…but it beats being ignored!

So there I was perusing Jewschool, when I came across this post about a big Jewschool meetup on the EL-EE-ESS (that’s Lower East Side for you provincial bumpkins from uh… midtown. Suckahs!). The post was, well, kind of, you know, banal and the accompanying pics (see an example below) were not so evocative of a fun time being had by all. Folks look like they’re asleep! I mean look, I am sure the meeting, which discussed the future direction of Jewschool, was very important and all that. But when you have pics as uninspiring as these, it’s probably best to pass on posting them. And please let me know if I am being unreasonable.

The Vanguard

Grand Muffti wrote the first comment on the post and made pretty much the same comment I did. He preceded his comments with praise I guess to soften the blow, so clearly there wasn’t anything mean spirited involved. However, somebody took umbrage! Mobius, the lovable scamp that runs Jewschool, called us pretentious. Some other little wuss called “anon” posted a link to the graphic above, which I assume he/she produced. The message was clear – f Jewlicious! F?? Is that for fun? Frolicsome? Fantastic? It couldn’t be… fuck? Fuck Jewlicious? Because our meetings are fun? Because we’re goodie two shoes? And narrow minded? Oh that’s rich! From an anonymous commentor so concerned about maintaining the decorum at Jewschool that he/she dare not use the dreaded f word! Oh and the little coward also has something against gratuitous boobies.

So can a blog written by a Morrocan Jew, a Jerusalemite Olah, a New York writer, a Philosophy PhD atheist, some random middle dude somewhere, and a snarky hurricane katrina refujew, all of whom come from very different religious, social and political backgrounds, can such a thing be narrow? Do we really tell you what you want to hear? Are we in fact, as has been stated before, really irrelevant? Do we alienate young Jews today? Please, by all means, let us know. Let’s show that idiot (the anon commentor) on Jewschool what constructive dialog is really all about. Feel free to make liberal use of the f word. Oh and have a fun Succoth!

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • I feel so fucking alienated when ever I visit Jewlicious Jewsuckass. I got no one to talk to, no one listens to me…God, I hate myself more and more every day.

    Occasionally I’d check Jewschool, though I think that the film review of Everything is Illuminated, which for some reason, is still on the homepage, is totally skewed fucked.

    Mobius, I feel you on that Comrade Trotsky shit that went down, and still got your back, on most things. But when one of your esteemed readers spends at least an hour rephotoshoping a logo of the best site out there, a site that brings news and Jewish topics and issues, encourages discussion and freedom of expression from topics ranging from hot Israelis with guns to Katrina to NeoNazis to the current struggles of Modern Jewish Orthodoxy, I’m forced to admit that your readers suck, your bloggers suck, and Jewschool sucks.

    Oh, and your meetings suck.

    Q: And what do they suck?
    A: They suck ass.

    ck if youre gonna be in LA I’d love to buy you a pint. You ever go to Barneys?

  • And is that the best insult this moron can come up with?

    “You know what you are, man!”
    Oh great. It’s that guy who eats glue and drinks ketchup during recess. “What fool? What am I?”
    “A goodie two-shoes blogger. Who blogs ‘n stuff!”
    “Yeah! So fuck you! Are you gonna eat that glue?”
    “Nah, you can have it.”
    “Thanks. You’re so good to me.”

  • now now encino. Jewschool is indeed an important blog. Granted, I think its orientation is a bit different from ours but I think diversity and openeness of discourse is important. That’s why we gladly support Jewschool in any way we can. That’s why we carry their RSS feed and they carry our…

    hey wait a minute…

    Jewschool has ceased to carry our RSS feed. I wonder what that’s all about. Moby?

  • Hey encino, I have no idea what’s going on out there in Jewschool land – could be just a technical issue ya know? Whatever it is I doubt it has anything to do with your comments.

    But yeah, beers are great. We’ll definitely be on the west side in Feb (Pres day Weekend) and maybe earlier, who knows… Sorry I missed you the last time I was there just before the chagim.

