So here’s the situation – two Jewlicious posters are moving to Jerusalem as early as tomorrow and they are both in desperate need of suitable accomodations. We’re posting this on Jewlicious because, well, because we hope someone out there can help.

Michael as you know, is a refujew. He was supposed to be at Tulane but then Hurricane Katrina happenned. Now thanks to the kindness of Hillel and Hebrew University, Michael is headed to Jerusalem in order to continue his studies. He’ll be landing in Jerusalem on Friday but he has nowhere to stay.

I, ck, am also heading to Jerusalem. The original plan was for Michael and I to find a place together. I was supposed to be in Jerusalem early to scope out places but because I, you know, work and stuff and had to go out of town, that whole plan was nixxed.

Now we have a situation. Poor Michael, Jewlicious poster and reefugee from Hurricane Katrina and fellow Jewlicious poster ck are on the verge of homelessness. We are both decent folks and we just need someplace in Jerusalem to crash. We’re both totally willing to pay reasonable rent and we are fun and easy to get along with. Also if you have any computer related issues, are in need of Web site or graphics assistance, we’ll totally help you out.

If you know of any vacancies or anything – please contact us at jewlicious [at] Look, we don’t get paid for Jewlicious, if you enjoy this blog and want to help, now’s the time to do it. Otherwise, Michael and I can be found on Ben Yehuda street, blogging via Jerusalem WIFI and busking for change.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • You should build an illegal home in East Jerusalem.

    It’ll be years before they even attempt to tear it down and by then both you and Michael will have built extensions to house your large families.

  • You should be looking on Flathunting – I have used it to find apts within a matter of days.

    If you really need to crash for a few days only – let’s say, no further than Yom Kippur, email me and you can crash at my place or my neighbors.


  • Wait, Hillel? As far as I know Hillel had nothing to do with it. Which is probably good, because I doubt they’d give me the money if they’ve ever read my myriad comments on Tulane’s Hillel.

    And I don’t know about that butthead ck, but I can also cook and have an extensive collection of really fuckin’ sweet tunes. And…uh…I…don’t snore? And…uh…I’m funky?

  • I’m sure Aish HaTorah or Ohr Somayach would be more than happy to give you a room and three meals a day in exchange for your souls.

  • Hi CK!

    It is the eshet chayil here. Would invite one of you to take over my spare bedroom but right now my apartment is just generally putrid and gross due to nasty incident involving a bus, my ring and the resultant many stitches in one of my fingers. So I cannot clean. And have not cleaned for many weeks. It is really ugly right now. 🙁 And you know how house-proud I am, so this is painful.

    On the bright side, I am moving to TA (anyone know anyone SS SK looking to move to TA next month?), have to use up some of my baking supplies
    and plan to do so tommorow. Call me if you need a sugar rush. CK-if you no longer have my number, you can email me at the address I included with the comment.

  • If it comes to it, write to me (chayyeisarah@yahoo) and I’ll give you the phone number for a reasonably priced B + B in my neighborhood.

    Also try of course, and the Janglo group on Yahoo.

    Meanwhile I’ll call a family I know with a guest room and see if one of you can crash there. (Sorry I can’t invite you; I’m a single religious woman living in a studio, so it wouldn’t work.)

  • The number one Israeli site for apartment hunting is You can search according to location, number of rooms, cost, etc. It’s in Hebrew, of course, but I know that ain’t no problem for CK. And does this mean that we’re going to be getting together for a drink on the beach in Tel Aviv soon?

  • Muffti was ck’s roommate in good old Montreal for a few years and he can testify to his greatness as a roommate. There was one day where loud noises that sounded like power tools came eminating out of his room, but Muffti has been sworn to never talk to much about that in public. Other than that, all was well. He cooks some mean coos coos and is all around a nice guy. He does, however, snore.

    As for Michael, Muffti roomed with him for a few days in N’awlins and he was most charming and gracious. He’s also funky and so far as Muffti could tell, he didn’t snore.

    You guys are all so accomodating! If Muffti comes to Israel, y’all gonna put up for him?

  • Oh, muffti, haven’t you been listening? Coming soon to a Jerusalem near you is Beit Jewlicious, where all of us will live in happy, dysfunctional, Wi-Fi enabled harmony as we have our lives taped…to see what happens when people stop being polite and start being Jewlicious. We just have to find a corporate sponsor or private funder, a location and a production company. This is gonna be huge.

  • Fun and easy to get along with!! I’d pay y’all to stay with me! Can’t help, but will pencil in getting an apartment in Jerusalem just in case some fun guys w’ld like to crush in future. If y’all happen to be in Nairobi though…

  • Well, Muffti has never been to Nairobi, so…

    Esther, is that actually happening? I thought the NBC execs were only half on our side?

  • The problem with theoretical execs is that when they greenlight a project, it’s with theoretical funds. Laya, I think it’s best to start with Jerusalem. Then, like the Real World, we can Jewliciousize other cities. Nairobi will be added to the list.

    PS, all Israel readers of this post, step away from the keyboards and go out and find Michael a place to live! Thank you.

  • Hello ck,
    I am the millionaire reader of your blog and you would make me agreat honor if be my host living at no expense at one of my mansions in Jerusalem. I have a house waiting for you in Shech-Jarrah.
    Contact me upon your arrival. Oh! and michael can come to if you really insist.

  • ybocher I mean meiri, please don’t tease us like that! Poor Michael just landed in Jerusalem safe and sound but… ELAL lost his luggage, he has no clothes (but he does have a whopping 382 NIS so he can buy 2 pairs of underwear)and the Hebrew U. dude that was supposed to meet him and the other Hebrew U students at the airport didn’t show. Probably I should let Michael tell you all the details but still. Under these circumstances you shouldn’t tease … Shabbat Shalom Michael, wherever you are! But for the record, Sheikh Jarrah would be an awesome place for Beit Jewlicious.

  • Oh boy. Poor Michael. Dude can’t catch a break. Here’s hoping this is the last problem he encounters this semester. Shabbat shalom, Michael…you may not have much to wear this Shabbat, but at least you’ll have clean underwear for shul…

  • And I don’t seem to be able to change the name in the comment window. Shit. Anyway, this is Michael’s mother.

  • michael’s mom – he’s probably logged in. Press anywhere that it might say edit this and then press “log out (michael)”

  • c’mon ck you wanted that invitation so i got you one. what else you want? now you want a real one?
    I sympathize with michael airlines do not losse my luggage and/or kosher meal one in 5 flights and i tried so many different airlines.
    michael if mamish have no place to stay over for shabbes at let me know i think i saw 1 empty room in my door. laya has my number.
    btw beit jewlicious doesnt sound spacious enough, what about kfar jewlicious – lots of space and a little kikar in the middle w/wifi for people to blog from and a little backyard for michael to grow his “plantation”???

  • and gut shabbes everyone!
    … where is this themiddle dude when you need him, huh?!

  • Michael’s Mom! He’s a big boy – Michael’s twenty now! He’ll be ok. Knowing Michael he has already hooked up with one of the coeds on his flight. I get the feeling he’s not going to need his clean underwear so much this weekend. Heh. Look Ma, our boy’s all growed up.

  • ck, one day G-d will punish you with children and then guess who’ll be heh-hehing.

  • Tuition, yes. Transportation to israel, yes. Food and housing? No. And it’s not so much an issue of money as it is an issue of finding a well located place that’s comfy and close to school. Won’t someone please help Michael?