBS poll. Is it any wonder that when you Google the term miserable failure, the top result is the Biography of President George W. Bush? Oy. Let’s hope Mr. President gets his act together soon. Maybe the White House is counting on the the Avian Flu that everyone is talking about only hitting Democrats … or uh, mostly Democrats. Or at least just Ted Kennedy.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • ha ha! Look at Bush’s tiny penis in that picture!

    yeah this is so appropriate because I am watching the McLaughlin group and he just went through a whole segment about Bush fatigue and all the misery he’s caused and how all his awful character traits are exhausting America and the world. This post is just so appropriate.

  • I just can’t picture Hakadosh Barukh Hu whispering in GWB’s ear. I can’t even imagine what God saying the word “George” would sound like. And I have to say it would be really helpful if God would tell W HOW to do all this great stuff. Unless it’s all available at Duane Reade or CVS: “Toilet paper, lens cleaner, hairspray, and peace in the Middle East. Oh, and can you get me one of those Palestinian Homelands from behind the counter? No, next to the Marlboro Lights. Two items down from the Energizer batteries. Can I charge that?”

  • Congress should pass legislation that demands a minimum approval rate by the public–an approval floor that once a President crashes under, he/she is outta there.

  • the government wouldn’t be too stable if it did that. I would suggest that after the first term you get 2 half terms and you have to be re-elected again two years after the first term begins and then another 2 years after that. They do that with Congressmen the Presidency is at least that important.

  • i should say two years after the first term ends. geez this is too many posts in one day

  • should i get rid of the neo counter? that’ll make the site faster… boker tov michael! should i call ya? did you sleep well? are you feeling better? why don’t you eat something? nu?

  • That picture is seriously disturbing. Could one of you Jewlicious types please post something else so that when I check to see if the site’s been updated, I don’t find myself staring at Dubya’s naughty bits? Much obliged. 😉

  • Could someone at least photoshop a teensy, weensie fig leaf for his teenie weenie? Much obliged. 😉

  • Ooh, spooky! I just noticed that Annabel and I posted nearly the exact same thing!

  • Really, his statements aren’t as bad as they sound.

    I mean, I’m not a fan of Dubya, but I got to defend him on this one.

    I believe the man did who what he thought G-d wanted (which, in secular terms, more common in politics, equals to “the best course of action”).

    I don’t think he means this literally, that he actually heard a divine voice in his head, but rather, he felt that these policies were just (and thus, with that assumption, the will of G-d). So I don’t think this is nearly as bad or as cocky as it sounds.

    It’s just another way of saying he thinks his way is the right way, which isn’t too terribly egotistical.

    Although, he could be just faking this religious faith, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Judge in equity, homies.

  • “It’s just another way of saying he thinks his way is the right way, which isn’t too terribly egotistical.”

    no, it isn’t just another way of saying he thinks his was is the right way… it’s blasphemy, it’s a heretical claim which states: my way is G-d’s way!

    there’s a difference between being right on earth, and taking the best course of action, and achieving absolute righteousness through divine actions. only G-d can make those actions.

    i don’t like george w bush and i especially loathe his interference on israeli policy.

    george w. bush + road map = september 11th
    george w. bush + “disengagement” = hurricanes

    george w. bush + g-d talks to me + “i wants me a palestinian state!” = G-d knows what!

    heaven forbid mr. bush gets the opportunity to make things any worse.

  • To demonstrate the depth of people’s hatred for the President I’d like to share my dating adventure of this evening. I had a jdate with a 51 year old . we had a nice evening and lots of laughs, but I felt no physical attraction whatsoever. At the end of the night he tried to kiss me and I got turned off. Then I said, “well, I had a lovely evening and thank you.” and he said “can I see you again?” and I said “well, I think you should know that I like the President and I voted for him twice” and he said “get out of the car, and I wish you would have told me that before I bought drinks and appetizers, and I’m glad I didn’t buy you dinner.”