  • All this hype sounds to’ally Jewish to me, along the lines of ‘I-don’t-go-to-this-synagogue’. What the hell, you’re all just about scratching cooldom…suckass!

  • …said the woman who went to a job interview in skechers, stupid hair things and a huuuge ass cowboy shirt, in an attempt to look frum! Why are you not already married to Mobius? Dude, we scratch coolness every time we park our butts on a hard scratchy surface. Werd to yo momma, english. We’re watching you.

  • Would this be the best Jewish site ever if it didn’t have gratuitous boobs?

    Why, I think they’ve figured you out!

  • Jewlicious wins by a landslide. You guys are funny and Jewschool are a bunch of whiners who totally look like they bore each other.

  • WOW – Jewcilious – I didn’t know that it was a competition? Can i just say that my Dad’s WILLY is bigger than your Dads! Come on – just get your willys out and let see who’s is bigger Jewcilious or Jewschools !?!?! (Photos please – no Photoshop Jobs ) one thing is for sure – we’ll find out who’s really Jewish and who’s not! (posted on Jewschool as well)

  • And here I thought, having met Mobius and others from Jewschool at the Jewish festival in NYC, that all this fighting was behind us…the mere idea that the Jewliciousers are pretentious is beyond ludicrous. I never would have found Jewlicious without Jewschool (and I never would have found Jewschool without Protocols). I still read Jewschool all the time. When I met up with Mobius and crew at the concert, I really liked them all, found them to be genuine and fun. When I hang out with the Jewlicious crew, I’m amazed that I found such people through the internet. It’s amazing to me in general that so many people are finding the cool in Judaism, staying committed while playing with language and cultural/religious concepts, and I feel lucky to be a part of it.

    But I hate infighting. Hate it. And I consider this infighting. Wrong, on any level, at any time, but especially wrong so soon into a new year. You don’t have to be friends if you really don’t like each other, but I’ve had enough of the random stabbings at each other. So cut it out, all of y’all. And I’m cross-posting this on both blogs to show you how serious I am.

  • This is one of silliest “net-fights” I’ve seen. I do, however, think the folks at Jewschool need to develop a sense of humor.

  • I don’t believe this post. Who the fuck cares? What are we, 8 years old?

    “Mommy, they said bad things about us over there.” “What did they say, son?” “They said we post gratuitous boobies and we’re narrow.” “Don’t worry Dave, I’ve seen your waist and it won’t qualify. Besides, you kids called them boring event-meeters first.” “I know mom, but I think I hurt my friend Mobi’s feelings, he doesn’t want to play with me anymore.” “Don’t worry son, one day he’ll remember how you got him a bunch of advertising, and how you were cool friends who helped each other out. I just hope he didn’t thrust his chest out so aggressively that he won’t be able to suck it in again. You’ll be friends again, because you care about many of the same things.”

    Can we move on now? Really, this is far too childish.

  • Sorry this post is without any ironic edge: i’m in my 40s, soon moving from canada to israel , moving toward observance, devoted jew lover, messianic zionist and unashamedly judeocentric in every way – it seems to me that jewlicious is the new face of jewish identity: renewed, reinvigorated and oh so sexy and sweet. keep up the great work!

  • Oh, and Mobi, the thing that does strike me as odd about this situation is that in our last communication which was on this site, we started the new year by apologizing to each other. Around the same time you met Esther and seemed to have had a nice time together as part of a group. I find this incident not only infantile (on both sides, I might add) but it seems to represent the exact opposite of the spirit of this part of the Jewish year. It’s a shame.

  • Noticed ck used the Anglo-Hebraic term, ‘Succoth’.
    The transliterated Hebrew word is usually rendered, ‘Succot’.
    This is one of those mysterious vestigial aspects of Hebrew words translated centuries ago. The ‘t’ becomes ‘th’, and the ‘v’ becomes ‘b’, and the ‘y’ becomes ‘j’, etc.
    So would “Festival of Booths” revert to “Festival of Boots”? And what would that mean?

