nutsRent, it’s too damn high
And why is the rent too damn high in New York? Well according to insane person and New York mayoral candidate Jimmy McMillan, aka Jimmy Mack, it’s because of the Jews. Of course, I should have figured that out. According to his Web site:

There are over (25) Twenty Five Thousand Newly Rented Apartments, Available, Now Renting in the Williamsberg Section of Brooklyn, NY. as is all throughout the (5) Five Boro’s. But… they are only being Rented to the Jewish People. (There is a HOMELESS CRISIS, why are this being allowed?) Every Elected Official knows about this, they are turning their heads looking the other way… This is APARTHEID, and a Total Violations of the Hate Crimes Act.

Jimmy also believes that the Jews, in the guise of the Union of Orthodox Rabbis, were the real perpetrators behind the bombing of the twin towers. I would read more but I am afraid this post is already too meanspirited. Like taking candy from a baby. Oh, make sure to have your speakers turned on to hear Jimmy’s funky rendition of the uh, rent is too damn high theme song.

Hat tip to chazarmaveth.

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