    In conclusion, “I like the President and I voted for him twice” is more 10 times more effective in warding off unwanted advances than “I am coming down with the flu” and I would highly reccomend this technique to any woman, even if she is a Democrat.

  • Best Line Ever! I am so excited to implement that when the girl who threw up all over herself but was too drunk to notice tries to dance with me.

    “I voted for Bush, honey.”

    “You make me sick.”

  • “When you talk to God, you’re praying. When God talks to you, you’re schizophrenic.”
    –Lily Tomlin

  • Thanks Middle, I’m glad you find my social life as amusing as I do.

  • Keep voting Republican, maybe they will ruin the country even more. Maybe the 30 grand a year will go down to 20 grand how would you like that?

    Yes keep on ruining the USA that is a great citizen policy.

  • Actually, the economy is very good here in New Jersey. It’s impossible to get a parking spot at any mall on a weekend. People are spending money. Housing is being built. The are thousands of good jobs on Monster and Yahoo. I’m selling luxury advertising and doing very well, expect to make well over $100k this year. Most importantly 900 soldiers are coming back from Iraq this month and all of the New Jersey National Guard has left Cuba.
    Too bad you don’t know how to rectify your own pathetic situation and sit around blaming the President instead. Let me tell you something loser, no matter who was President, you’d stll be a loser. Happy New Year and don’t address me again.

  • I am not sad at all and I am not a tease. I gave this guy every benefit of the doubt and every opportunity to attract me. However, in addition to being old and fat, he didn’t bother to get a haircut before the date and was too cheap to buy me dinner. Who the hell needs that? Further, I’m sure he lied about his age, he had to be at least 55. He was funny but it came out during the course of the conversation that he was a flaming liberal, which I didn’t know ahead of time. Additionally, a friend of his happened by and sat down and joined us and monopolized the “date” which was supposed to be time to get to know ME, so he shouldn’t think I’m gonna kiss him if he spent half the date talking to his friend. And moreover, it came out that he had a very unhappy childhood and hated his father. Big turnoff. So yes, I lied when I said I had a lovely evening, it actually sucked, but I was being courteous because I’m a nice person. And furthermore…fuck off loser.

  • fuck off loser, yes thank you very much, that makes me feel so much better, that you call me a loser. Well this loser here doesn’t take his parents retirement money so that instead of them enjoying themselves w/ things that they put off during the hard years of raising their children, the money can go to the single child, so she can pay Jdate, Match, Optimum, only broadband of course, g-d forbid, dialup, and other necessities. Now finally we see an example of Chutpah, her calling anyone a loser, lol.
    That guy I wanted to intro you too btw, he has a net worth of over one mill, that is w/ no mortgage, paid up.
    Perhaps you should stop judging everyone in your narrow frame of reference.
    Economy is so great, why are the numbers so bad, why are retail sales so abysmal.
    I am not blaming my problems on bush, I am making progress, I might be doing some real estate renovations myself soon, but since when can’t we criticize the president.

  • It would be nice if the two of them would simply ignore each other. Guys, it is Yom Kippur, and this would be the appropriate time to bury it.

  • TM has got it going on! But if a peaceful resolution fails, would you please meet up, say, in Detroit and fight to the death with those giant spongy Q-Tips from American Gladiators? Have an easy fast.

  • real estate renovations, online dating service, stand-up comedy, trips to Israel and Canada and still enough time to jerk off in front of the kids? You must be Superman!

    I’m not looking at a potential partner’s net worth…I’m looking for his ability to make me laugh and make me cum. Two simple requirements with bonus points for being a good dancer. As for money, I’ll make my own, thank you very much, something I doubt you’ll ever be able to do, loser!
    CondiRice in ’06!

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    If I were to post like you, or even remotely like you, they delete the post.

    Isn’t the double standard great? Let me put it better, if they don’t delete these posts of yours against me here, I’m gone, goodbye. Maybe you’all be happy about that, I dont’ give a shit.
    For once, CK and his gang, be fair to all. I have never seen such BS. Goodbye to the few decent people on this blog.

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