  • Not much is happening in Israel these days – at least not enough to warrant any “Zionist Nazis” or “Islamofacist” name calling – so I’m assuming this is a PR stunt by Mob and CK. Isn’t Mob coming to my town of Toronto to discuss such methods? Anyway, y’all make Judaism more fun. And many of projects suffer from the amount of time I spend on your sites. (posted on Jewschool as well)

  • not much is happening? three young people being shot in the west bank is not much?

  • I know Ofri! How sad is that? And so stupid! Stupid drive by shooting, what an idiot way to die. I didn’t have the koach to write about that. So senseless… and no shtreimel – this is not a stunt.

  • Of course it’s not a stunt. But it should be…because it’s so friggin’ asinine. Anyway, Mob is so freakin’ bi-polarish/sensitive, that nothing he says/does surprises me anymore.

  • It’s kinda sad, watching Mobius have a nervous breakdown on the Internet for everyone to see. If this were a made-for-TV movie, we’d see him staring in the mirror and throwing a shotglass at it.

  • I will say what no one wants to say. The anon person in the Jewschool comments who posted the Jewsuckass graphic and said “f jewlicious” IS Dan Mobius Sieradski. The code in the graphic indicates that it was made on an Apple, the color reproduction used in the logo is perfect, indicating great familiarity with the esoteric teardrop tool in Photoshop, a skill any hack web designer has. In this case we see both motive and opportunity pointing a finger squarely at Sieradski. It would also explain his reaction. CK never said anything negative about Dan but he did wail on anon. Both are obviously the same person and I must also add, not in my capacity as a PhotoShop detective, but rather as a thinking, intelligent human being, mobius is a tool.

  • “It’s kinda sad, watching Mobius have a nervous breakdown”

    Doesn’t this happen to Dan every now and again. Like every 3-4 months or so? He flips at a comment(s), bans some users, and then apologizes for dong the same thing he accuses other of doing. I’m sure this is the pattern.

  • please: Stop the lashon hara. this is embarrassing and a chillul hashem. jeeze, i love judaism, but sometimes, i really hate jews. i spent my entire 4 years of public high school (said to be some of the most turbulent and unsure years in one’s life) repping the jewish people. i wore a kippah at all times and my tzitzit flapping for the world to see. i welcomed every curious enquiring into my faith, and i was never embarrassed to be who i was… until now. stop this mindless meanness. stop the name calling. whenever you presume to know someone, you’re wrong. this is crossposted on both blogs, so do not assume i am being overly biased.

  • please: Stop the lashon hara. this is embarrassing and a chillul hashem. jeeze, i love judaism, but sometimes, i really hate jews. i spent my entire 4 years of public high school (said to be some of the most turbulent and unsure years in one’s life) repping the jewish people. i wore a kippah at all times and my tzitzit flapping for the world to see. i welcomed every curious enquiring into my faith, and i was never embarrassed to be who i was… until now. stop this mindless meanness. stop the name calling. whenever you presume to know someone, you’re wrong. this is crossposted on both blogs, so do not assume i am being overly biased.

  • Sigh. Let’s just try to let go of the animosity and infighting for chag, everyone…hopefully, we’ll emerge into chol hamoed with a fresher perspective on how we should treat each other, online and off…

    Chag sameach, everyone…

  • So a flame war of less than 24 hours between two blogs that most non-Jews on this earth aren’t even aware of … that makes you embarrased to be Jewish? Come on.

  • From the cheap seats, here: something that Jewschool has going for it is a whole stable of Ashkenazi-American posters who, dang it, are earnest enough to love. Now, you don’t have to get all serious on us, but sometimes some of that there intellectual discussion is interesting. How about you widen your own stable and increase the idea flow? Jewschool’s posting crew is irritatingly monotone, and everyone hates the kid who thinks they’re all that and never shuts about it … but, well, noone else is really putting themself out there.

