nutsRent, it’s too damn high
And why is the rent too damn high in New York? Well according to insane person and New York mayoral candidate Jimmy McMillan, aka Jimmy Mack, it’s because of the Jews. Of course, I should have figured that out. According to his Web site:

There are over (25) Twenty Five Thousand Newly Rented Apartments, Available, Now Renting in the Williamsberg Section of Brooklyn, NY. as is all throughout the (5) Five Boro’s. But… they are only being Rented to the Jewish People. (There is a HOMELESS CRISIS, why are this being allowed?) Every Elected Official knows about this, they are turning their heads looking the other way… This is APARTHEID, and a Total Violations of the Hate Crimes Act.

Jimmy also believes that the Jews, in the guise of the Union of Orthodox Rabbis, were the real perpetrators behind the bombing of the twin towers. I would read more but I am afraid this post is already too meanspirited. Like taking candy from a baby. Oh, make sure to have your speakers turned on to hear Jimmy’s funky rendition of the uh, rent is too damn high theme song.

Hat tip to chazarmaveth.

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  • No one was really interested in moving into Williamsburg, several years ago, now that it’s a hot spot (because of the mass hipster/Yuppy migration) their developing it. Is is a pretty interesting demographic there. It used to be predominately a very ghetto place, then all of a sudden a bunch of Satmars running around. Now add to that a bunch of artsy fartsy hipsters, and there ya go, spike in property value……

  • even though his “song” is an abomination, i’d move to new york if there was a rent freeze for 8 years. if they were willing to rent to a jew, that is.

  • Don’t know anything about the real estate market in Williamsburg, but it would not surprise me one bit if Mr. Mack was absolutely correct. The Jews are probably figuring out ways to get govt. subsidies and then only renting to Jews. However, I have no facts or knowledge to base this on. I can tell you that here in the shtetl of Plifton,N.J. you certainly find a rental apartment unless you are ORTHODOX. Brand new apartments are being build outside the eruv and rumour has it that THE Rabbi has already somehow secured the bottom two floors and will be extending the eruv to include his new rentals. Then he is buying out the reform shul next door and taking that over too.

  • CAN’T…that’s CAN’T find a rental…
    K..I..L..L.. my landlord as Buckwheat used to say

  • Loved the funky theme song and rent is too damn high. More politicians should put some funky ol’ soul into their campaigns.

  • According to the 2005 NYC Voting Guide Party Key:
    (R) = Republican
    (D) = Democrat
    (RTD) = Rent is Too Damn High
    grace, i think he is allowed to run for mayor because he delivered a signed petition to the Elections Board. my question is, exactly how many signatures does one need? and exactly how does the elections board verify that petitions have not been, um… creatively manipulated?

  • While you are checking out how the elections board verifies petitions, could you find out how the housing board distributes rent subsidized apartments? Come on Jewlicious team, do some investigative reporting and dish us the real dirt on the housing scandals in Williamsburg and let us know which Jewish real estate mavens are to blame.

  • All I can say is that I’m not responsible for any increasing rents, believe me.

    As to crazy people running for office? I mean, come on. This is hardly the first time that’s happened…

    Nice detail that he made the Orthodox rabbis responsible for 9/11. (As if the Orthodox rabbis (or any rabbis) could unite to pull something like that off…) Plus, you gotta begrudgingly admit the song’s a little catchy: a bit of Isaac Hayes meets crazy anti-Semite.

  • I was going to be snarky but Grace beat me to it.

    But still, it are an interasting question’s: why are these nut cases always functionally illiterate?

    Maybe it’s time for someone to do a study.

  • THe religious are having a problem renting in Williamsburg as well… Trust me, they aren’t happy either.

  • “There have been comments that I have attempted to label me anti-semitic or anti-Jewish. This has been nothing more than “kill the messenger” and “character assignation” politics as usual which was spread by opponents that have nothing better to say. It may sound trite in this matter but even in this campaign I rely on Jewish close friends and advisors.”

    Do your own research.

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