  • Alternatively, I think this is hilarious! Made my day! (Which, by the way, is saying a lot since today was frickin’ gorgeous, and I got a lil’ tan sitting in the quad)…

    Chag Sameach, y’all! 🙂

  • here’s what i love about this:

    ck admits that jewlicious itself was created as a “comeback” to jewschool; so the site in-and-of-itself was created out of a certain obsessiveness ck has with me.

    then, for the past year, jewlicious’ contributors have denigrated jewschool and its contributors at every available opportunity. there are well over 30 posts (i know cuz i googled it) in which jewlicious staff members riff on my site and my writers. jewlicious has thus wasted an enormous amount of time and space badmouthing me and my project.

    the only “pattern” that emerges is that jewlicious’ staff has no respect for me or my project. they consistently allay me with insults. and when i have the gall to stick up for myself, rather than people saying, “it’s true, jewlicious consistently insults you and you shouldn’t have to take that shit, especially if they claim to be your friends,” instead what i’m told is, “yeah, fuck you mobius, you big baby. jewlicious is right. they rule and you suck.”

    so who’s being fucked up and immature here? you guys are bullying me into a corner. and when i fight back, i’m being a baby? wtf kind of shit is that?

    anon was spot on again. brownshirt tactics. it’s the beitar ganging up on the bund all over again.

  • brownshirt tactics. it’s the beitar ganging up on the bund all over again.

    Mobius: I don’t want to join the fray, but you do realize the provocative and hyperbolic nature of such a statement? Especially comparing any Jewish group to the brownshirts… not cool.

  • Muffti said this once on your site, but he guesses he’ll say it again on this one. The jewlicious bunch are, in part, kind of aggressive and, all across the board: even towards one another. There’s ample evidence of that if you take the time to read the blog and it’s not surprising that it happens. We have very, very different views on topics that are very, very central to our ‘identity’ (Muffti loathes the misuse of this term, but whatever): Religion. Israel. Jewish Culture.

    Now, if we were all calm philosophers, we would never utter a bad name and simply evaluate premises. As it turns out, we’re (readers included of course) an intelligent bunch who carry on interesting dialectical exchanges, but we are also a fun bunch with enough heart to get angry, upset, thrilled etc. Plus, we’re pretty funny all in all and are good at pushing eachother’s buttons a bit. So big surprise that along the way, we say a few insensitive things to make a point, or simply to needle each other a bit as friends do. This isn’t limited to us or Jewschool; CK calls Sharon ‘the fat man’ routinely; Steinhardt (sp?) is ‘Pimp daddy’…

    You, however, rather than rolling with the punches, take everything as a personal insult. Rather than giving it back a bit, you take ribbing as a challenge to a fist fight. Muffti isn’t saying that this is bad: as you note, it’s just a personality thing.

    Maybe it’s a bit like that conflict a while ago between the Hoodios and Heeb. Muffti seems to recall that both of us were on the Heeb side of things, at least insofar as we thought that Heeb was clearly joking around and the Hoodios were taking it a bit seriously. Did the Hoodios poke fun back at Heeb? No. They wrote a kinda pc-esque letter taking Heeb to task over racism. Let’s review what Mobius said about that joke:

    In context, i think that joke is fuckin hillarious, and that you guys are a bunch of friggin’ cry babies. “we won’t even dignify your allegations that we are racist!” followed by a racist remark. it is total hipster irony, and if you don’t get it, that’s speaks either to the failure of your intellect or the failure of your sense of humor.

    Muffti can’t help but think that you are failing to take a dose of your own medicine in this instance. We know that you don’t have general intellect problems. So, Muffti can only think that you are having a failure of sense of humour.

    Let’s recall, for that matter, the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’. You posted about your meeting. Muffti said:

    You guys run a great site. You really do. But you could perhaps try to, like, have some fun when y’all hang out. Consult Jewlicious to get a clue as to how it might be done. (Hint: move to a bar!!!) Next time the Jewlicious crew meets up, we’ll invite you guys along to take some notes. (And Mob, you might wanna take a page from Esther’s minute taking. These things can be reported in an interesting manner!)

    Muffti could tell you guys weren’t at a bar. He could tell you guys had a real staff meeting rather than a fun night out. He even started off with a compliment to let you know that no real offense was intended. Muffti doesn’t know how many more clues he can give a man to let him know that he is joking. He even appologized! Mobius’ response: go ape shitly insane! This is bullying and brownshirting?

    So, we keed a bunch and we wish you would see the so-called ‘insults’ less as provocations and more as friendly inter-blog rivalry. Just like when Muffti tells CK that he usually argues like a 5 year old who is a little slow for his age. You, on occassion even give it back…Muffti remembers you phrasing the following ‘insult’ in the form of a question:

    how’s that pretentious talking in the third person going for you?

    That was kinda funny! Muffti doesn’t remember announcing from every hill he could find that the Jewlicious-Jewschool friendship is over.

    Chag Sameyach!

  • You have brought down my respect for both of these sites by choosing to engage each other like middle school children.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but grow up! You think making this whole feud public is going to help anyone? Moebius, grandmufti, whoever else, give it a rest. Way to represent bloggers, you’ve really raised the level of intellectual discourse on the web.

  • um, my first response was to joke back. hello? “notes on what, being pretentious?” was that batshit insane? i didn’t get pissed until way later in the conversation.

    however, all of this came on the heels of of several associates asking me why i bother having anything to do with you guys considering you are constantly allaying me and jewschool with insults, despite your assertions of “just teasing.”

    and i think this conversation does have redemptive value because it raises a very important issue:

    Most anarchist groups operate by a consensus process which has been developed, in many ways, to be the exact opposite of the high-handed, divisive, sectarian style so popular amongst other radical groups. Applied to theory, this would mean accepting the need for a diversity of high theoretical perspectives, united only be a certain shared commitments and understandings. In consensus process, everyone aggress from the start on certain broad principles of unity and purposes for being for the group; but beyond that they also accept as a matter of course that no one is ever going to convert another person completely to their point of view, and probably shouldn’t try; and that therefore discussion should focus on concrete questions of action, and coming up with a plan that everyone can live with and no one feels is in fundamental violation of their principles. One should see a parallel here: a series of diverse perspectives, joined together by their shared desire to understand the human condition, and move it in the direction of greater freedom. Rather than be based on the need to prove others’ fundamental assumptions wrong, it seeks to find particular projects on which they reinforce each other. Just because theories are incommensurable in certain respects does not mean they cannot exist or even reinforce each other, any more than the fact that individuals have unique and incommensurable views of the world means they cannot become friends, or lovers, or work on common projects. — “Fragements of an Anarchist Anthropology” by David Graeber

    truth: initially i did this partnership with jewlicious because i was going out with someone at the time who adored ck, and i wanted to squash the beef between me and ck to make her happy.

    when i did that, i said to ck, the web is big enough for the both of us and the jewish community is big enough and diverse enough where there’s room for all of our perspectives and we shouldn’t be attempting to suppress one another’s views but rather engage with them in a meaningful way.

    The interaction between the public spheres and meeting places internal to social movements and the process of democratic debate in society as a whole is the locus of contemporary democracy. Its dynamism stems not from the peace of the complacent, but from the bringing of conflict into the realm of discussion and debate. Conflict is thus tamed, or civilized, into an adversarial relationship and ceases to be a potentially violent conflict with an enemy. Too much emphasis on peace, agreement and consensus leads only to stagnation. Contemporary society often blocks change in the name of consensus with those who have not felt or attempted to appreciate the claims of social movements against institutionalized injustice. One cannot avoid conflict, even though it should avoid being violent and involve a respect for the adversary. It is the blockage of democracy that leads to violence, not its extension. — “Emergent Publics” by Ian Angus

    and that’s essentially the rub of it. the actions of jewlicious’ correspondents in the last year demonstrate a total lack of respect for me and a sort of underhandedness that seemes wholly inconsistent with the potential value of the exchange.

    and that’s why i think it’s no longer a valuable exchange. i’d rather invest my energy where it’s productive and where i’ll be respected, even if there’s disagreeance with my views.

  • to: #38

    Yeah, you had Heeb’s back. With this drivel:

    “That’s right. A magazine named after an ethnic slur against one group printed an ethnic slur against another. Imagine that. Here at Jewlicious, we are shocked. Shocked! But seriously, what the hell is going on at Heeb anyway? Is this what they have to resort to in order to shock? Feh. Heeb is so over”

    Favorite gentle, friendly ribbing:

    “Deborah Lipstadt avoids and ignores Holocaust deniers. She refuses to engage them in conversation or debate. We don’t exactly have that luxury here because once the content is posted and somebody addresses it seriously, it has become fodder for conversation. That is not acceptable to me. If somebody wants to discuss some antisemitic canard that is found on hate sites, let them go to those hate sites. On this site, in my opinion, they deserve to be treated like garbage.

    Didn’t ck found Jewlicious precisely because he was tired of seeing the ugly anti-Israel and anti-Jewish stuff he was reading on another blog (where, surprise, surprise, the target of my invective is a contributing poster)?”

  • Mobius — Go away already. You’ve already said (on your blog) you don’t want anything more to do with Jewlicious and that as far as you’re concerned it no longer exists. Fine. Hold yourself to that. Seriously, I’m beginning to think you could do with some professional counselling, or at least a self-imposed two-week break from the Internet. Or at least give the rest of us a break from your whining. No one feels sorry for you. The consensus from both site’s comments seems to be that *you* are in the wrong here. Shut up, NOW.

  • That last comment brought to you by Jew tax Kelsey who provides Mobius with such “wise counsel” that the young man takes the tantrum to a level where he also breaks the toy and publicly trashes his friend, ck.

    Muffti, I’m with Shammai.

  • How ironic that all this shit goes down less than a week after Yom Kippur.

    Y’all should just meet up in Montreal and do some Hookah in the Sukkah, with special additives to help the “chill the fuck out” factor. That is, assuming Mobius has a car, and he’s willing to drive across the border.

    It was just a joke. And if it really hurt you, then say it.”

  • “you people voted for hubert humphrey, and you killed jesus.” — hunter s. thompson

    it’s not so bad. brown’s in season.

    and i’m out.

  • Brownshirts! Amazing.
    I think the time has come for all good people to do the right thing – and that would be to remove all links to Jewschool from their blogs and Web sites. I’d hate to think that any money I have donated to a Federation or Jewish organization would go to any project run by this hateful Mobius guy who claims to be a Yeshivah student and yet posts his bile on a high holiday. Jewlicious! They did it to you! Do it to them. Ban Jewschool and show up that shmendrick for the irrelevancy that he is.

    Mobius’s lapdog Kelsey is beneath contempt.

  • heh…seems everyone has an ‘anon’ these days 🙂 We appreciate the sentiment but Muffti doesn’t think that Jewlicious need drop any links to Jewschool. They aren’t bad guys; if you don’t want to read them, don’t click the link. Hell, back in the day, CK and Muffti used to link to nazi sites (granted, we’d make fun of them). Once in a while we’d even review their metal bands just for fun (some weren’t so bad if you ignore the pretentious lyrics). We’re all about open access to information here. And gratuitious boobies.

  • Jewlicious is about 1,672x better then Jewschool. There way to pretentious over there nad have their head way to far up their own a—s. Thats why they get all worked up and throw hissy fits, when u poke fun at them. They need to lighten up like Jewlicious crew.

  • I thought i had no sense of humor but now i can breath easy, there are people worse than me! How can anyone in their right mind – anyone out of nursey school – be offended by this post?!

  • What shocker in #53. GM employed a compare/contrast of Jewschool to Nazis (for a change on this site).

    Bored of this? Let me save you time. It unfolds like this:

    I complain at the Nazi reference.

    Mufti notes that he was defending Jewschool.

    Middle says something as nasty and hateful as possible.

    CK explains that calling partners fellow Jews nazis is the best part of the “conversation.”

    Jewlicious readers attack me for not having a sense of humor, and suggest I have coffee with some far-left Intellectual I don’t even particularly like.

    Boring boring boring.

  • What shocker in #53. GM employed a compare/contrast of Jewschool to Nazis (for a change on this site).

    Bored of this? Let me save you time. It unfolds like this:

    I complain about the Nazi reference.

    Mufti notes that he was defending Jewschool.

    Middle says something as nasty and hateful as possible.

    CK explains that calling partners fellow Jews nazis is the best part of the “conversation.”

    Jewlicious readers attack me for not having a sense of humor, and suggest I have coffee with some far-left Intellectual I don’t even particularly like.

    Boring boring boring.

  • #56
    Are you that starved for attention? It would appear that GM, Laya and CK – 3/4’s of Jewlicious – provided reasonable explanations for how we got “here” and then moved on. But no, some Jewschool folk wanna drag this on and on and on…Isn’t there something Norman Finkelstien is doing that you can gush about on your site?

  • Kelsey, what will suffice to help you let this go? Enough of the “oh, my feelings are hurt”, get over it already!
    Oh, is that nasty, did it hurt your feelings?

  • Kelsey. Seriously. Get a grip and stop seeking insults through uncharitable interpretation. Muffti has never called you a Nazi. Muffti never will (unless you, improbably, join a Nazi group.) There was no intended Jewschool-Nazi contast in the comment. Muffti was merely trying to say that Jewlicious is in no way going to take your site listing off of ours. The anecdote about the nazi sites is true: CK and Muffti used to run a site called ‘Net-Hate’ where all we did was link to people we don’t like. And for what it’s worth, Muffti kind of likes you guys. And in no way considers any of you to be Nazis or anything like that.

  • Yeah, Mobius had a temper-tantrem with me the other day, deleted some of my posts, and told me to agree with him or he would block my “IP block”… I posted the fun arguement on my blog, incl. a fun little screenshot I took of a nice comment he had for me the next time I tried to post on his site:

    Still, he’s a Jew, I am a Jew, you guys are Jews, so let’s just all be friends and get past our political and yiddishkeit differences and just love each other like all Jews should.

  • This saddens me greatly. So you decided to take “the counsel of observant friends.” Did they also counsel you to turn this into a giant spectacle? Did they counsel you to innaccurately and publicly slag my business and threaten my parnassah? Did they counsel you to call us brownshirts?

    Prior to any of this happenning, you received 2 emails from me – those would have given you ample opportunity to address your concerns with me like a mensch. Instead you went off – and on Yom Tov too so I couldn’t reply. One of your wise friends, after gleefully noting that you had “kicked us to the curb” implied that we were motivated in our Jewschool bashing by the desire to impress “potential donors.” For the record Jewlicious has never solicited community funds, nor do we plan to. Why should we? This doesn’t cost us anything to run. We’re all volunteers and we do it for fun and the occasional drunken escapade funded by me. We have the occasional advertiser but I always try to spread the love. Hence your banners which, if I am not mistaken, have generated you over $600 this year. How much cash have your wise friends ponied up?

    I could go on and on, but I won’t. I still stand by the notion that I have been a good friend to you. I’ve been supportive when times were tough and, despite assertions to the contrary, in the past year Jewlicious has been the no. 1 source of referers to Jewschool. Yeah, we tease but it goes both ways with nary a peep from us. Your outburst was ill advised and saddenned me greatly. Once again, best of luck with all your future projects.

  • your moral highground is inconsistent with reality.

    here’s an example of how great our exchange has been ck…

    the one and only time in the entire history of jewschool where i “take the piss out of you” you come back by attacking me personally and publically:

    “Pot shots? I was merely stating facts – facts that your pathetic little attempt at Bronfman tuchus licking confirm (will this continue to be a recurring theme now that your funding request was denied?).”

    the funding request was private information between us that you used as ammunition to attack me when my joking wasn’t funny to you. hypocrite.

    now if you google jewlicious on jewschool you will find not one other occassion where we “take the piss out of you” … in fact, you can only find me giving you props like graciously responding to laya’s remarks about us winning for israel advocacy making her want to cry.

    why is it that none of you can admit that calling jewschool’s readership self-hating, and likening our site to stormfront doesn’t harm my site or my parnassah? why is it that you can get away with doing that for a whole year without me saying boo about it, and the one day i’m sick of it i’m accused of throwing a tantrum?

    why do i look bad here? because i’m not gullible and stupid and won’t cow to being ganged up on like a good little jew surrounded by brownshirts? seriously… go to hell.

  • Dan are you waiting for something? Is it money? An apology? A date with Laya? What? Be clear. But you’re posts are akin to an annoying mosquito on a camping trip.

  • Mobius are you waiting for something? Is it money? An apology? A date with Laya? What? Be clear. Cuz you’re posts are akin to an annoying mosquito on a camping trip.

  • nothing like watch two jews fight. this is almost as entertaining as disengagement.

  • Shutup kenny! You wanna see two jews fight? Come over and I’ll kick your ass! I’m kidding by the way. I’m glad you’re entertained. Why anon btw?

  • I posted a comment to mobius on his childish behavior and how it damaged him, and he deleted it. I reposted saying how childish THAT was, and he deleted that as well. Now he blocked my IP… For the record Dan, since you do act like a brownshirted thug by silencing your critics American Apparel model by being so hunky, you’re a wus breath of fresh air. You can’t take what you dish out Dan, you sweet handsome man! Try deleting this post BEEEEUTEEEFULLL!

  • shmavis: I don’t know that he’s banned you. Looks like his sites are down. Having said that, he’s obviously sensitive. Take the high road and don’t use the same language and inferences that you find offensive in others. I am now going to edit your comment a little. Tell me what you think…

  • CK- HOW DARE YOU EDIT MY COMMENTS ON YOUR BLOG, AND HOW DARE YOU ASK PERMISSION- you blankity blank blank blank!!! I’m gonna (beeeeep) your (bleeeeeeeep) and (beeeeeeeeeeep) you *%$&$$#%&^ (bleeeeep). Now I’m gonna go have me a meltdown in public over it, blog it for all to share in my tears and (bleeeeeep) so that I can roll myself a fattie and seek the comfort of my snobby little NY LES hipster club and blog about that so we can start the whole thing over again. Then I’ll take my sites down to spite my crtics and show them who’s boss of the blogosphere! HA HAHA HA!!!

    No seriously, I appreciate the BEE YOO TEE FOOL edit. But I’ve taken the high road with him before only to have him flame me and get his hater posse all over my tush, so I just let it flow. But the boy deleted my first post before the site went down, so he’s a comment defiler! Whatever, that blog is his life, and its a sorry statement when you blow up on a blog. Especially your own. I mean, if he doesn’t want to play by the rules of dialogue he set himself, its okay to call him on it somewhere where he can’t take his ball and go home. But you’d think he’d just roll that doob and laugh, rather than “show us”…

  • Wow shmavis. You took that so well that I went ahead and modified your comment some more! This is fun! Now it sounds like you want to get it on with him! Heh. Sorry – It’s been a rough day.

  • It amazes me that we kicked around by the goyim non-stop, and we have gotten so used to it that we kick each other too. Do we like it or something?

  • For the record, 5 days after the Jewschool initiated dustup, Jewlicious continues to provide a link to Jewschool. NeoCOUNTER shows Jewlicious with 15 visitors from 3 countries to Jewschool’s 3 visitors from 2 countries. Seems like the winner so far is Jewlicious. I wonder what Mobius and David Kelsey have to say about that. Losers.

  • I’ve noticed that as well. Actually, our traffic seems to have increased slightly.